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Greed Island: Infinite Nightmares

Greed Island: Infinite Nightmares最新章节列表,Greed Island: Infinite Nightmares全文阅读

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Greed Island: Infinite NightmaresBrief introduction:

Lawyer Tang Jiumin, who was gunned down as an act of revenge, finds himself summoned to Greed Island after his death.

It is an island of nightmares, where everyone struggles and survives through scenes of endless horror, each day burying countless individuals within its nightmares.

Yet, it is also a miraculous island, where everyone can attain evolution: attributes, skills, legacies, bloodlines, laws – these existences transform each individual into an unimaginable being.

Moreover, atop all of this, authority is the unique golden finger that belongs to each person!

Tang Jiumin, a member summoned to Greed Island, gains his own authority just like the others. However, his obsession and curiosity turn his authority... into a devastating existence.

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