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lure sweet

lure sweet最新章节列表,lure sweet全文阅读

category Romanceauthor ChaNuanBuSaistatus serializing
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lure sweetBrief introduction:

Provide free reading service for the full text of the latest chapters of the author's (Tea Nuan Bu Si): "Tempting Sweetness", this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up advertisements.  ↓]———[6:00 p.m. daily update]———Shen Mu has a netizen whom she has a crush on.  He was the cure for her four years of living alone in France.  But Shen Mu never got up the courage to meet him.  until graduation.  By chance, Shen Mu was an intern in a company under Jiang Sheng.  One day when she was fishing at work, she forwarded a small article to her online dating partner by mistake.  The title is: How sexy is the sound of a man panting?  Shen Mu trembled in an instant to the point where she couldn't add any more.  Just as I was about to withdraw, I received a landline from the president's office.  The man's noble ending sounded into his ears: "Come here." Jiang Chenyu, the heir of Jiangsheng Group.  Recognized as the youngest and most promising president in the business world

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