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Murakami s Wife is Fierce and Sweet

Murakami s Wife is Fierce and Sweet最新章节列表,Murakami s Wife is Fierce and Sweet全文阅读

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Murakami s Wife is Fierce and SweetBrief introduction:

Provide free reading service for the full text of the latest chapter of the author's (Huajian Yao)'s classic novel: "The Village Flower's Little Wife is Fierce and Sweet", this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up advertisements.  Then he did two things.  *The first thing: Say goodbye to the woman I couldn't love in my previous life.  The second thing: I made a wish for the village flower who loved him so much in her previous life.  *"Except for me to marry you, I can fulfill any of your wishes!" Xu Zhou said.  "...Lend me five hundred yuan!" The notorious village flower said calmly, looking at the person who appeared in front of her out of nowhere.  "What?" Xu Zhou suspected that something was wrong with his ears.  "Wish! My wish is to lend me five hundred yuan!" Village Flower confirmed, you heard me right.  "..." Xu Zhou.  *Eighteen-year-old Xu Zhou, in a poor pocket

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      Murakami s Wife is Fierce and Sweetlatest chapter:Chapter 1364

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