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Green tea is a young lady [quick travel]

Green tea is a young lady [quick travel]最新章节列表,Green tea is a young lady [quick travel]全文阅读

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Green tea is a young lady [quick travel]Brief introduction:

Provide the author (Yo Yoxi)'s classic novel: "Green Tea is a Young Lady [Quick Transmigration]" full-text reading service for the latest chapter, this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up advertisements.  It took a long time, I'm sorry, Dan Mei's master accepts the copywriting of "Suave and Romantic": Look, that scum likes green tea.  In order to prevent being struck by thunder, the copy is as follows: Modern [Miss School Bully] I am the coquettish slut who abandoned the boss when he was poor.  The modern [little cute big guy] is dedicated to dominating the entertainment industry. Little cutie—a true buddhist health-preserving boss of the Republic of China [Moonlight in the Sky] It’s not scary if I’m stupid, but the scary thing is that I’m still a late stage of color control, when green tea has white  moonlight.  Six Zero [A Flower in the Village] The village flower who runs the train with her mouth—the rough guy male lead.  After the ancient [Princess Chang'an] binds the death system, my goal

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