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The anger value exploded [Quick travel]

The anger value exploded [Quick travel]最新章节列表,The anger value exploded [Quick travel]全文阅读

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The anger value exploded [Quick travel]Brief introduction:

Provide free full-text reading service of the latest chapter of the author's classic novel: "The Anger Value Explodes [Quick Travel]". This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements. Welcome to () to watch the novel: "The Cannon Fodder Born to Be Mediocre and Incompetent"  , but fall in love with the elusive son of heaven. You humble yourself like dust, and become distorted like maggots. And the shadows born of jealousy and resentment will one day be buried by the light himself." Xie Xu closed the script,  Going to the mission world with professional ethics, conscientiously playing the role of cannon fodder.  But whenever he is emotionally involved, he will passively trigger the achievement "Explosive Anger Value", inexplicably increasing his martial (beauty) strength (appearance) value, and forcibly counter-kills.  Xie Xu: "Is it wrong for me to do this, I just love you..." Gong: "I'm getting married tomorrow." Xie Xu: "?" Gong: "Is it too hasty?

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      The anger value exploded [Quick travel]latest chapter:Reappearance of the Priesthood (Complete)

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