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First Assistant Training Manual

First Assistant Training Manual最新章节列表,First Assistant Training Manual全文阅读

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First Assistant Training ManualBrief introduction:

The author (Wen Tan)'s classic novel: "Handbook for Cultivating the First Assistant" latest chapter full-text reading service is provided for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements.  Become the chief assistant of the cabinet with power over the world, with treacherous methods, cruel and cruel.  However, Luo Yining, who was reborn, found that he was abusing the future chief minister of the cabinet, and now he was born into an unfavorable boy.  Even if he is humble and lowly, one day he will go straight to the sky and become an existence that everyone will look up to.  It was precisely because Luo Yining knew that she wanted to cry even more.

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      First Assistant Training Manuallatest chapter:Extra 2: Cheng Lang and her

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