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My plug-in is called Earth

My plug-in is called Earth最新章节列表,My plug-in is called Earth全文阅读

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My plug-in is called EarthBrief introduction:

Provide free reading service of the latest chapters of the author (The Floor the Goddess Stepped on): "My Plug-in Called the Earth". This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements.  Hey hey hey, welcome to come and play~ The new column of the column asks for advance receipt: [Opening a tavern in the world of cultivating immortals] Rhea, a man from the end of the world, is reborn in a future technological universe with broken civilizations. Here, the history is chaotic and incomplete.  There is a lack of culture, and everyone is looking for the lost civilization of the earth.  Rui. High grades in history class in elementary school and high school. Ya: ... It's a big one.  Rhea has become a modeler with a reliable memory of earth civilization, using spiritual power to reshape the wonders of civilization, joining the army, and forging a reputation.  ————————Shuangwen, the future history of the strongest modeler in the universe, the heroine Jack Su.  Emotional line.  first time trying this

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