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I take this knee!

I take this knee!最新章节列表,I take this knee!全文阅读

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I take this knee!Brief introduction:

The classic novel by the author (Jiang Shan Canglan) is provided for free: "I Accept This Knee!"  "Latest chapter full-text reading service, this site is updated in time, no pop-up advertisements, welcome to () Watch the novel: After Song Juyao died, she floated out of the computer, only to realize that her life was just a real person controlled and guided by others  One billion viewers watched the live broadcast, pointing and laughing at her life, and the director team tried every means to set up setbacks, beheading her again and again.  Later, Song Juyao was reborn, and this time, her memory was not suppressed.  ————This is a crazy world. People feel irritable and boring to life, and lose enthusiasm for all kinds of entertainment, so they have to seek all kinds of stimulation and get emotional ups and downs.  Later, they found a treasure in the world, she was perfect, they held it in their palms, they were crazy about her, and they regarded her as a god

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