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Wishing Glass (Complete Works)

Wishing Glass (Complete Works)最新章节列表,Wishing Glass (Complete Works)全文阅读

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Wishing Glass (Complete Works)Brief introduction:

Provide the author (A Suo)'s classic novel: "Liu Li Yuan (Complete Works)" full-text reading service for the latest chapters for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements. Welcome to () to watch the novel: From Horqin's political chess piece to the founding of the Qing Dynasty  The mother, Borzijit Bumbutai, has experienced a magnificent life.  She has an unforgettable love, struggles in the life-and-death love between Huang Taiji and Hai Lanzhu, and is also struggling step by step in Dorgon's infatuation.  She shouldered the majestic and majestic country, raised two generations of young masters with unswerving beliefs, and used her wisdom and personality charm to conquer ministers and generals and create a prosperous Qing Dynasty.  She is the most tender and beautiful jade in love, and also the strongest rock in the flames of war.

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      Wishing Glass (Complete Works)latest chapter:Chapter 779 The Concubine’s Dispute

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