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Rebirth 80 as a group pet Xiao Fubao

Rebirth 80 as a group pet Xiao Fubao最新章节列表,Rebirth 80 as a group pet Xiao Fubao全文阅读

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Rebirth 80 as a group pet Xiao FubaoBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Yu Renmei)'s classic novel for free: "Rebirth 80s Do Group Pet Xiaofubao" Full text reading service of the latest chapters, this site is updated in a timely manner, there are no pop-up advertisements, welcome to () to watch novels: after the end of the world, only  Yu Nuannuan, who gave birth to plants without combat effectiveness, was abandoned and died in the mouth of zombies.  Opening her eyes again, Yu Nuannuan became the only granddaughter of the 80-year-old Yu family.  The family is really good, and the family is really poor!  Loess walls, thatched roofs, creaking broken wooden beds.  Wearing old clothes, eating whole grains, all purses are more radiant than faces!  Yu Nuannuan clenched his hands into fists: I have supernatural powers, travel through time and meet group pets, I want to make a fortune!  Everyone in the Yu family: Oh!  Is our Nuan Bao hungry?  Dai Bao, who just turned one year old next door, looked at Nuan Bao lying there waving his small fists and reflected: Could this be what a baby should look like? Does he also want to learn it?

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      Rebirth 80 as a group pet Xiao Fubaolatest chapter:Chapter 1434 Stunned

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