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path to roots

path to roots最新章节列表,path to roots全文阅读

category Sci-fiauthor NaGuoのFeiYaostatus serializing
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path to rootsBrief introduction:

"Ding dong~Welcome to the Lord God 2.0 system, the Lord Goddess will serve you wholeheartedly~"
     What?  Does the main god have a 2.0 system?  Or a strong-willed and sinister lady?
After time travel, the memory is sealed, and the soul of complaining is still burning brightly.  Is this the true nature?  !  By the way, if I had the ability to complain and the energy conversion system, wouldn’t I be invincible?  Daimao is used as an energy indicator, collecting complaints about daily battles. When the power is full, Daimao gets an erection!
?Yandere and loveless?  Are you kidding me? Only girls with paranoid hearts will love deeply!  The power of the human mind is the foundation of strength!  Assimilate Gaia in infinite worlds, find girls, and finally lead to the root step by step...
Penguin group: two, six, two, zero, one, five, two, four, seven

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      path to rootslatest chapter:Volume 4 Chapter 141 Arnie Reinhart

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