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Post-1990s geneticists

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Post-1990s geneticistsBrief introduction:

Fang Hao, a college student born in the 1990s, suffered from a strange disease. His muscles gradually became weak. He only had two years left in his life.
As a result, a mysterious black box was accidentally obtained, which can optimize and improve human genes using computer programs.  In order to save himself, Fang Hao began to study the use of black boxes and wanted to use genetic potions to cure diseases. Unexpectedly, after using the first bottle of potion, he became infinitely powerful, the second bottle of potion turned into a black man, and the third bottle was used before he was killed.  The underworld boss is targeting him, claiming that his potion is a new type of drug, and wants to take away the black box...
Fang Hao, who obtained this treasure, fell into many disputes. As he studied more incredible functions, he developed more incredible functions - human body plastic surgery, physical enhancement, and even the development of supernatural powers...
Gradually, a big crisis related to the survival of the world unfolded before his eyes, and the black box is the key to saving the world!
Let’s see how Fang Hao, an ordinary college student, struggles and lives his own glory!

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