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God level villain

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God level villainBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Yeshan Black Pig)'s classic novel: "God-Level Villain" full-text reading service for the latest chapters for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements.  The hero leans on the green mandarin duck, looking for the legend of the Qin Dynasty and the sword of the Tang Dynasty, Journey to the Three Kingdoms from the Water Margin, the pirate ship with the ring of Harry, Thor Steel and the Avengers, heroes and beauties compete for enchanting, but the big villain arrives!  Du Yu wears it, and it comes with a god-level villain attribute [Wolf Gu Xiankuang]!  All kinds of tricks: 1. You must join the villain force, and the boss will be killed by death.  2. The heroine must be cheated and abducted, and it cannot be completely obliterated.  3. Three villain missions must be completed, otherwise they will be killed.  Various god benefits: villain exchange system: the villain value can be exchanged for the protagonist's skills, and can be exchanged for the heroine!  The more bad things you do, the faster your skills will increase.  The new book "The Protagonist Hunter" has been published

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