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beauty crime allure

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beauty crime allureBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Duanmusha)'s classic novel: "The Sin of a Beauty" full-text reading service of the latest chapters for free, this site is updated in time, and there is no pop-up advertisement. Welcome to ()  The beloved man will only have her as a woman in his life, but he hopes that he can help her stand at the highest place and win the world together.  Later, she didn't expect that she could cross the branches and become the mother of the world.  Just to be able to ride the horse and raise the whip with my beloved, from then on, hold your hand and watch the flowers bloom and fall, the clouds roll and the clouds relax, but the world is full of diversities, just like a gathering of duckweeds, following the flowing water in a blink of an eye.  The land she thought was long gone, but amidst the turbulent wind and clouds, it turned into a haze and disappeared without a trace? In the end, she didn't ask for her mother's favor, looked down at the world, and didn't ask for a horse and a whip.  To overthrow his most cherished rivers and mountains, to destroy the mountains and rivers that he tried his best to obtain

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      beauty crime allurelatest chapter:168.  Bloodlines are hard to part with (3)

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