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Sundries - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Naruto Uchiha Yoshi Array Text Chapter 75 Finale BaiCaiShang 785K 24-04-10 serializing
Pokemon that travel the wrong way Array Text 170.6V6 only has 4 chapters. This is unscientific.  . LuGongCha 3937K 24-04-08 serializing
Swordsman and Songshan Ice and Fire Array Text Chapter 304: Don’t be Guo Jing, don’t be Wuji, future generations will judge! RiZhui 3217K 24-03-28 serializing
Harry Potter and the Death Eater s Son Array Work related Chapter 8 Roar!  (Update 2,000) YunSuoXiaoXiang 1957K 24-03-22 serializing
The Holy Light of Yamaguchi Mountain Array Chapter 52 Become a legend XiChuiFengBao 1656K 24-03-20 serializing
Interstellar Medic Legend Array Volume One Chapter 351 Thousands of Black Holes NaMiaoLunHui 7682K 24-03-15 serializing
One Piece Game World Array Prelude Chapter 3 Victory HuoXi 1536K 24-03-15 serializing
Inuzakuya Array Academy City Chapter 42 Misaka Sister (5) WanQuanXiaoSaCongZhe 730K 24-03-15 serializing
The Sith Warriors of the Space-Time Administration Array A Sith Warrior’s Teaching Career Part 3 Starless Night (Part 2a) astlos 10756K 24-03-15 serializing
The end of the dream Array Text Chapter 62 There must be something hidden under the cute appearance BaiWangJiaLan 10079K 24-03-15 serializing
I am Gundam Array another world: Oriental Scarlet Devil Mansion Route Chapter 01: Live on... GongADeBeiYing 4330K 24-03-15 serializing
Enter the stars Array Volume 3 Alien Civilization on Earth Chapter 173 Results DianWu 6752K 24-03-15 serializing
Liquid Armored God of War Array Volume 2: The raging war Chapter 102: The evolution of the lizard ZhouYuLou 6162K 24-03-15 serializing
Embark on the path of the devil Array Text Chapter 12 Sadness, Satellite Riots and Calm down ShenNongGouWen 1784K 24-03-15 serializing
Magical Girl Fandom: Different Directions Array Break into the ss!  024 Auction PianYuDeYaoJing 9365K 24-03-15 serializing
Fire Emperor of Naruto Array Volume Six: The Volume of Gale Chapter 160: Union oHuaKaiMoYueo 3350K 24-03-15 serializing
star shuttle Array Volume 1: First Inheritance Chapter 16: Target!  Fukushima! JieCaoJiuShiWoLingShi 1199K 24-03-15 serializing
The days of hanging out with Hokage Array Text Chapter 227 The Brilliant Picture Appears JinShengDeYiZhiYan 2477K 24-03-15 serializing
destiny begins night Array Related Works Chapter 156 Yin... Yin... DaYangXiang 5263K 24-03-15 serializing
Fishing life Array Volume 1 319 Chapter 319 Ranking Competition (2) DiaoYu1Ge 3584K 24-03-15 serializing
God and Demon System Array Volume 2: Tide of Corpses Like a Sea Chapter 1,205: Tide of Dragon Mantises! ZiChanBaoZeng 10451K 24-03-15 serializing
Fairy Tail: The Nameless God of Death Array Volume 3 The Sanction of Death Chapter 80 Grandpa’s Friend QingLingZhiYu 3640K 24-03-15 serializing
Academy City: The Reversal of Laws Array Book of Law Chapter 106. Rescue DaHaHa 4271K 24-03-15 serializing
The fantasy of death is coming Array Bleach Prequel Hueco Mundo Chapter 121 Another Battle with Grimmjow (Part 2) ZiXiaoJianHuang 2194K 24-03-15 serializing
Xue Mo s Ambition in the Military Abandoned House Array Volume 3: The Collapsed World 022: Military Abandoned House and Rescue ShanLanQingFeng 834K 24-03-15 serializing
KOF s longing Array Text Chapter 57 You can’t hide even in the first year of junior high school BiShiLing 7829K 24-03-15 serializing
Time Travel: The Legend of Nine Tails Array Volume 1 I am Uzumaki Naruto Chapter 49 Zabuza’s Recruitment XiangNianSanGuo 6431K 24-03-15 serializing
Lord God s Otaku Guards Array First trip!  mission1-2 zombies are awesome... LanSeMuGuang 1333K 24-03-15 serializing
Pokémon: Elf Guardian Array Quartz Alliance: The Beginning of Growth Chapter 199: Fire and Lightning Claws! FengZhiLianQu 5723K 24-03-15 serializing
Bookworm Becomes a God Array Work related new book notice - the 2014 edition is changed to "Enlightenment of the Heavenly Dragon" KenHunShuChong 2289K 24-03-15 serializing