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Sundries - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Time Travel: The Legend of Nine Tails Array Volume 1 I am Uzumaki Naruto Chapter 49 Zabuza’s Recruitment XiangNianSanGuo 6431K 24-03-15 serializing
Lord God s Otaku Guards Array First trip!  mission1-2 zombies are awesome... LanSeMuGuang 1333K 24-03-15 serializing
Pokémon: Elf Guardian Array Quartz Alliance: The Beginning of Growth Chapter 199: Fire and Lightning Claws! FengZhiLianQu 5723K 24-03-15 serializing
Bookworm Becomes a God Array Work related new book notice - the 2014 edition is changed to "Enlightenment of the Heavenly Dragon" KenHunShuChong 2289K 24-03-15 serializing
Fairy Tail Destiny Array Extra: Extra: Fairy Tail Academy (Part 2) SuiMengGuiFeng 723K 24-03-15 serializing
Even the devil cries Array NO.000 The Guardian Lost in the Past Chapter 18 A brutal battle!  Duel between Lancers and Swordsmen 萬NianBuShang 1462K 24-03-15 serializing
Magical Girl Nanoha no Kumoha Ryuuhi Array Text Epilogue YueLaZhiJi 2987K 24-03-15 serializing
wolf s journey Array The first test paper may become a trap for the new book The Ancient King YinXingDeRuYi 1294K 24-03-15 serializing
fantasy god Array Volume 3 Urban Development Volume Chapter 24 The Existence of Forced Insertion YaoXiangDanDanDangNian 693K 24-03-15 serializing
Travel through the world of animation Array Volume 9: Shakugan Shana Chapter 4: Brief Peace YinXingDeRuYi 2422K 24-03-15 serializing
wasted Array Volume Two: Staggering About the New Book "Blood String" SuiFengPiaoYao 4298K 24-03-15 serializing
A certain scientific super electromagnetic strateg Array Return of Hongye (forty)with -the -ring XieZiNing 935K 24-03-15 serializing
Otaku Plane Special Agent Array Volume 3 This book will be renamed [Otaku Plane Special Agent] LiJiaChengGong 819K 24-03-15 serializing
The whispers of Academy City Array The Arrival of Two Angels Chapter 28 Joining the Gang XuanMou 1107K 24-03-15 serializing
The journey of the planes Array Volume 4 The Endless Journey Chapter 217 Is this the ending? YouZaiLingZhu 1488K 24-03-15 serializing
Sword King of Immortal Sword Array Fairy Sword Three Chapter 3 Reunion XieYueZhiBian 1868K 24-03-14 serializing
Abandoned corpse place Array Freshman Chapter I Resource Crisis Lesson 1 YiYuYi 6040K 24-03-14 serializing
My system of God Array My God System Tutoring Chapter 870 Ending XuanYuanLongYe 6033K 24-03-14 serializing
Naruto Blood Snow Array Text 134 XueLaBingXin 649K 24-03-14 serializing
A certain scientific electromagnetic gun Array Volume 14 The Snow in London and the Flying Dutchman Chapter 23 The Crisis of Kanzaki YuBan10086 1419K 24-03-14 serializing
The establishment of an empire in the apocalypse Array The Collapse of Order Chapter 86: The Night Market Conflict (Return to the Story) KanWa 579K 24-03-14 serializing
Harry Potter and William Taylor Array Azkaban 133. 24 Hours (3) MeiLinDeZhuFu 906K 24-03-14 serializing
Retrograde apocalypse Array Volume 2: Great strides forward. A new book on the end of the world has been opened. JiuZhouLiuShui 674K 24-03-14 serializing
Blue Eyes Narrative Poetry Array Volume Three: The Blue-Eyed Trinity Chapter Three: The Wanderer LvHangZaiErCiYuanDeYanJingShe 1536K 24-03-14 serializing
fairy tail moon Array Text Theatrical Version 4: The Immortal Fairy Tail!  (Extra long version) JuanTingWeiYu 1596K 24-03-14 serializing
Doomsday Summons Heaven Array Volume 2: Sweeping the Heavens Chapter 147 - Finale TianTingZhiYing 1031K 24-03-14 serializing
2012 Apocalypse Array Volume 6: Base Chapter 355: The Final Ending ChengNaXiaoDu 3232K 24-03-14 serializing
super simulator Array Text Chapter 335 Help Ma Wenlong regain his confidence (fifth update, 6,000 words) ChengHaiAiAi 3291K 24-03-14 serializing
happy little farmer Array Text 224. I know it’s not snow from afar, because there is a faint fragrance coming MianTianDePanZi 1768K 24-03-14 serializing
Super soul crystal Array Text Baoxiang’s new creation, please support ISBN 1656505 TianDaoXiangCong 2282K 24-03-14 serializing