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Fantasy - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Lei Wu Array Chapter 2561: Destruction ZhongXiaMaDu 37298K 24-07-13 serializing
Throne of Thieves Array Volume 2 Chapter 156 Returning Home 2 (Complete) YuShui 11860K 24-07-12 serializing
Bullying Array Text Chapter 631 Invincible (Grand Finale) YouShiYouDianXie 6194K 24-07-12 serializing
barbarian king Array Text Chapter 377: I am you, you, and me (complete book) FengDi 3261K 24-07-12 serializing
The world only I know Array Volume 4 Chapter 172 Billions of stars frozen on the ground (finale) YuGui 2419K 24-07-12 serializing
Mobile Tibetan Scripture Pavilion Array Extra, Pulin Galaxy Chapter (1) HanBao 32214K 24-07-12 serializing
Underground lord of another world Array Text Chapter 537 Reorganization BianYiYinLong 5118K 24-07-12 serializing
All heavens and worlds Array Chapter 371 HaMiXL 17971K 24-07-11 serializing
Ten Thousand Martial Arts Talents Array Volume 1 Young Mo Xing Chapter 170 New Enemy YiGeRenZouGuo 1512K 24-07-11 serializing
ridicule Array Text Complete nonsense AoBiYe 2219K 24-07-11 serializing
Diary of Survival in a Foreign Land Array Let’s count the first part, Episode 6: Son of the Sun, Chapter 32: No one is spared (the finale of t FenNuDeXiangJiao 2793K 24-07-11 serializing
evil god Array Text Chapter 133 Brothers of the same Mind (End) PaoPan 986K 24-07-11 serializing
Tyrant Thunder God Array Star Python Record Chapter 20 Finale (Part 2) XiaoQian 9069K 24-07-11 serializing
Soul Martial Universe Array Text Chapter 26 The finale, the great success ShangGuanChenXi 4561K 24-07-11 serializing
The strongest god Array Volume 2: The Land of Chaos Chapter 2 The Strength of the Black Tiger Gang! XiaoNiuXiangQianChong 138K 24-07-10 serializing
Destroy the sky Array Text Chapter 255 The Immortal Thunder Emperor (End) XiaoFeng 2350K 24-07-10 serializing
I am God s will Array Chapter 1,188 Moving towards a beautiful ending (the ending chapter is also the final chapter of the LanDiMeiChen 11118K 24-07-10 serializing
Prodigal Mage Array Text Chapter 22 One million JinYong 150K 24-07-10 serializing
fighting league Array Volume 4 Breaking the Limit Volume 8 Chapter 159 The End (Grand Finale) XingNanMiMa 2785K 24-07-10 serializing
Holy Soul Gun God Array Volume 3 Castlevania in the Fog Chapter 250 Finale ChongXinFeiQiLai 2359K 24-07-10 serializing
Close sword fairy Array Volume One: Star Sword Picture Chapter 0013.  Blacksmith: Xiao Peipei LiuXiaHang 117K 24-07-10 serializing
war rat Array Text Chapter 65 Ghosts (Part 1) YueFeng 1355K 24-07-10 serializing
Meng Niang Xing Ji Array Volume 1: The Gentleman is Invincible Chapter 545: Final Chapter: Destination TaKuDeXiangBing 5588K 24-07-10 serializing
Imperial Mountains and Rivers Array Volume 1: Border Warrior Tongsheng Chapter 624: Monk in Golden Kasaya (Finale) HuangFuJi 12551K 24-07-10 serializing
Happy young man from another world Array Volume 1: Wu Dong Tian Huan Chapter 694: Steady Happiness [Finale] XingNi 4921K 24-07-10 serializing
Master Loneliness 3 I am God s will Array Text Chapter 1,188 Moving towards a beautiful ending (the ending chapter is also the final ending ch LanDiMeiChen 11238K 24-07-10 serializing
Fresh air territory Array Volume 1: From the beginning, Chapter 2145: Twenty years, we go home (finale) SuanShu 18229K 24-07-10 serializing
Sweep across the sky Array Volume 1: Rebirth of the Evildoer Chapter 207: Unstable Factors YuDiSanDaBaiGuJing 1328K 24-07-10 serializing
chaotic celestial body Array Chapter 2404: Destruction (Complete) JiZhaoLuoNiuQuLvHang 19457K 24-07-10 serializing
Cheating web game system Array Volume 5 Attack of Thieves Chapter 338 Bloody Pill WenHuaJieZui 3631K 24-07-10 serializing