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Fantasy - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Shura Martial God Array Battle of Dignity Chapter 2595 Rescue Chu Feng (1) ShanLiangDeMiFeng 37231K 24-04-13 serializing
Excellent all-rounder Array Text Chapter 382 The future belongs to Bincheng NaBianBanRe 5138K 24-04-13 serializing
The best physiognomist Array The best fortune teller Chapter list 192 The treasure-protecting beast KunPengTingTao 21093K 24-04-13 serializing
Human Emperor Sutra Array Text Chapter 225 Tu Mochen’s doubts!  (Please give me flowers!) KongShen 11767K 24-04-13 serializing
Rebirth Ultimate Evolution Array Volume 4: The General from the Stars Chapter 50: Colorful Space BieJiaoWoFanTong 3447K 24-04-13 serializing
Jiejiaoxian Array Text Chapter 579. Protagonist of the Bible ZhenNaDaXiangGao 10752K 24-04-13 serializing
Ancestor of all demons Array Chapter 3: Laying the Foundation of the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm Chapter 945: Being a Hong Furnac GuDuPiaoLiu 12685K 24-04-13 serializing
The peerless master trained the Song Dynasty Array Text 362 Return to the Trisolaran Star Domain YiBaShui 3924K 24-04-13 serializing
God of War Yang Jian travels to another world Array Text Chapter 286 Martial Arts Conference (16 Happy May Day) YuMiBoLuo 10089K 24-04-13 serializing
Body respect Array Volume 3 Blood Hell Abyss Chapter 282 The Five Ancient Emperors (2) HanLi 7889K 24-04-13 serializing
Undefeated God of War Array Text Chapter 854 Temptation FangXiang 9271K 24-04-13 serializing
stick to one Array The Dragon Stood in the Abyss Chapter 160 Your Majesty invites you! BeiWeiWangDeFanLi 1985K 24-04-13 serializing
The Years I Was a Taoist Priest (仐三) Array Rivers, Lakes and Seas - Volume of Mystery Chapter 40: Uncovering a Corner of the Mystery TaoSan 10715K 24-04-13 serializing
The strongest creature on earth Array Text Vol.49 Post-match summary, rest, criticism meeting, and then continue to the next topic... AiShangDeBaoYu 10832K 24-04-13 serializing
my infinite wings Array Text Chapter 897 Lana?Lin Qin&?  ?  ? YongHengZhiHuangZhe 7334K 24-04-13 serializing
spirit boat Array Volume 3 Treasure Hunter Chapter 953 Killing to Madness (Chapter 5) JiuDangJia 13180K 24-04-13 serializing
young medical fairy Array Chapter 4130 The ambition of the Supreme Confucian ZhuMei 25138K 24-04-13 serializing
special teacher Array Volume 2, Across the Chongqing City Chapter 3417: Candidate for the Crown Prince HeiAnJueQi 24357K 24-04-13 serializing
Wu Ni Array Chapter 1759 Luo Jingyun breaks through ZhiShiXiaoHaMi 31401K 24-04-13 serializing
Martial God Space Array Text Chapter 2714 Killing the Thunder Emperor FuXiaoChen 34029K 24-04-13 serializing
Jiuyou Priest Array Text Chapter 223 Life-saving straw TianSaiMiaoBi 1785K 24-04-11 serializing
Immortal cultivators millions of years ago Array Text Chapter 275: Inheriting the Dao Fruit! JiuLiuHuiJi 1811K 24-04-11 serializing
Bandits are in power Array Text Chapter 172: Night Tour in Zhu Palace WuHouLaXie 1156K 24-04-11 serializing
The strongest wood repair Array Volume 2 In Qishan Chapter 162 Old Friends (Final Finale) HeiTianTian 1218K 24-04-11 serializing
The strongest hunter Array Volume 2 The Long Road Chapter 112 Five Hunters YiDaoPaiLanLong 940K 24-04-11 serializing
Cultivation of Immortality: Beiming Magical Techni Array Text Chapter 201 Snow-beaked Golden Eagle FuShang 1521K 24-04-11 serializing
The ancestor of all ghosts Array Volume 2: Heavenly Dream Swamp Chapter 492: Driving towards time GuDuPiaoLiu 4758K 24-04-11 serializing
Infinite Vientiane Clear Record Array Volume 21 The Man Responsible for the World Chapter 28 The Final Decision XiPaDiYa 9416K 24-04-11 serializing
Happy Journey to the West Array Volume Three: Beginning to Be Happy Chapter 249: Negotiation NaHaiBianShang 1579K 24-04-11 serializing
The Infinite Holy Emperor of the Great Desolate Wo Array The Infinite Holy Emperor Journey to the West This book has been completed. I hope everyone will sup FengChuiShuiDang 3636K 24-04-11 serializing