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Fantasy - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Asura Valkyrie Array Chapter 5743: This cheating brother ShanLiangDeMiFeng 630K 23-10-17 serializing
God Emperor Array 第四千一百一十二章 圣思的肉身力量 FeiTianYu 28915K 23-10-17 serializing
Charm Array Chapter 1079 If you’re not completely dead, you’ll be fine YuDeTianKong 10293K 23-10-17 serializing
[JOJO sbr] My husband is the Grand Commander Array Chapter 19 ShaYuZi 363K 23-10-17 serializing
I m really not a master of cultivating immortals Array Chapter 1122 Holy Fruit of Heaven and Earth BuBai 7690K 23-10-17 serializing
Words must die [comprehensive martial arts] Array Chapter 76 BuLou 468K 23-10-17 serializing
Concubine Zhong is in disaster again today Array Tricky ZheJia 1697K 23-10-17 serializing
I can t die  are you angry? Array Chapter 1105: Being slapped in the face by the gatekeeper disciple of Ba Shen Sect YuDa 10396K 23-10-17 serializing
Sovereign Array Chapter 963 Is it appropriate? YouMu 331K 23-10-17 serializing
Soul Emperor Martial God Array Chapter 1762 Three puppets XiaoXiaoBa 859K 23-10-17 serializing
God-level System Myriad Realms Store Manager Array Chapter 2691: More considerations ShaoShuJiuHui 14349K 23-10-17 serializing
Heavenly Dragon Supreme Fusion Array 56: Danger is approaching ChiDongDong 9965K 23-10-17 serializing
Master Hongmeng Array Chapter 4130 The silence of the original royal family (22) WeiYiYongHeng 12622K 23-10-17 serializing
Taibai Sword Master Array Chapter 916 I owe too much... TaiBaiJianQing 6002K 23-10-17 serializing
Tiandao Library Array Chapter 2254: Someone got there first HengSaoTianYa 14050K 23-10-17 serializing
Jiuhua Xianzong Array Chapter 279 Ending RuiZhe 2108K 23-10-16 serializing
The Days and Nights of Searching for the Demon Lor Array extra QieZaiShanYang 313K 23-10-14 serializing
Golden Palace Lock Jiao Array Imprisoned for 158 days LiuXiRan 1154K 23-10-13 serializing
All Over the World (GL) Array Chapter 129 Life is like a play LianShangQingChu 867K 23-10-13 serializing
Moisturizing days after bereavement Array extra GuShengMi 342K 23-10-13 serializing
Changfeng tens of thousands of miles Array I write it at the end for you, my dear ones. BaiLuChengShuang 789K 23-10-13 serializing
character of concubine Array Extra 1 YiXiaoShengXiao 1154K 23-10-12 serializing
Soul of Shura Array Chapter 1,210 Devouring the Supreme ChangBuDaDeXiaoMiFeng 7788K 23-10-11 serializing
The Age of Conferred Gods after Du Niang Array Chapter 1016 Cultivation LongZhiGong 6775K 23-10-10 serializing
Character beauty (wearing a book) Array extra HuoXiangGu 675K 23-10-10 serializing
[Qing Chuan] Princess of the Three Dynasties Array Chapter 84 ZhangJiaYin 250K 23-10-10 serializing
The first emperor of all ages Array Chapter 858: Every injury kills everyone ShenMaNiu 6598K 23-10-10 serializing
Yipin village girl Array Extra episode two finale XinXinXiangRong 896K 23-10-10 serializing
Because I m afraid of pain  I put all my defenses Array Chapter 2077 You will soon be able to rule the Shenzi Garden YuHeRou 13031K 23-10-10 serializing
Sign in at the start of the ancient holy body Array Chapter 2792: Suppressing the ancient emperor with one hand, what does it mean to be strong and domi JShen 16974K 23-10-09 serializing