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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Supreme Demon King Array Volume 1: Nirvana of the Mountain Village Boy Chapter 999: The Fruit of the Path (Ending Chapter) TingFengHuaQiuYu 8269K 24-05-14 serializing
Supreme Immortal and Demon Array Volume One Tang Bai Yujing Chapter 1564 A New Journey JiZhuNaXia 15814K 24-05-13 serializing
White Bone Road Palace Array Volume 4: The war rages for three thousand miles. The new book will be launched on the 15th of this QinWenZhiJian 3889K 24-05-13 serializing
The Xingyi Grandmaster of Huashan Qizong Array Volume 4: Sword Qi Struggle Chapter 8 Finale (The outline is copied directly, I’m sorry, I also want ShaHuEr 1898K 24-05-13 serializing
Genius swordsman Array Volume 3: Famous in the East China Sea Chapter 1500: Lord of Chaos (Finale) FengYinZiChen 9572K 24-05-13 serializing
Big cultivator of cultivation Array Volume 1: The Encounter of Immortal Cultivation Chapter 444: Xumiru? ShiJian 3889K 24-05-13 serializing
Buddha is the Tao Array Text Chapter 466 Finale Part 2 (Complete the book) MengRuShenJi 6584K 24-05-13 serializing
The Wizard of Clouds Array Chapter 369: Water Control ShuXiaYeHu 4134K 24-05-12 serializing
Burning the sky Array Hidden Dragon's new book "Akagi" is uploaded, asking for all kinds of support LiuLangDeGeMa 6314K 24-05-12 serializing
Leader of Wutai in Shushan Mountain Array 083 Yuanshen ZiYing 6500K 24-05-12 serializing
The Romance of Dragon and Snake Array Text Chapter 483 The Great Chase (Part 1) MengRuShenJi 6361K 24-05-10 serializing
Become a magic stick in the late Northern Song Dyn Array Immortal Master Chapter 27 XueManLinZhong 9390K 24-05-10 serializing
Once upon a time there was Lingjian Mountain Array Chapter 850 Goodbye GuoWangBiXia 8941K 24-05-02 serializing
Cultivation Array Volume 2 Inner Door Volume Chapter 174 The Demonic Way Comes to the Door MoLingBieXue 11K 24-04-30 serializing
prehistoric life Array Text Chapter 323: Bloody Creatures XinRuPanDan 7K 24-04-30 serializing
Immortal jade dust Array Text Chapter 1910 The Final Battle WanMu 15995K 24-04-18 serializing
The Genius Leader of the Xianxia World Array Volume Five: Famous in the Great World of Conferred Gods Chapter 736: The Final Chapter - Coming fro CuiCanDeHuoYan 5542K 24-04-13 serializing
Pioneering Records Array Volume 5 Little Sumeru City Chapter 500 Variables [Chapter 500, please subscribe for the original ve DongFangBuBaiZhiDongFangBuBai 4125K 24-04-10 serializing
Near Penglai Array Volume 2: Across Wu and Yue Taking leave to prepare the outline! FangWaiYouXia 2207K 24-04-10 serializing
The Wilderness Array Volume 9: Winged Snake Lake Ji Ning Volume 24: Mist Rock Star Lord Chapter 10: Black Mist World God WoChiXiGongShi 13428K 24-04-09 serializing
The little farmer who walked out of the immortal t Array The Little Farmer Walking Out of the Immortal Tomb Chapter 1433: Are you stupid? DaFiu 13498K 24-04-08 serializing
Great Emperor of Immortal Kingdom Array Text Chapter 44 Time Stands Still GuanQi 9147K 24-04-08 serializing
Immortal of all realms Array Volume 6: Baolu Tianting Chapter 395: Butt Back Flat Sand and Falling Goose Pose (Part 2) Second upd DanSan 7910K 24-04-08 serializing
fairy mountain Array Text Chapter 299: Conflict outside the competition venue (seventh update!!) QiXingYuHeng 7239K 24-04-08 serializing
The Confucian Sage of Prehistoric Times Array Volume 1 Ancient Human Race Chapter 465 Infinite World TaoYuanXianRen 3443K 24-04-08 serializing
The Ancestor Wu Zhu Jiuyin s Biography Array Text Chapter 733 Finale XiaoXiaoYaoDao 6993K 24-04-06 serializing
Immortal of Six Paths Array Volume 8: Becoming Famous Chapter 430: Hongmeng Supreme (Grand Finale) YunTingFei 16783K 24-03-30 serializing
Game fairy tale Array Text Chapter 669 Xiao Buluan SiWangWaiKeYi 5632K 24-03-29 serializing
Chunyang Array 127 A little show of skill JingKeShou 3453K 24-03-25 serializing
Zhu Xian Array Text Episode 9 Chapter 7 Good Man Wild Dog XiaoDing 8469K 24-03-22 serializing