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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The wild bear in the wild land Array Volume 2 Chapter 238 Finale BianYuanXiaoXiao 2677K 24-03-13 serializing
A leisurely life in the cultivation civilization Array Text No.287 A Duet of Heroes MeiLaDeYouYinShiRen 4886K 24-03-13 serializing
Rebirth of Fahai Array Volume 2: Fairies Are Humans Too Chapter 378: Happy Reunion and the End of the Play DuZuiXiaoChunFeng 3437K 24-03-12 serializing
Three religions and nine streams Array Text 219 People have three urgent needs (Thanks to Wuliang Xiaoguang and Moonlight Kongmeng for thei LiSeFo 2580K 24-03-12 serializing
Strange volume Array Decision Chapter 116 Divination YiFu 1032K 24-03-12 serializing
Become an immortal Array Text Chapter 4 Yi Yuan DanDanYiDan 125K 24-03-12 serializing
Cun Yang Array Volume 2 The Wrath of the Dragon God Chapter 80 "Entering this gate, you will be reincarnated as a h YuXiaoMen 639K 24-03-12 serializing
Prehistoric predators Array Text end SiPanZi 4501K 24-03-12 serializing
Jun Ao Array Volume 3: The Glory of the Dust Pearl Chapter 93: One man is in charge and ten thousand men are invi KongShanMingQiu 6827K 24-03-12 serializing
The greatest devil in history Array Love Saint Speaks of Love New Book Announcement AiMingYiShi 2859K 24-03-12 serializing
Swallowing the stars with anger Array Text 506 Leaving (Ending) CaYu 4281K 24-03-11 serializing
Zhibeiyou Array Text Final Chapter Epilogue and Finale LuoShui 4869K 24-03-11 serializing
Six Paths of Heavenly Punishment Array Chapter 180: The Underworld Chapter 180: The Foundation Building Storm of Minehara Mishima in the Hu YongHengDeZhuiZhuZhe 1390K 24-03-11 serializing
Dao prisoner Array Volume One: A Road Full of Thorns Chapter 22: Night Attack YiBei風 1694K 24-03-11 serializing
Immortal golden body Array Volume 9: Overcoming, the exciting era!  Chapter 272: Transcendence (Finale) BaBaiTieJi 6917K 24-03-11 serializing
Rebirth of the Dragon Prequel Array Volume 11 Xiaoyao Yufeng Chapter 10 Entrance Test Part 2 TanXiangDaHai 2542K 24-03-11 serializing
The Legend of the Demonic Immortal Palace Array Text 165 Dragon Ball. Ascension. Ending eZhiChiBang 3820K 24-03-11 serializing
Tao Xin Xiu Demon Biography Array Volume 2: Lingyun Sect Fighting, Chapter 667: Change QinZhiShi 11512K 24-03-11 serializing
The road to immortality Array Text Conclusion! YunHeZhenRen 13399K 24-03-11 serializing
Immortality of gods Array Volume 4: Conferring Gods and Erecting Monuments Chapter 18: Heaven TianQingWuJianSheng 3039K 24-03-11 serializing
The Righteous Path to Immortality Array Text Chapter 753 The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of the Sword in the Central Plains (9:49) NianHong 8288K 24-03-11 serializing
Datang Wenjian Array Volume One 140 Bad News TianSi 1293K 24-03-10 serializing
Record of Nanhua in the Ancient Times Array Text Emergency Notice GuanYueChu 1012K 24-03-10 serializing
Questioning the Sword Array Volume 5: If there is love in the sky, Chapter 135: Nothing more than this ShuiZhiShan 1211K 24-03-10 serializing
The story of a gangster who cultivates immortality Array Volume Six: The Mystery of Heaven, Postscript: XiaoXiaoXingEr 7797K 24-03-10 serializing
Lock Immortal Array Text Chapter 534: Vow (Ending) QinQi 5219K 24-03-10 serializing
Origin golden gun Array Text Chapter 356 Return of the Ninth Prince ChunJieDeMoGu 2809K 24-03-10 serializing
Find Immortal Road Array Finding the Immortal Road Volume 10 The Treasure of Chaos Finale (Complete Book) HeBuYu 11565K 24-03-10 serializing
The reborn immortal comes to the world Array Volume 2: Foundation Building Storm Chapter 619: Ascension to the Spiritual World (Grand Finale) MoZhuXuan 5450K 24-03-10 serializing
Ascetics in the Age of Dharma Ending Array Volume 1: Don’t Use Hidden Dragons Postscript—Exalting Dragons Has Regrets (also an introduction to ZhiJiLangZhong 1917K 24-03-10 serializing