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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Shengxian Array Volume 5 Ancient Immortal Realm Chapter 1099 (Grand Finale) YeBoQiaoTou 9669K 24-03-10 serializing
Rebuilding the Prehistoric Art of Reversal of Life Array Chapter 397: The Human Race in the Prehistoric Chapter: The Finale! LianShangYuanWei 3073K 24-03-09 serializing
Ten thousand immortals come to court Array Text: Final Thoughts KuaiLeDeBeiJu 6086K 24-03-08 serializing
Cultivation teacher s life record Array Text About the ending DuanQiaoCanXue 5774K 24-03-08 serializing
Ancient God inheritance Array Love in England Chapter 202 Feng Boyu Master PingMinGongZiGe 1402K 24-03-08 serializing
The second mountain god in history Array Volume One: First Journey to the West as a Mountain God Chapter 143 Meeting Guo Zi Again BanYeSanGeng 1253K 24-03-08 serializing
True Immortal of Yuanshen Array Volume 4 Remarks on the Release XiaoYeHanQiu 5385K 24-03-08 serializing
The days of practicing with the policewoman Array Days of Training with the Policewoman Volume 1 [873] Huge Sleigh AnRanYe 8193K 24-03-08 serializing
Southern Song Dynasty Fengyan Road Array Chapter 2093 The stars are not the same as last night, and the mountains and rivers are calm LinQian 34481K 24-03-08 serializing
Xuan Shen Array Volume 8 Chapter 721 The Legend of the Holy Lord (Final) GuZiSheng 10448K 24-03-07 serializing
Luoxian Array Text Chapter 5 The World of Buddha 5 FuYunShenChu 5498K 24-03-07 serializing
Tongtian  the leader of the prehistoric world Array Volume 5 The Feudal Society of the Monster Tribe Epilogue + Conclusion TianTianRouGaMo 6190K 24-03-07 serializing
Cultivation on campus Array Text Chapter 2174 Battle (Completed) MoYan123 18397K 24-03-07 serializing
Catalog of Destruction Array Volume 7 of the Illustrated Book of Destruction: The closer you get to the great road, the harder it AiQianShuiDeWuZei 9571K 24-03-07 serializing
Nine Skies Array Volume 6: The vast wilderness. Not dead yet, not yet entering the palace! LengXueHanShuang 1335K 24-03-07 serializing
Steal the sky Array Volume 1 Final Thoughts XieGong 12710K 24-03-07 serializing
Qiankun Diagram Array Volume 1: The Legend of Luofu, Chapter 514: Return (complete finale) ShiNianCanMeng 7236K 24-03-07 serializing
Return from cultivating immortality Array Volume 9 Urban Men and Women Final Remarks! NiNan 2488K 24-03-07 serializing
Yi Jin Jing Array Text Chapter 1437 Dominate the world (finale) MeiNan 18482K 24-03-06 serializing
The waiter at the pawnshop will become an immortal Array Volume 7 The World in the Outer Heaven Chapter 1039 So What About Immortals (Final Chapter) ZiYunBaiSha 9715K 24-03-06 serializing
Beast Control Array Text Chapter 549: Four swords open the sky (finale) XueJun 5269K 24-03-06 serializing
Secret Door Town Eternal Life Array Text Chapter 390 An Inch of Gold Palm GuWangYouShang 3098K 24-03-06 serializing
Yaozu Array Medicine Ancestor Volume 05: Become Famous and Complete Remarks HeMoHen 9148K 24-03-06 serializing
Myth Haotian Array Volume 3: The War between Liches and the Haotian Emperor Chapter 232: The Three Colors of the Sword QingFengLiWu 2674K 24-03-06 serializing
Time and Space Sword Immortal (formerly Urban Swor Array Time and Space Sword Immortal Continued Episode 11: Gathering at the End of the Song Chapter 8: Gath DaHangZhe 7488K 24-03-06 serializing
sensa Array Text Chapter 541 Decision LaoNaBuNengChiSu 4199K 24-03-06 serializing
Pseudo Shushan disciples in Xiangjiang Array 正文 新书公告 NiShiWoDeJiJi 1734K 24-03-06 serializing
Infinite cultivation of immortality Array Text Chapter Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Four Killing the Opponent in a Row QianTouLong 31307K 24-03-06 serializing
Subduing the Dragon Wuji Array Volume 2: The Vast Sea Chapter 64: Misty Villa (Part 2) Third update LieYangTian 7K 24-03-05 serializing
my beautiful teacher Array Text Chapter 884: Failed to kill but was robbed HeiYedeBaiYang 17489K 24-03-05 serializing