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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Monster world Array Text Chapter 274 Demonic Body (Part 1) ZhuZhuTou 4863K 24-03-05 serializing
The ultimate masterpiece of prehistoric times Array Volume 4 Chapter 5 The demon flame is arrogant, please expose the saint XiaoCaiSongShang 7299K 24-03-05 serializing
Peerless Immortal Journey Array Text 372 Changes (Part 1) MuZiNian 4105K 24-03-05 serializing
Entering the Chinese chat room Array Into the Liaozhai Volume 4: The Way of Demons Chapter 273: Settlement NaChaoChen 2363K 24-03-05 serializing
The Dragon Rises in the Wilderness Array Volume 4: Age of Lich Chapter 1: Grave Sweeping CangHaiZhiXin 16072K 24-03-05 serializing
adult snake Array Preface to the Work Chapter 608 Pangu’s Heart Emerges ChuanJia 5399K 24-03-05 serializing
The story of the romantic evil master cultivating Array Volume 6, The Real World, Chapter 835: I will accept you as my son and call you mother. SanShengMoWu 14701K 24-03-05 serializing
Long Pre Array Text Chapter 32 Red Sun Grass ZeiShaoBao 6742K 24-03-05 serializing
Extremely divine body Array Volume 4: Powerful in the World of Cultivation Chapter 54: Discussing the Tao in the Heart of the La XieLaHuaKuang 5846K 24-03-05 serializing
Taozu Array Text Chapter 505 Tianyang Star KuaiLeDeBeiJu 5092K 24-03-05 serializing
The Emperor of Prehistoric Times Array Text Chapter 51 Yuan Hong blocks the road, and Gao Ming brothers are on the list QingXu 1497K 24-03-05 serializing
planet manager Array Volume 3 The First Revelation Chapter 683 Another Road FuLiFaFangJi 8120K 24-03-05 serializing
Seven Saints of Taoism Array Volume 4: The Conflict between Buddhism and Taoism, Completed BuHuiZuoCaiBuShiWoDeCuo 2821K 24-03-05 serializing
Warrior s way of transformation Array Volume 1 Chapter 519 Surprising Discovery HeXieMoJie 4912K 24-03-04 serializing
Fairyland Array Volume 4: Going completely in the opposite direction Postscript WuLiao 3348K 24-03-04 serializing
Sha Seng Ji Array Volume 1 Running for a living YueLiangHeBian 733K 24-03-04 serializing
Flower Protector s Guide Array Text Chapter 86 The mastermind behind the scenes TangChuan 5851K 24-03-04 serializing
The devil is reborn Array Chapter 352 (Final Finale) of Killing Demons and Vengeance: This is a problem! FuLeiMing 3128K 24-03-03 serializing
Rebirth green robe Array The seventh volume of the new book "Hunyuan Daoji" please collect it! TaiYuanXianZun 6423K 24-03-02 serializing
A Lazy Man s Story of Immortality Array Text Chapter 374 Tianluo Palace KuGeng 2303K 24-03-02 serializing
Sword travels across Kyushu Array Volume 4: A Game of Chess between Heaven and Earth Chapter 715: Finale LengYueXiaoYi 6232K 24-03-01 serializing
Zonghengxuanmen Array Volume 5 Reincarnation Chapter 404 Creation BaiSeDeFeng 5117K 24-03-01 serializing
Yi Ding Array Volume 4: Jiao’s Battle in the Wilderness of Shu Chapter 161: Giant Rock (Part 2) JingKeShou 6692K 24-03-01 serializing
dragon evil Array Chapter 918 of Volume 10 "Nirvana" [Half-step to Nirvana!  】(superior) AiErNan 7887K 24-03-01 serializing
fairy fish Array Volume Four: Clash of Geniuses!  Chapter 349 Head of the An family YuLe 5725K 24-03-01 serializing
The best fairy mansion Array Text Chapter 273 Six-Pointed Star Array MianGongErChi 10524K 24-03-01 serializing
World Killing Demon Array Volume 2: Deceiving the World and Stealing Fame Chapter 55: Something Big Is Coming SuXiuShui 1569K 24-03-01 serializing
Great Way Practitioner Array Work related introduction to crossbows and how to make crossbows GuiWoGuShan 7334K 24-03-01 serializing
Immortal River Storm Array Text Chapter 170 Dong Bingyun KuaiCanDian 7203K 24-03-01 serializing
Pure Yang True Immortal Array Volume 3 Kunwu Secret Realm Volume 6 Chapter 022 Destroy Zang (2) EKQiaoKeLi 8987K 24-03-01 serializing