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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Strong Qin Array Volume 1: The Young Eagle Spreads Its Wings Chapter 61: Arrogant Su Jiao JingJingLiang 4418K 24-05-11 serializing
三国之最风流 Array Volume 1 Fan Yang Pavilion 33 Cheng Yan ZhaoZiYue 18201K 24-05-11 serializing
Gun King Array Volume 5 Spanish Quagmire Chapter 84 Capture of Geruna (5) GuanShaBuGuanTian 4343K 24-05-11 serializing
The Legend of the Soldier Soul of the Anti-Japanes Array Text Chapter 1,269 Not convinced?  If you don't accept it, bear with me!  (Fourth update, please vot ChouNiu1985 20680K 24-05-11 serializing
Five generations of family history Array Volume 1: Stealth and Abduction Chapter 74: The Thief AnPingTai 1207K 24-05-11 serializing
The Anti-Japanese Emperor of Shanghai Array Text Chapter 851 The Expeditionary Force Shows off its Power ZuiHouDeYanPiGu 9552K 24-05-11 serializing
Long live Joachim Array Chapter 910 Arm wrestling (Part 2) TianKongZhiCheng 10843K 24-05-11 serializing
Emperor Song Array Rising with the Sword Chapter 165 The Troubles After the Abolition JuRenJianBangShangDeMuMu 2866K 24-05-11 serializing
The Great Agent of the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 1: The Tiger Emerges from the Mountains Chapter 595: Invite yourself to the academy DongYiFang 4375K 24-05-11 serializing
thaumaturgy and sex medicine Array Text 1123--1131 ShuiLiYouYu 29618K 24-05-11 serializing
Violent otaku of Tang Dynasty Array Volume One: Settling Down the Tang Dynasty Chapter 15: Warmth as Water (Third update, please support ZhaiNanYeShiNan 3554K 24-05-10 serializing
Mixed in the war Array Text Chapter 398 Liar GuLongGang 6005K 24-05-10 serializing
Everything is easy Array Text Chapter 216 Doing bad things SanYueGuo 8412K 24-05-10 serializing
training queen Array Volume 1, Chapter 520: Hands caressing the skin of a jade woman, talking about astronomical knowledg QingLe 6830K 24-05-10 serializing
south valve Array Text Sorry, it’s over KuangRenAQ 2895K 24-05-08 serializing
Great Song Dynasty Tianguan Array Volume 1 Asking the West Lake Chapter 47 The Road to Money (Part 1) JiaXieBo 530K 24-05-07 serializing
The Great Overlord of the Three Kingdoms Array Text Chapter 203: Strong Wind DouFu 1577K 24-05-07 serializing
Usurping the Tang Dynasty Array Volume 2 Maitreya Pure Land Blood Lotus Platform Chapter 3 Haimen Town (1) New Year is coming, I wis GengXin 6034K 24-05-07 serializing
Iron-Blooded War 918 Array Volume 3: Lion of the Snowfield Chapter 971: Change of Fate (Finale) HanDongSanYue 10891K 24-05-06 serializing
Drunken country Array Episode 1 National Treasure Chapter 7 Become famous with one stone (Part 2) XunXiangJian 683K 24-05-06 serializing
Beast King Three Kingdoms Array Text Chapter 135 A sudden awakening XiaoCaiSongShang 1104K 24-05-06 serializing
God catches chaos in Song Dynasty Array Text Chapter 6042 Three Brothers and Sisters LiChaDeTangSeng 4542K 24-05-06 serializing
Ba Sui Array Works Recommendation Volume Chapter 088: Daxing Palace’s Great Seal (Part 2) MengLiYan 629K 24-05-06 serializing
Powerful Ming Dynasty Array Volume One Yangzhou Merchants Chapter 191 Fifty thousand taels of silver HuaDongZhiXiong 9575K 24-05-06 serializing
Guo Jia Array Volume 2: Ending and Explanation YiNianChangKong 5133K 24-05-05 serializing
common people Array Text Chapter 679: New people are not as good as old ones (final chapter) YiYuBuYu 6114K 24-05-05 serializing
Rebirth of the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 1 Chapter 61 On Heroes SongMoRan 625K 24-05-05 serializing
The thugs in the late Qin Dynasty Array Xianyang Storm Chapter 7 Liu Bang’s Death (The Finale!) RouBaoDaShu 3227K 24-05-05 serializing
Ming Dynasty came to power Array Volume 1 Yangzhou Merchants Chapter 10 The Rat was Frightened HuaDongZhiXiong 94K 24-05-04 serializing
Financial subversion through time travel Array Volume 3: Standing on the White Clouds Chapter 72: The Princess Chases Back LuanDuWu 988K 24-05-04 serializing