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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Online game: Rebirth of Dharma God Array Volume 1 The Wind Rises 34. Banquet MuNiuLiuMao 6493K 24-05-14 serializing
Cute world Array Text File.160 The place of ghosts that is no longer silent YinZaiYunZhongDeYue 6334K 24-05-13 serializing
Infinite hell Array war3. The Frozen Throne Chapter 78 The Swordsman in Blue, No Trace of Afterimage PinJiDingDangXiong 964K 24-05-13 serializing
Martial Arts Transformation Array Dreaming of Shooting Condors to Welcome a New Life Chapter 309: Finale YunBaiTianLan 2600K 24-05-13 serializing
Contract Array Volume 1: Warriors of Gods and Ghosts. Sorry, I took a two-day break. SanCunYanJuan 416K 24-05-13 serializing
Doomsday warrior system Array Text Chapter 100 What a wise ass QiongSuanShuSheng02 659K 24-05-13 serializing
Infinity of fire Array Bloody Human Massacre Chapter 392 Don’t die, let alone live alone DiWuYiAnRan 3069K 24-05-12 serializing
super violent businessman Array Text 145. Animal bones in the huge cave PingShanSanRen 1374K 24-05-12 serializing
Mechanical warrior Array Text Chapter 87 Xin Rui comes out of the mountain LanDiao 3769K 24-05-12 serializing
human ice container Array Volume 3 The Strongest Warrior Chapter 1078 Finale: Desert Snow, Broken Wings HanZhi 10861K 24-05-12 serializing
incredible king arthur Array Volume 1: The Man Who Fights the World Monster Called Reality Final Chapter: Thank you for giving me JieJieDeXinNiang 1340K 24-05-12 serializing
零式 Array Text New book preview MeiShiAiFaDai 3429K 24-05-12 serializing
Summoning Moe Wars Array Chaos BTOOOM!  Chapter 469 Star Chase ① LiAnNaDiFa 4661K 24-05-12 serializing
soldier Array Episode 5 Chapter 319 The world is finally settled (finale) GaoLouDaSha 4268K 24-05-12 serializing
Creator System Array Text 327. Finale [In tears of shame] YiBuXiaoXinShanLeYao 4609K 24-05-12 serializing
Gods  ghosts  immortals  Buddhas and demons Array Text Chapter 162 The Unknown World DongZhiXueHua 1692K 24-05-12 serializing
legendary power Array Volume 1 Chapter 81 Where is the promised chaos?  (two) JingTianZhiZhu 1182K 24-05-12 serializing
Brood King Array Text Chapter 134 Devil LiuFengChang 893K 24-05-12 serializing
Apocalyptic playground Array Text Chapter 378 The Final Battle (Complete) SanJinDaMi 3055K 24-05-12 serializing
infinite role play Array In the world of death, murder the original form!  Chapter 44 Finale BeiShangDeDanDing 2145K 24-05-12 serializing
Disaster is coming Array Volume One, The Ripper and the Boy Chapter 725, Reply HeiShiSanLang 7872K 24-05-12 serializing
Reborn super battleship Array Text Chapter 297 Retreat CaiHongZhiMen 9165K 24-05-12 serializing
Descend in anime Array One Piece Chapter 36 Birthday (8) Just die like this KuQiDeXianRen 2316K 24-05-12 serializing
无限杀业 Array Volume 1: The Supreme Destiny Chapter 24: Harsh Conditions (Part 2) ShiErLongJi 7530K 24-05-12 serializing
Break the future Array Text Chapter 311 Confess in public! HuaTong 4790K 24-05-12 serializing
Endlessly broken Array Text Chapter 186 Yuanjiang Golden Ship Old Oaths YinXianZhe 8749K 24-05-12 serializing
Doomsday Super Game System Array Volume 1 The Coming of Doom Chapter 101 Nuclear Crystal Bomb MuRiHaiXiang 4374K 24-05-12 serializing
Dark blood era Array Volume 1 Darkness Falls Chapter 38 Robbery? HanYuePoKong 653K 24-05-12 serializing
Star Sea Lord Array Volume 2: The Storm in the Imperial City Chapter 550: I will step on you without negotiation (1) AnYuLingZhu 9046K 24-05-12 serializing
Movie World Adventures Array Volume 5 Iron Man Chapter 33 Showing Power JiuDaoGuang 4280K 24-05-11 serializing