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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Plane pioneer Array Volume One: Begin the Time Travel Chapter 9: Preparations before Time Travel WenRou 5812K 24-05-11 serializing
Unparalleled Online Games Array Text Chapter 1014 The public beta begins AiLuoLi 7774K 24-05-11 serializing
My girlfriend is a zombie Array Text Chapter 1,242 That’s not the only thing that both hands hold together HeiAnLiZhi 9751K 24-05-11 serializing
Apocalyptic elimination game Array Volume Six: Small Island Civilization Chapter 627: Entering the Tiger's Mouth Together ChuanYueShiKongDeYan 5375K 24-05-11 serializing
Holy Sword System Array Text Chapter 127 Appears again QianGuYanHuo 3920K 24-05-11 serializing
Infinite evolution of reincarnation Array Work related Chapter 175 The first confrontation QinLaoEr 2427K 24-05-11 serializing
Sky-devouring ape Array The Hundred Thousand Mountains Chapter 084 [Punch on the Horse’s Neck] GuZhenJing 824K 24-05-11 serializing
Ultimate Killer Crab Array Text Chapter 19 Crab-Shark Fight (2) WaJingRen 512K 24-05-11 serializing
Super Dimension Crime Group Array Back to the Past Chapter 479 White Clothes Reappears (Part 2) JianJiaoJiuBei 6056K 24-05-11 serializing
Reborn Flame Behemoth Array Volume 2: Pattern Changes Chapter 117: Delivery LaRiXiYangLuan 1591K 24-05-11 serializing
Traveler Cemetery Array Text Chapter 416: Break it, break it and be safe... LuGuoDeChuanYueZhe 6743K 24-05-11 serializing
natural disaster Array Volume 2 Dawn Camp Chapter 71 Assassins and Killers BanZuiYouZi 7893K 24-05-11 serializing
death list Array Volume 4 The League of Gentlemen Chapter 3 The Returned Hero TaoTieJuShi 7182K 24-05-11 serializing
Shu Zong Array Volume 1 Xishuangbanna Chapter 048 Horrible Vine ZuShu 5017K 24-05-10 serializing
Black Iron Castle Array Volume 14 Volume 43 Chapter 3 Carrying heavy responsibilities ZuiHu 19942K 24-05-10 serializing
final line of defense Array Volume 5 Apocalyptic Aria Chapter 8: Walking Alone and Thinking of Survival (Part 2) YingYuYingLa 5353K 24-05-10 serializing
Gold medal armorer Array Text Chapter 140 Sister YiXieMoHua 2994K 24-05-10 serializing
anime craze Array ◆◆◆Volume 1 Conan Chapter ◆◆◆ Chapter 430 Design YaoRaoXieHua 3364K 24-05-08 serializing
Simple traversal system Array [Hundred Ghosts of Slippery Ghost] Chapter 034 The truth that cannot be seen clearly MengReLiuLiSe 476K 24-05-08 serializing
Great Biochemical Era Array Volume 1: The End of the World Chapter 289: Finale LaMoChiRen 2032K 24-05-07 serializing
attack on ice giant Array Episode 2 Demon in the Military Camp Chapter 48 Xiaolinwo Town (3) His Name JingJinAK48 1027K 24-05-07 serializing
The Otaku’s Mythical Puppet Master Array Text Chapter 107 Factor! loliKongHuanXiang 775K 24-05-07 serializing
mechanical revolution Array Volume 1: The Horror of the Castle Chapter 117 Epilogue (Finale) ZiYeBai 925K 24-05-07 serializing
Star Demon Sword Array Volume 3 Military Academy Competition Chapter 50 One Thing (Part 2) GongChenQingXie 409K 24-05-07 serializing
attack of the living dead Array Volume 2 City Horror Chapter 111 Erecting a Monument JiJing2000 1080K 24-05-07 serializing
dark apocalypse Array Volume 1: Escape from the Corpse City Chapter 223: Return and End suiFengHuLu 1597K 24-05-07 serializing
Apocalyptic killing evolution Array Text: Final Thoughts FangHuangYuanHang 4199K 24-05-05 serializing
Condor haunted Array Text Chapter 212 A massive attack RunMo 1664K 24-05-05 serializing
Doomsday trip Array Text Postscript to the completion of the book TuiDaoChiYouDeChong 3729K 24-05-05 serializing
The ultimate evolution of bacteria Array Volume One Completed!  ! LiuErSi 563K 24-05-05 serializing