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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The Walking Dead Array Volume 1: The Dangerous Road to Doomsday Chapter 795: Life is Like a Summer Flower (Part 2) Complete ShiJieFuTu 8021K 24-07-04 serializing
Infinite Witch Exchange Array Volume 6 Dreams and Reality Chapter 19 The Lord God... (Final Chapter) YeZanMing 3116K 24-07-04 serializing
genetic invasion Array Volume 3 Chapter 319 Super God Evolution (Finale and New Book Announcement) QianNanYou 2917K 24-07-04 serializing
horror space Array Volume 2 The Battle between Good and Evil Chapter 313 The Top of the Forbidden City (Thirteen) LuNaYiNuo 1940K 24-07-04 serializing
Growing Lord God at your service Array Volume 1 Chapter 121 Chaos (5) JiuJiAnHeiGangJiaLong 918K 24-07-04 serializing
Infinite work for the way of heaven Array Text Chapter 85 The Bell of Happiness (Finale—— AnYeMoDaoShi 9727K 24-07-04 serializing
Infinite Legion of Light Array The Road to Beginning Chapter 216: Border Storm (1) HengWenGeRe 2616K 24-07-03 serializing
conquer power Array Text Chapter 609 Eternal Era YiNianLuanTianJi 4480K 24-07-03 serializing
Carry the second dimension with you Array Text Chapter 358: Brainless Screaming! LongTianQiShao 2808K 24-07-03 serializing
Mecha Infantry Array Volume 9 [The Symphony of the Galaxy] Postscript YunYi 13912K 24-07-03 serializing
Unparalleled Sword Master Array Volume 5 Postscript TaoCiLang 15151K 24-07-03 serializing
big sky era Array Text Chapter 27 Crescent Moon BianFuHui 166K 24-07-03 serializing
Stolen luck Array Text Chapter 735: No one can be left behind (completed) JinQianDaoJia 7342K 24-07-03 serializing
Super modeler Array Final words LingXiaJiuShiDu 9608K 24-07-03 serializing
immortal Array Volume 1: Famous in the World Chapter 238: The Holy Land of Dzogchen! YiMuJinTianYa 2194K 24-07-03 serializing
Unbelievable doomsday Array Volume One: The Beginning of the End, Final Chapter JieJieDeXinNiang 1935K 24-07-02 serializing
Infinite Abyss Contract Array Volume 1 Trial Scene Chapter 435 (Finale) Breakthrough, Infinite World! JianReSheng 2897K 24-07-02 serializing
Gene mutation Array Text Chapter 342: Poison swallows the world (finale) KangYangHua 2788K 24-07-02 serializing
Wandering in the world of martial arts Array Chapter 020 Lord of the Seven Stars SiXian 10743K 24-07-02 serializing
fantasy world in computer Array Text: Final Thoughts MiMangDeShe 10281K 24-07-02 serializing
Doomsday cultivation system Array Text Chapter 410 Heart Tribulation ShaoGongZi 3052K 24-07-02 serializing
Gods and Demons Training Ground Array Secret of the Earth 207 The final battle (finale!) BuLengDeTianTang 6907K 24-07-02 serializing
ashes Array Ghost Rider?  Chapter 719 The naughty children of the Ashes family... (hidden ending) BeiJuShanBaiJue 5659K 24-07-02 serializing
Doomsday Shadow Killer Array Text Final Chapter Reincarnation - If life were just like the first time we met NingXiangXie 6920K 24-07-02 serializing
Infinite immortality Array Attack on Titan 226.Sword Rain Stven. 2057K 24-07-02 serializing
anime apocalypse Array Text ACTS.Final Theory of Happiness, Crystal Palace, their paths will be paved by him. BeiJuJiDeMoWang 4102K 24-07-02 serializing
global dark period Array Text 263 Shocking QingFuYanChen 2531K 24-07-01 serializing
infinite blood god Array Volume 10: Ghost City Final Speech XuanKongWangYu 2215K 24-07-01 serializing
status quo intrusion Array Text Chapter 226 Big Explosion of Cash Deposit AnYeMoTong 1643K 24-07-01 serializing
super robot clone Array Chapter 651: Depressed Sokar MoLiaoDeGangBeng 4818K 24-07-01 serializing