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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Apocalyptic Dark Age Array The End of the Dark Age Text Chapter 779 Washio asks for help WeiAnZhangLang 18003K 24-04-09 serializing
Earth OL Array Volume 4 Expansion Pack [048] Luck is no match for strength! DaoSanSheng 7918K 24-04-09 serializing
katu Array Text Chapter 109 Bowen FangXiang 5754K 24-04-08 serializing
Apocalyptic super weapon system Array Text Chapter 641: The First God and Demon, the Nine Desolate Gods and Demons JiLvXiaoShuTong 5561K 24-04-08 serializing
earth playground Array Text Chapter 93 Duel JiFengBing 8157K 24-04-08 serializing
I can t have so few cute girls Array Volume One: My Life Can Never Be Gay Chapter 51: Major, if you continue to act cute, the world will MouChenDeDianXia 366K 24-04-08 serializing
System of Doomsday Fairyland Array Volume 2: The only one you can believe in is yourself! Chapter 459 Home KuHaiGuiYa 5983K 24-04-08 serializing
Two-dimensional interventionist Array Text Chapter 16 Chessboard ChuanYueRongYuXunZhang 609K 24-04-08 serializing
Online Games: The Story of Little People Array Volume 1: Finding Wealth and Honor in Danger Chapter 10: Surrounded and Killed ZhiXuYang 68K 24-04-07 serializing
Not even a fairy tale Array Text Chapter 18 Yin Yang Jue HanShuBuZhiNian 130K 24-04-07 serializing
Unlimited actor Array Tian Long Ba Bu (stand-alone version) 141 Xiaoyao's three magical skills (third update) ShiBaYuLin 1589K 24-04-07 serializing
armor Array Text Chapter 395 Finale WuYe 2856K 24-04-06 serializing
The most awesome boss in history Array About Cultivation Spirit Beast ChangHun 286K 24-04-06 serializing
The Otaku’s King’s Treasure Array Text Chapter 19 The corpse group is destroyed BaoZouNongMin 207K 24-04-06 serializing
call of duty artillery doctrine Array Volume 3, Chapter 40. Finale (Finally these three words have arrived) WeiJu 2854K 24-04-06 serializing
super summon phone Array Volume 4 Awakening Chapter 25 The Tribulation of Gods and Demons (Finale) XieZiZui 1544K 24-04-06 serializing
My Age of Empires with Robots Array Text Chapter 81 Gravity Engine ZuoWangFeng 741K 24-04-06 serializing
Lord of Doom Game System Array Volume 2 Mercenaries Chapter 418 Fundamental Laws (Final) ZeTianDaDi 2808K 24-04-06 serializing
King of Gambits Array Biochemical Phantom Chapter 15 Success in calling daddy? KuSeLuCha 1849K 24-04-06 serializing
Online game full-time thief Array Text Chapter 54: Willing to Accept Loss CheLengHan 386K 24-04-06 serializing
Emperor of Immortal Desolation Array Volume 1: Driving a long chariot to break through the barbarian sky. Chapter 47: The moon is rising, LaoLvDongLai 372K 24-04-06 serializing
godfather ace Array Text Chapter 64 The potential of scouts YanXiaoLiu 429K 24-04-06 serializing
The otaku mage and his female apprentices Array Dance between Bear and Loli Chapter 4 Magic Elf AoFaZhiHun 1442K 24-04-06 serializing
Incredible Holy Sword Array Volume 2 The Rise of the Crimson Queen Final Chapter Marriage JieJieDeXinNiang 4770K 24-04-05 serializing
doomsday show Array Text Chapter 252 Sad History JinXunZhe 2483K 24-04-04 serializing
Nightmare City Array Volume 2 Nightmare and Reality 563. Battle of Three Armies (4) JiuWeiDeHeiMao 4657K 24-04-03 serializing
Extreme Micro Management Array Volume 001: Biochemical Movie Chapter 462 The Truth YinMoShuang 2539K 24-04-03 serializing
moon pilot Array Text 190. Tao Jiu chases her husband thousands of miles away MeiWeiLuoSongShang 1512K 24-03-29 serializing
Furious combo Array Volume 2: The Matrix·Eve Chapter 616: The Second Victory Deathstate 7487K 24-03-22 serializing
Keeping all humans in captivity Array Volume 1 196, a very ordinary opening PanGuHunDun 2854K 24-03-22 serializing