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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The Thunder Warrior of the Apocalypse Array Text Chapter 1053 Decisive Battle (End) YaoZhu 7789K 24-02-22 serializing
Star Warrior God of War Array The third volume of the new book (Peeping from the Sky) has been uploaded NiLiuShuangYu 1458K 24-02-21 serializing
bioshock Array 222 target appears in the lawless zone XuanChenYu 1536K 24-02-21 serializing
The world has entered the age of the Great Flood Array Chapter 946: The Call of the Ancestor (Third update, additional update for Hummer Han Emperor’s ten SiShenDiaoZhe 8632K 23-10-17 serializing
Start a base Array Chapter 958 Building a Station JiDanChaoDaoXiao 6053K 23-10-10 serializing
Go through the daily life of God of War Array Chapter 841 Finale YouQian 3307K 23-10-10 serializing
I am the only one in the world who knows the story Array Chapter 1071 Shocked by the bad news, the captain was attacked QianCuiBaiLian 34K 23-10-09 serializing
Doomsday: All attribute fragments at the start Array Chapter 358 Bidding for Magnetite DaXiangChouYan 10K 23-10-09 serializing
Fast-travel Goddess Su Zhatian Array Chapter 1098 Origin MaoMaoRu 78K 23-10-09 serializing
The First Veterinarian of the Empire [Interstellar Array Dr. Pei clocked in for the second day NuoNuoFanTuan 6K 23-10-09 serializing
Doomsday Shelter Array Chapter 5130 Take a boat YeYuBeiGuiKe 205K 23-10-09 serializing
The stars are in the sky Array Chapter 1300 Favor AnYuLingZhu 63K 23-10-09 serializing
Psychologist Array Chapter 1367 Check information XiFanXuanFuMao 20K 23-10-09 serializing
Good Luck Array Chapter 903 Influence WoJiaoPaiYunZhang 93K 23-10-09 serializing
After the abyss dragon wakes up Array Chapter 114 SangWo 3K 23-10-09 serializing
Quick Transmigration System: Your sick husband wil Array Chapter 3090 Disfigured Husband 47 MiaoXingRenDeYouYu 256K 23-10-09 serializing
Rebirth of the United States to open the treasure Array Chapter 462 ShenZhiZan 58K 23-10-09 serializing
Gourmet live room [Star] Array Chapter 161 QiLa 22K 23-10-09 serializing
The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Uncanny Valley Array One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (6) LianHeFuRen 6K 23-10-09 serializing
Movie World Private Order Array Chapter 467 Let’s talk about iron blood again ZuoYeDaYu 12K 23-10-09 serializing
Psychic Card Master Array Chapter 772 Killing God?  (3) XueHuaYouZui 59K 23-10-09 serializing
Doomsday Zombie God of War Array Chapter 1069 Temple Guard, Blue Moon CangHaiMoSu 7K 23-10-09 serializing
black  grey Array Chapter 210 HuBanLian 5K 23-10-09 serializing
The Negative Textbook of Love [Quick Travel] Array Demon Sword Tao Yan (12) MengMianZhiYang 10K 23-10-09 serializing
I take this knee! Array 022 JiangShanCangLan 1026K 23-10-09 serializing
My plug-in is called Earth Array Yu Bing NvShenCaiGuoDeDeBan 1317K 23-10-09 serializing
The beginning of the fast time travel is a small w Array Chapter 790 Am I more beautiful today 5 LiangShuangShuang 1886K 23-10-09 serializing
Installing Alpha is marked [Interstellar] Array Chapter 78 QingYe 608K 23-10-09 serializing
from the red moon Array Chapter 797 He took the bride away HeiShanLaoGui 5026K 23-10-08 serializing
After being forced to ascend the throne  I became Array Together forever MoRanShuangHua 500K 23-10-05 serializing