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Sci-fi - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The male god  he is handsome and cracks the sky [Q Array end SangWo 819K 23-10-03 serializing
Devour the stars Array Chapter 1478 Common Enemy (Final Chapter of this Chapter) WoChiXiGongShi 9084K 23-09-26 serializing
The Global Armed Freak of Terror Resurgence Array Chapter 1809 The Soul Boy Saint (Part 2) LaoGuoZaiCi 11405K 23-09-26 serializing
Green tea is a young lady [quick travel] Array fantasy space YouYouXi 770K 23-09-26 serializing
Time and Space Player One Array Chapter 1272: Draw a lot FengShangRen 8032K 23-09-21 serializing
God level villain Array Chapter 1692 Finale 5! YeShanHeiZhu 10192K 23-09-03 serializing
fake hero Array Chapter 751 QiShiErBian 6188K 23-09-03 serializing
Invincible starts from global reincarnation Array Chapter 647 King Kong haunts and crashes YaSuBuFen 4506K 23-09-02 serializing
Evolution Quotient Array Chapter 2692 Duel among the clouds! HuPoNiuKou 16437K 23-09-02 serializing
Stimulated by virtual lovers raising true [system] Array 7.77 YaoMaoErDuo 559K 23-09-01 serializing
The Devil Seed of Doom Comes Array Chapter 105 GongXinWen 838K 23-09-01 serializing
Doom Array Chapter 1429 Doubt XiaoChou 9139K 23-08-29 serializing
Summon a Charmander at the start Array Chapter 1211 The Underground Magic Mountain!  (Down) GeMaLaoZu 7879K 23-08-28 serializing
modern elf master Array Chapter 550: International Elf Battle Base Emergency Meeting NuoBi 3210K 23-08-24 serializing
star queen Array Empress Chapter (20) LuQiJiang 1346K 23-08-24 serializing
Fast Travel: I became a stumbling block for the he Array Chapter 2218 own life FeiJu 6367K 23-08-24 serializing
classmate 200 million years old Array Chapter 89 Touching the scene FengDiuZi 717K 23-08-23 serializing
In order to support my wife  I became the founding Array Chapter 175 QiLiu 1487K 23-08-23 serializing
I have an RV in the last days Array Chapter 11 The Strange Woman KongLianYue 2895K 23-08-23 serializing
The strongest anchor of PlayerUnknown s Battlegrou Array The first thousand and forty-two chapters are completely released ZouDuSheng 6242K 23-08-21 serializing
The natural disaster of farming in the last days Array Extra episode six HuaShuiDeYue 1116K 23-08-21 serializing
Start with the cockroach Array Chapter 566 Mechanical Ascension (1) HuoErGai 5360K 23-08-21 serializing
Doomsday Bastion Array Chapter 523: Spoils of War YiJiaYiDengYuJi 7480K 23-08-21 serializing
Quick Travel Guide: Attack!  cannon fodder Array Chapter 653 Who said that women are not as good as men (33) NaXingJiu 5339K 23-08-19 serializing
Doomsday Evolution Paradise Array Chapter 302: The Conception of the Knights YanTou 10738K 23-08-18 serializing
doom cockroach Array Chapter 2195 centrifugal WeiAnZhangLang 17830K 23-08-17 serializing
My Game Sweeps Across the Universe Array Text The new book has been released! You forced me 1288K 23-08-12 serializing
He Comes from Beyond Array Main Text Chapter 52: The Investigation Begins Ink Sorrow 358K 23-08-12 serializing
The Barbarians Demon-Hunting Daily Life Array Bow down to life Cycling Crutch 1300K 23-08-12 serializing
Reborn in 1999  Unleashing the Era of Black Techno Array Chapter 1092 This is the pattern Red Sugar Fermented Rice 7403K 23-08-12 serializing