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Prose - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
No. 1 Maniac Array Chapter 2371 Is there a scam? SuiYueYongHeng 15156K 23-10-17 serializing
Xuanhuan: So I am the Peerless Martial God Array Chapter 761 The dung beetle in the realm of true immortals FengLingBei 4375K 23-10-17 serializing
The third master loves the baby in the palm Array Chapter 1 Sleeping with Third Master ChiXiaoYu 3000K 23-10-13 serializing
Wishing Glass (Complete Works) Array Chapter 779 The Concubine’s Dispute ASuo 111K 23-10-09 serializing
Apocalypse Daming of the Jagged Dynasty Array Chapter 279 I’ll give you a whole corpse LaoBaYiGang 3699K 23-09-26 serializing
DW cat and mouse game Array Chapter 93 Nameless ChiYaoFuSheng 653K 23-09-07 serializing
heaven above Array Chapter 146 Wedding Night JiangHongChen 1082K 23-09-07 serializing
The ultimate god of evolution Array Chapter 232 WeiYunShuYing 2673K 23-09-07 serializing
My world can t live without you Array Chapter 43 Primitive Communication Techniques DingXieFeng 499K 23-09-07 serializing
Prisoner of Rebirth Array Chapter 39 The Distance of Death YaYi 60K 23-09-07 serializing
Survival Array Chapter Two: Game Rules MoShiLiFei 983K 23-09-07 serializing
beauty crime allure Array 168.  Bloodlines are hard to part with (3) DuanMuSha 1272K 23-09-07 serializing
Tomb Raiders Notes: Emperor Qin s Mausoleum 3 Array Chapter 030 HuanXiangTianDi 669K 23-09-07 serializing
Ghost police Array Chapter 611 Carmine Makeup (2) SunMingYuan 4889K 23-09-07 serializing
Love in the Three Realms - The Choice of the Cat D Array Chapter 208 Chance?  coincide?  (three) LingLongYue 1526K 23-09-07 serializing
Noble Master s Big-name Maid Array Home of Buddhism ShuiJianJian 1564K 23-09-07 serializing
Hidden marriage husband and wife  how good or bad Array 63 Continued: The matter of getting married SanChuan 1895K 23-09-07 serializing
marriage is difficult Array Chapter 098 Fanwai Liu Dong VS Xia Lei He can go in, why can't I JianWen 1698K 23-09-07 serializing
Recommended by the main subject of the novel Array The No. 1 Star Mage by Su Changtian LiuYuLiYu 729K 23-09-05 serializing
with you by my side Array Section 21 Postscript YiLingRan 116K 23-09-04 serializing
coldest love Array end YeChangDianZhiYan 265K 23-09-04 serializing
digging my own grave Array Chapter 32 AnHanQiu 222K 23-09-04 serializing
The prince s  receiving  has no boundaries! Array Chapter 72 LiuXingZhu 483K 23-09-04 serializing
The Devil s Secret Order: The Arrogant President s Array Chapter 98 NiXue 514K 23-09-04 serializing
Unruly President s Arrogant Love: Heart-to-heart Array Chapter 81 HeQingHaiYanQiQi 457K 23-09-04 serializing
The cold-hearted poisonous girl sweeps the world Array Chapter 103 The Ending SaDanMoNv 530K 23-09-04 serializing
love love you Array no content MuRongXiaoFei 84K 23-09-04 serializing
Suzhou please let me fall Array domestic violence TaoDaGongZi 101K 23-09-04 serializing
Chen Xi Chen Yuan Array Chapter 88: Finale (2) LuoYiChen 515K 23-09-04 serializing
despicable doctor Array Chapter 52, Have you eaten yet? BeiMingShenSi 307K 23-09-04 serializing