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Main Text Chapter 39 Uneven Road

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    After Luo Yun came out of the Heishan Chamber of Commerce, he planned to eat a meal first. He hadn't eaten for a day, and his stomach was very empty. This cultivator can only do bigu when he reaches the Sunshine Realm. Of course, he has to eat in this little Kailing Realm  .

    Just now I sold all the extra herbs on my body, and only got a total of more than one hundred gold coins in exchange.  Seeing the wretched smirk on the old man's face, he knew he must be tricked.

    But there is no way, now in the big city of Qiuyang City, unlike Qingfengzhai, you need money for basic necessities, food, housing and transportation, otherwise it will be difficult to move a single step.

    This day, the Tianyang Empire uses gold coins as the currency in circulation. This kind of "gold" doesn't seem to be the same as the "gold" I knew in my previous life. It is lighter and easy to carry. A hundred gold coins also need a small bag.

    Of course, spirit stones are also circulated among cultivators as currency for exchange.

    As the name suggests, this spirit stone is a spirit stone that contains spiritual power. Every time you practice, if you use the spirit stone to assist, it can increase the speed of the practitioner's cultivation.

    But Luo Yun doesn't want spirit stones, because those things are useless to him now.

    The spiritual root was damaged, which caused the spiritual veins to absorb the spiritual energy at a very low speed. The spiritual energy between the sky and the earth was enough for him to absorb, and he didn't need more spiritual stones to assist him.

    "Driveget awayget away" Luo Yun was wandering in the street, thinking whether to eat scallion oil noodles or eat a meat bun, when there was a rush and mindless shout from behind  Voice.

    Luo Yun looked sideways, and saw billowing smoke and dust in the distance, a tall and luxurious carriage was galloping towards it, scaring passers-by on the street to flee in a hurry, and many of them were almost hit.

    This carriage is also the main means of transportation for this big family. Of course, if a cultivator reaches the Tengyuan Realm and finds a magic weapon of his own, it is possible to fly with the sword, and this tool is not needed.

    "Get awayget awaydrive" the horse driver continued to roar, the speed of the carriage did not slow down, and the two wheels turned fast, as if rushing to reincarnate.  I thought it had nothing to do with me and hung upbut

    Luo Yun found that in the middle of the road ahead, a six-year-old child was rushing out to pick up a small glass ball with an innocent face.

    When he picked up the glass ball and stood up, he was frightened silly by the galloping horse.

    Perhaps the driver didn't expect the child to rush out and couldn't react in time, or he didn't even think about braking.

    Seeing it, it was a tragedy.

    Luo Yun didn't have time to think, almost subconsciously, he rushed up in an instant, attacked with all his strength, and punched the horse's head hard at the corner of the eye.

    "Woo" The horse neighed miserably, and the whole body fell to one side of the street, including the people and the car, fell to the ground. The pale-faced child was in a daze, helpless, and didn't know what happened  At this time, it should be the mother of the child. A charming woman in gray linen rushed out nervously, hugged her child, and quickly walked to the side, looking around, at a loss.

    "Ohwhat the hellwhat's going on." There was a painful groan from inside the carriage, and then there was a burst of anger. At this moment, the driving errand rushed over to open the curtain and asked, "My lord,  It's okay."

    "Tell me if it's okay, and if you're saying it's okay, how do you drive." A young man in brocade clothes, with a golden belt around his waist and jade tassels, looks like he has a lot of status.

    The man climbed out of the carriage in a rage, and kicked the groom violently after getting out.

    "Young master, it's none of my business. It was him. He stopped our carriage just now and punched the horse on the head. The carriage lost its balance." The driver pointed to Luo Yun and said.

    "Where did the country bumpkin come from, how dare you stop my car and hurt my horse" Brother Young Master turned around and walked slowly to Luo Yun's side, his eyes fixed on Luo Yun, as if a cobra was about to bite someone.

    "It's me. Just now your carriage was rampaging on the street and almost hit a child, so I had to take action."

    Luo Yun replied lightly, neither humble nor overbearing, and he was not angry at his words. He was wearing a shabby Taoist robe, and he really looked like a country bumpkin.

    And this guy, galloping on the street, is there any reason? If it is placed on the earth, it will already give you a crime of dangerous driving.

    "Hehe, do you know who I am?" The man narrowed his eyes, pointed his nostrils at Luo Yun, and looked dismissively.

    "I don't know who you are, and I don't want to know who you are." Luo Yun continued to answer, with the subtext in his heart: Even if you are the king of heaven, you can't ride a horse to commit murder.

    This person is from Qingcang College, his name is Gabia, and he is also a.

    The whip just now followed like a shadow and was everywhere. It should be the sixth-level cultivation of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

    "Xia Ruoqing, what do you mean by this whip?"

    Gabia looked at the welt marks on his body, and said coldly, Tianhai College and Qingcang College have always been hostile, but Gabia has wishful thinking about Xia Ruoqing, and has pursued him publicly several times, but they were all useless.  Come back with success.

    "It doesn't make any sense. This is my friend. Why did he offend you? You have to do something cruel."

    Xia Ruoqing speaks very arrogantly, doesn't give any face, and can't help exuding a sense of nobility, which is different from the cuteness just now. It seems that this girl can be salty or sweet, and she can also be crazy.

    "He destroyed my carriage, isn't that enough?" Gabia said.

    Xia Ruoqing turned to look at Luo Yun and blinked, meaning to ask what was going on.

    But Luo Yun didn't want to answer.

    "He is saving a child, he is a hero." Someone said.

    Xia Ruoqing also understood, and said to Gabia: "Gabia, he is my friend, how about giving me face."

    "Your friend?" Gabia stared at Luo Yun, and then said again: "I will give you Xia Ruoqing's face today, but Miss Xia must remember, Xiaohu, let's go"

    This Gabia left arrogantly.

    In fact, he still has urgent matters to rush back
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