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Main text Extra episode: Mid-Autumn Festival special chapter (free)

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    Extra stories are supplements to stories that take place outside the main line, and if you don¡¯t read them, it won¡¯t affect your understanding of the main line.

    The time of this side story is one year before the beginning of the text, that is, Qiu Lindong has not yet recognized his big brother, and Zhu Li has not yet applied for the secretary of the general manager of Duobao Company.

    (Note: The chapter that Yang Yan appears in the text is Chapter 36)


    "Chen Kuo!"

    "Call me brother!"

    "Call your sister!"

    "There is something to talk about!"

    "I found a werewolf, no, it's a dog-man to be precise! Come and cast down demons and spirits!"

    "Speak slowly, dog man, what's going on?"

    "I suspect that the husky raised by my neighbor on the third floor is a demon! I have been observing for a long time, and this dog is absolutely abnormal, it must be a demon! And according to my observation, it is getting more and more wrong. Today is the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, and the moon is full.  Yuan, I'm afraid it will change!"

    In the office, Chen Kuo looked at his mobile phone with the expression of an old man in the subway looking at his mobile phone, then sighed and said:

    "Student Yang Yan, I regret that I gave you the knowledge of the 'popular science' demon before, so you can just think I'm fooling you, okay?"

    "Chen Kuo! I'm not kidding, really, that dog is really wrong. You don't know, our little brother on the third floor, let him sit and he will sit, let him face the elevator wall and he will face the wall, let him laugh and he will laugh  , Let it roll and roll, it's not normal at all!" Yang Yan on the other side said with a very sure tone.

    "You can't just say that the dog is a demon just because someone else trained the dog well, Sister Yang, if you really say it like this, every time the border herd is a demon"

    "But this is not a border herd, this is a husky!" Yang Yan emphasized.

    "It is not allowed to find a good husky"

    "I also secretly took a photo, I will send it to you to see, isn't it weird?"

    "No, it looks like a normal dog!"

    "Where is it normal! In short, this dog is full of evil ways, I have seen it smile at me, smile at me, do you know that I have goosebumps when I laugh"

    "It doesn't work to smile at you no matter what, so why should it bark its teeth at you? Did it bark its teeth at you as a smile?"

    "Stop talking nonsense, Auntie, what am I studying, you forgot"

    "You study bears! You don't study dogs!"

    "Bears and dogs are both schizopoda, and they belonged to the same family for tens of millions of years!"

    "Elder Sister, if a puppy smiles at you, you will suspect that the dog is a demon, so find someone to get rid of it. You are a bit petty!"

    "Chen Kuo! I'm better than Xiao! Who do you call Big Sister?"

    "Oh no, you are calling yourself aunt, why are you so anxious for my family to call you elder sister?"

    "Sister is sister, don't be too big, it's mainly our little brother on the third floor, he is handsome and polite, he feels good to others, I'm afraid he will be harmed by that bitch Didn't you say that if a demon takes shape  , need a strong yang energy, do you want to kill many lives?¡±

    "Old sister, if an animal wants to become a monster, and then practice to transform into a shape, that's a one-in-a-million chance. It's very difficult. It doesn't change when it is illuminated by a full moon, and it's not a werewolf.  No, a werewolf turned into a wolf by shining the moon, not a man by shining the moon. In short, according to the records of the Zongmen, since the 20th century, there have been almost no big monsters who have cultivated to transform into human form. Let me say, you  Could it be that you want to use the excuse of asking me to help you subdue the demon, and come to hook up with that little brother? I think you might as well raise a husky and walk the dog with others, it's easier"

    "Walk your head! Just say whether you will come or not!"

    "Not coming."

    "Last time you said that you owed me a favor."

    "No, big sister you really intend to use favors on such absurd things"

    "The favor I won by my ability can be used for whatever I want!"

    "All right, all right, then I'll be there early tomorrow morning."

    "Didn't you listen to me just now? Today is the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month! The night of the full moon! What if it changes today?"

    "Damn, it's changed today, so I'll swallow your little brother in one gulp!"

    "Chen Kuo! Don't ask me for help next time!"

    "Okay, okay, Boss Yang, don't be angry, I'll book a ticket right now, and I should be able to arrive at night."

    After hanging up the phone, Chen Kuo looked at the girl who was sitting on the office and watching the tablet computer, and sighed: "We are on a business trip, and I will ask Aunt Yang to treat us to delicious food tonight, so we must kill her hard."  .¡±

    The Ganfan girl who was concentrating on watching the video suddenly raised her head and looked at Chen Kuo blankly.??, in a field of weeds, I found a different grass.

    That grass has a stronger aura than ordinary grass, and it has gradually gathered spirits.

    It struggled to control itself and approached, begging the spirit body holding the grass.

    But the grass didn't give birth to intelligence, and it didn't know how to devour other spirits, how to occupy their bodies, and for a long time after it produced intelligence, it didn't do anything except look at the scenery.

    It whimpered and cried, and under the spiritual vision world, the tears of the spirit body were taking away its aura, making it dissipate at a faster speed.

    But it can't stop crying, it's sad, it's sad, it's afraid.

    It raised its head and looked at the full moon in the sky with teary eyes.

    Oh, it seems to be August 15th today

    For human beings, today is a day for family reunion.

    But mine I have no family, no home.

    This spherical little demon spirit, which was almost transparent and almost dissipated, felt sorry for itself again.

    Just before its consciousness began to blur and it felt like it was going to disappear completely, it felt itself in a warm embrace.

    It looked around in surprise and turned into a grass

    ah!  I succeeded in sojourning by myself, and I changed the load by myself!

    No, the grass's own spiritual body is still there, and its own spiritual body is next to it, and it has not merged.

    It does not occupy the magpie's nest.

    It is still a guest.

    But it felt very warm, and it looked up at the moon in the sky again, that big disc, so beautiful.

    It has been watched for many years, but I never get tired of watching it.

    I really hope that by this time next year, it can have its own home and stop wandering around.

    ? Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all the book friends the full moon and the members of the family members, all the success in business and prosperity.

    Old book lovers should all know that Hamburg has the habit of writing special episodes during festivals, and this book is no exception.

    Originally, I planned to write a story about Qiu Lindong and several brothers and sisters who sworn brothers and sisters, but I couldn't finish it before 12 o'clock, so I had to save it for the next time.

    In Zhang Shuo, I saw many old book friends of the previous book, and I am very grateful to everyone who can still come to this book to support.

    Of course, I also want to thank all the new readers of this book. Although this book has various problems, as I said before, the driver in Hamburg may have average driving skills and various problems with his car, but  After all, we can guarantee that everyone will be sent to their destination safely.

    ©¤=¡Ô¦²¤Ä??w??¤Äto read
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