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Text Chapter 160 Mysterious Yin Binding Spirits, Cynomorium Binding Gods

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    Han Xiaofei said that she wanted Chen Kuo to accompany her to go shopping, but as soon as she got in the car, she gave Chen Kuo the seat of the villa she rented, sat in the co-pilot, and deliberately pulled up her already short skirt a little  , behaved very impatiently.

    When setting up the navigation for the phone, Chen Kuo conveniently forwarded the location sent by Han Xiaofei to Zhu Li and Li Shiyou.

    After driving for more than half an hour, after seeing the villa area from a distance, Chen Kuo slowed down calmly and began to carefully observe the overall aura of the entire area.

    Since the other party knew to purify Han Xiaofei's spirit, he knew that he had the ability of spiritual vision or strong inspiration. It is normal to pretend to be spiritual at the villa.

    However, the other party obviously underestimated his inspiration. If he didn't know the traces of Jingling, he could still see it, and he would also have doubts.

    Han Xiaofei rented a two-and-a-half-story detached villa, and after Chen Kuo parked the car in the parking space at the entrance, he looked at the building from the car window and asked, "Your house is so big, how many people live there?  "

    "I should invite two aunts who clean and cook later. For the time being, I am alone, so I am quite scared" Han Xiaofei said pitifully, her skirt seemed to be lifted up a little.

    "Brother Chen, let's go in and have a look. The decoration of this house is pretty good." Han Xiaofei said, glanced at Chen Kuo, then opened the door and got off the car first, walked over to open the door with swaying steps, showing her buttocks  Incomparably clear.

    Chen Kuo held the backpack and said, "Let me take a look at your little garden first."

    "Okay, then I'll go in and change clothes first, make a pot of tea and wait for Brother Chen." Han Xiaofei smiled coquettishly, becoming more and more direct.

    This woman claims to be twenty-three, but according to Yang Pingye's previous statement, she is already twenty-eight, and she doesn't know when she was born. Maybe she is older than Chen Kuo, but this "Brother Chen" is called exceptionally  Naturally, the old fritters are old.

    Chen Kuo wandered around the house, and only after he had an idea in his mind, did he enter the building.

    There was no sign of Han Xiaofei on the first floor. Although he could already judge that she was on the second floor through the aura, Chen Kuo still shouted loudly: "Miss Han?"

    "Brother Chen, I'm on the second floor, the tea is ready, come up!"

    Han Xiaofei's voice was soft and soft, with a strong hint, which made the little yellow man in Chen Kuo's heart poke his head.

    Chen Kuo carried his backpack and went all the way to the second floor, then turned left and walked into the first bedroom.

    In the bedroom, Han Xiaofei was wearing a translucent one-piece sexy underwear and a pair of white high socks with suspenders. She lay on her side on the bed and looked at Chen Kuo with a smile.

    "Brother, the tea is ready, come and taste it!" Han Xiaofei said with a smile, and deliberately crossed her legs and rubbed them together.

    Chen Kuo put his backpack by the door and began to take off his coat. After taking off the coat, he began to untie his shirt.

    Han Xiaofei narrowed her eyes slightly, revealing a smug expression, secretly proud of her own charm, which is indeed invincible against such a young man with full blood.

    What else is there to slowly strategy, design speech skills, and create coincidences?  So what's the trouble, it's done with a straight ball, anyway, it's just to trick Chen Kuo into this room and let him take off his clothes.

    too easy.

    Soon, Chen Kuo took off his shirt and his jacket, revealing his strong muscles.

    "Come here, brother~, the tea is almost cold!~" Han Xiaofei saw that Chen Kuo had stripped off his upper body, and continued to seduce with a charming voice.

    However, Chen Kuo sneered and said, "Come out, don't hide."

    After speaking, he raised his hand and wiped his forehead with two fingers: "Sky Eye, open!"

    Under the spiritual vision, a beam of spiritual energy shot out from Chen Kuo's forehead, sweeping around the room.

    The aura on the surrounding walls continued to peel off like a peeling wall, and the black aura underneath couldn't be hidden and was stimulated.

    Immediately afterwards, a group of black creatures jumped out from under Han Xiaofei's huge princess bed.

    Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a black mouse about the size of a small dog!

    And the mouse's forelimbs were also mutated. The connection between the forelimbs and the body was high and swollen, with two large sarcoids. The forelimbs were much thicker than those of a mouse of its size, and they were hairless.  It looks like a human arm.

    More importantly, its two front paws both have five fingers, one more finger than the front paws of normal mice, and the five claws are slender, almost indistinguishable from human hands!

    As soon as the giant rat appeared, it bared its teeth at Chen Kuo with a fierce look in its eyes.

    Under the spiritual vision, its whole body is covered with black aura, and the whole room is filled with aura of the same color.settings.

    Chen Kuo smiled and said, "Good guy, it turned out to be a big rat!"

    "Brother! Why did you come out early" Han Xiaofei obviously didn't have the ability of spiritual vision. She didn't know that earth-shaking changes had taken place in the spiritual vision world just now, and she seemed a little surprised.

    Hearing this address, Chen Kuo couldn't help showing a look of disgust¡ªHan Xiaofei also called him "brother" just now, and he didn't want to be classified with this disgusting big mouse.

    "Since it is about to transform into form, why don't you lie in a rat's nest and practice slowly, and run out at this time"

    Halfway through Chen Kuo's contemptuous speech, he suddenly pulled out his hand in his trouser pocket, and raised it forward, a talisman was activated.


    Chen Kuo didn't recite complicated mantras, just poked his finger directly, and the giant mouse immediately trembled and screamed.

    Under the spiritual vision, the giant mouse was burning red aura flames all over its body, devouring its own black aura.

    The giant mouse let out an ear-piercing barking sound, and the black aura of the whole room immediately pressed down on Chen Kuo, and at the same time helped it extinguish the aura on its body.

    "Mysterious Yin binds spirits! Cynomorium binds gods!"

    The giant mouse spoke again, and it turned out to be a standard Mandarin, but there were some sharp and sharp objects rubbing against each other, which sounded very awkward and weird.

    After it finished shouting, a magic circle was activated outside the villa.

    At the same time, it also rushed towards Chen Kuofei.

    Under the spiritual vision, a large amount of black air is condensing and forming on the villa, ready to merge into a passage leading directly to the room.

    But when the black air formed, a colorless glow burst out from the surrounding flower beds, entangled the black air, and instantly interrupted the condensation of the black air.

    In the room, a giant mouse pounced on it with its mouth wide open, and it looked like it could almost fit a volleyball into it. Two human-like hands also grabbed Chen Kuo.

    Chen Kuo didn't dodge or block, and kicked directly, and kicked the giant mouse's mouth with his big foot.

    "Ah, you, Mabi! Still in God"

    The moment he lifted his foot, the black aura that threatened his whole body under the spiritual vision was instantly blown away.

    And behind him, the spirit body of the mighty general holding a halberd also appeared, looking domineeringly.

    "Brother!" Han Xiaofei saw the giant mouse being kicked flying with its mouth full of blood, exclaimed, and jumped off the bed. She took a stringed silver hand crossbow from the side of the curtain and pointed it at Chen Kuo.

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