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Main Text Chapter 232 Repaying Him with His Way

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    The standard of the first four episodes of "Shushan" is really good, but in the fifth episode, I started to fall in love.

    ? In the original book, the female characters are more brilliant than the male characters. Among the three heroes, only Yan Renying is a male, and there is no sense of existence.  There must be a balance in film and television adaptation, let alone a relationship.

    Ever since, Shangguan Jingwo and Bai Xia Sun Nan directly became the hero, plus Yan Renying, a total of three heroes, corresponding to Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun and Qi Lingyun.

    Yu Yingnan has no partner. Under Tsui Hark's strong request, she is infatuated with Li Yingqiong.

    Seems outrageous, right?

    Hey, in the many adaptations of Shushan, it¡¯s just a small thing. For example, the TV series "Shushan Wars" turned Bai Guyi, one of the two elders of Songshan, into a male protagonist, caught in the love triangle between Yu Yingnan and Qi Lingyun.

    When the audience saw the fifth episode, they felt that something was wrong, and the familiarity of the domestic drama Rolling Thunder and Dog Blood rushed to their faces again!

    Fortunately, there are only 16 episodes in the first season, and there is not much content to pretend to be. At most, there are a few pieces of shit in the cake.  Those who don't like to watch can skip it, the overall experience is still pretty good.

    "Shushan" sang all the way with such a violent attitude. In the plan of the platform, there is at least a two-month promotion period. During these two months, you are only allowed to say you don't like to watch it, and you are not allowed to say you don't want to watch it.

    Huayi, oh, it's now renamed Miracle Huayi, and the trend continues to be good.

    Of course, all this is a feast for the big bosses, and has nothing to do with little people like Lao Wang.

    Lao Wang, an employee of a certain platform who has appeared on the scene once before, is responsible for matching the face with the double, and then sends it to the crew, and by the way pretends to be a big fan to cheat elementary school students of money.

    This is an ordinary working day.

    The sound of typing on the keyboard and voice communication fluctuated in the office. Lao Wang was looking at a document. The face of the newcomer was male, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, dark and fierce, and a rare tough guy style.

    He quickly searched for a suitable role in his mind, and quickly found the role of a prairie prince, and then found a substitute from the substitute library, and passed it on to the crew.


    He stretched his waist, just remembering to go to the toilet, the phone message alert.

    He glanced at it and his face changed. He glanced left and right, very guilty, picked up his mobile phone and slipped into the toilet room, and opened the door.

    "so what have you thought of?"

    "What on earth do you want to do? I don't want to be a spy, if I'm found out, I'll have nothing to eat!"

    "How can you be a spy? We are a normal transaction, you don't think that this item is not sold by others, do you?"

    This is true, Lao Wang already knows several guys who secretly sell materials to takeaways, and there is nothing wrong with them.  Because the competition is too fierce now, it is normal for you to dig my face and I to dig yours.

    But this time the target is a bit special

    "Forget it, I'll add some more, how about 2 million?"

    2 million!

    People have an uncontrollable urge to get rich, Lao Wang was very excited, but he still asked: "I don't understand, people buy face data, why do you buy double data?"

    "We have faces, and we have collected some high-quality resources. But I didn't expect that good substitutes are even more difficult to find than faces. You are too much, even signing long-term contracts for substitutes, not giving us newcomers a way out."


    Lao Wang suddenly sneered, the other party was obviously very confident in the collected faces, and only wanted to dig a substitute.

    too naive!

    The best faces are in the hands of a few big factories. Of course, there are so many Chinese people that it is impossible to monopolize all of them.  But the key depends on the platform. After you finish filming, don¡¯t you still have to broadcast it on our platform?

    Since it is broadcast on our platform, it is back to the old routine: make an appointment!

    Lao Wang naturally wouldn't point it out, he was eager to make some extra money, and said: "2 million is too little, I want 3 million!"

    "Brother, don't be too greedy. If I don't look for you, I can look for someone else."

    After some haggling, the other party said: "Maximum 500,000 more, but I want the most detailed information, including their resumes, ranks, and net worth."

    "No problem, that's what I do!"

    After the two parties finalized, Pharaoh also finished shitting, came out of the toilet humming a little song and returned to his seat, sorting out the materials openly.

    "s+, xxx, resume: "Shushan" Brigitte Lin"

    "s-, xxx, resume: "Shushan" big honey"

    "a+, xxx, resume: "Our Female Village Party Secretary" Tang Yan"


    "This trick is Gusu Murong's unique technique, and he will use his own way to repay him!"

    at home??A Yuan is like a dead house, watching the latest version of "Dragon Babu" on the bed, with all members changing faces.  In today's era, occasionally a few good dramas can be produced. If the casting is right, half of the win will be won first.

    This version of Tianlong is good, such as Tao Huimin playing Kang Min ingeniously.

    In all previous versions, Kang Min was a coquettish bitch who could be seen at a glance, but Tao Huimin had played Lin Daiyu before, she was pitiful, tender and touching.

    When she came to play Kang Min, she was awkward at first, but after thinking about it, she was greatly praised!

    The film crew is also interesting now. With this technology, it is like playing a game, experimenting with different actors for the same role, and never tired of it.

    the other side.

    Zhuang Zhou set the trail leader to manual mode, and when the camera and voice equipment was turned on, he stood in front of the computer, raised his hand, and the trail leader raised his hand; stomped, and the trail chief stomped too.

    Then coquettishly: "Hmph!"

    The person on the screen: "Huh!"


    A Yuan raised his head, showing displeasure on his face: "What are you doing?"

    "No, let me debug it."

    "Do you want to wear women's clothes?"

    "No, how is it possible!"

    He shook his head, filled with righteous indignation, and the trail chief also shook his head, filled with righteous indignation.

    "I've seen you like this a lot! There are many people in our side who only play manual mode and enjoy the pleasure of transsexuality. After a long time, I really think that I am a woman or a man Let me tell you, if you become like that  Just break up!"

    "Thinking too much, I will never be able to wear women's clothes in my life, impossible!"

    Zhuang Zhou was taken aback, and quickly turned off the manual mode, inexplicably understanding "cyber psychosis": when technology develops to a certain level, strange new groups will inevitably emerge.

    The leader of the trail changed back to the smart mode, switched the interface, and suddenly shrunk into a small ball and sat cross-legged in the lower right corner of the screen, with blue smoke rising from his head from time to time.

    He poked a few times with the mouse, the trailhead was itchy, giggled while hiding, then got annoyed again, jumped into the cloud with a wave of his sleeve, and peeked out his head

    "Hey, I can play for a day with just this!"

    This kind of intelligent mode can really carry out various interactions and even chat, unlike Rising's little lion who just sleeps soundly.

    Zhuang Zhou played for a while, and A Yuan's death stare came from behind him. He quickly opened the webpage and checked the situation of "Shushan" first, and it was still in full swing.

    He estimated the progress of the plot. Around the tenth episode, Li Yingqiong will take the Ziying Sword, that is, next week.

    "It just so happened that I was given a week's free time"

    Zhuang Zhou smiled, and called up a video, which was not long, only about ten minutes, and the content was Li Yingqiong taking the Ziying Sword!

    He didn't have the idea of ??doing a complete "Shu Mountain" to fight in the ring, it was tiring and time-consuming, so he just made a plot and threw it out-no other meaning, just Chi Guoguo's fun.

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