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Text Chapter 126: Netflix

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    In the 1990s, the name of radio and television was the Ministry of Radio and Television.

    Later, it became ****, and then the news publication was included, and it became the news publication ****.  Later, in 2018, the press, publishing and film were separated and managed by the Ministry of Truth.

    Now radio and television, only radio and television and Internet audio-visual.

    The movie is the most important thing, this one hurts the muscles and bones!

    2018 happened to be the stage when domestic films achieved box office blowouts of 2 billion, 3 billion, and 4 billion single films.

    Even though there are some good dramas such as "The Hidden Corner" and "The Age of Awakening", the results are not intuitive, unlike the movie box office, which is 5 billion!  I heard that Bel has face, and there is no major breakthrough in genre.

    But now it's different, "Red Tide" came out unprepared, a single seedling, hey, it's actually a sci-fi drama, can you believe it?

    So the relevant departments, just like the film bureau held seminars for "The Wandering Earth" back then, hurriedly organized a seminar for "Red Tide".

    Zhuang Zhou didn't go, and sent Lao Mo, Dai Han, and Lu Ke to come forward.

    The three of them were stunned and honored to participate, thinking it was a good thing, but when they arrived, they found that the specifications of the guests were quite high: there were officials from the General Administration, university professors, science fiction writers, and directors.

    The theme is to discuss the ideological characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of "Red Tide".

    Then it's embarrassing, like you got 90 points in the test, your parents found a family of relatives, and together they studied what the child did well and what shortcomings What's more, you have to speak up yourself!

    After all, Lao Mo is a chicken thief, so he temporarily shortened the long speech he had prepared to a total of fifteen minutes for three people, and left the rest of the time to the experts.

    So they sat there all morning like fools.

    Listen to this about cultural self-confidence, listen to that about perseverance, and finally promote the core values Yes, they are all right!  The theoretical summary is also very important, but it is awkward and boring.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't go.


    Capital, coffee shop.

    In March and April in the north, it was warm and cold, Zhuang Zhou dressed like a sophisticated successful person, ordered a cup of black coffee, and waited quietly.

    Not long after, a man came in from outside the door, male, in his thirties, with a Chinese face, but with an aura of "you can tell that you have lived abroad for a long time".

    "Mr. Zhuang?"

    "Well, hello, Mr. Sun."

    The person here is Sun Maoxian, the representative of Netflix China.

    ?It sounds bluffing, but it is actually an expatriate employee of Netflix, who is responsible for collecting data on mainland film and television dramas and negotiating the purchase of films.

    As early as 2015, Netflix was preparing to enter the mainland market, but was blocked by policies: First, China prohibited overseas companies from operating media business in the mainland, and had to cooperate with local companies.

    The second is that there is no classification in the mainland, and many of Netflix's works contain elements such as blood, horror, pornography, and homosexuality. It is bound to cut a large number of them, and the audience will be very dissatisfied.

    Therefore, while Netflix is ??negotiating with the department, it is adopting roundabout tactics.

    In 2017, it cooperated with Qiyi to exchange resources and exchanged more than 30 Chinese films.  Then bypass Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan viewers can watch Netflix.

    ?Launched the first original Chinese drama "Sin Dreamer", but it was unacceptable and the reputation was not good.

    Following that, three Chinese-language dramas were launched, "The Daughter of Heaven", "Marriage from the Other Shore", and "Who Is the Victim", and only the last one had a good reputation.

    Here's Netflix's strategy:

    Every time a new market is developed, a lot of money is spent, and big names are invited to cooperate with the local team to quickly localize in order to attract local audiences to recharge members.

    For example, when developing the South Korean market, he filmed more than a dozen dramas such as "Lee Corpse Joseon" and "Vagabond".

    Koreans kneel and lick!

    ?Because the Korean wave can no longer enter China, and I am introverted, I urgently need to find an exit, let alone the platform of American Dad.

    Netflix also attaches great importance to it, turning them into shapes that Western audiences like, such as science fiction, fantasy, cursing chaebols, and fighting against the rich and powerful, which is just what people all over the world need.

    So there was "Asda Chronicle", starring Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun, talking about the power struggle among human tribes.

    Another example is "Eternal Monarch", which sets a parallel world. The GDP of the Korean Empire is the fourth in the world. There is a war between Japan and South Korea, and the king of South Korea goes out in person!

    Just look at this prospect, you don't even have the guts to be obsessive, and you are the fourth in the world

    In short, Netflix has longed for the mainland market. If the restrictions are lifted, it will dare to spend more than one billion US dollars to gather all the popular stars.??Come to film.

    It's a pity that there is no such thing as Netflix's strategy for developing Chinese-language dramas is relatively conservative, and it still focuses on buying movies.

    Having said that, Sun Maoxian studied abroad very early and became an American citizen, which belongs to export to domestic sales.  "Red Tide" is so popular, he naturally pays attention to it, and has the intention to buy it.

    The two chatted for a while, and Zhuang Zhou asked directly: "You have always bought the overseas network copyright of Chinese dramas at the price of cabbage. How much do you offer for "Red Tide"?"

    "Mr. Zhuang speaks quickly, I like the way I chat with you."

    Sun Maoxian was also very straightforward, saying: "Our purchase price for Chinese dramas is indeed not high, but "Red Tide" is different. Its special effects are superb, and the headquarters and I are very surprised Our quotation is 70,000 yuan per episode.  .¡±



    Seeing Zhuang Zhou smiling, he said again: "Mr. Zhuang, we are already very sincere."

    A single episode is 70,000 US dollars, and 10 episodes are 700,000 US dollars, which is more than 4 million yuan.  And Netflix spends more than 10 billion U.S. dollars on content every year!


    Zhuang Zhou was noncommittal, stirred the coffee, and said: "As far as I know, you have only accumulated more than 40 million members since you entered Asia in 2015.

    Japan, South Korea, and India are the three most important markets for you.

    You have launched large-scale production dramas that are in line with local conditions according to local conditions. The market segment is good, but with all due respect, the pattern is small.  "

    "What's the meaning?"

    "East Asia and Southeast Asia have many similar cultural characteristics. As long as you find the right g-point, you don't need to calculate carefully. You can win all the dramas in one playexcept for Japan, which is a country with a secondary school.

    In other words, although you cannot enter the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other places, including overseas Chinese, still have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of audiences for Chinese films.

    You are currently cooperating with Taiwan and looking for the so-called local luxury lineups of Zhang Xiaoquan and Jia Jingwen. The thinking is correct, but it is a bit narrow.  "

    "What exactly do you want to say?" Sun Maocai frowned.

    "I'm filming a drama, and you pre-order it, how about it?"


    Sun Maocai fell silent.

    The other party's meaning is clear: You can't enter the mainland, but I can provide content, put it on your platform, and target those audiences of Chinese-language films, and even the entire East and Southeast Asia.

    Even the West!

    "For example? What genre do you want to shoot?"

    "Just like the tricks you did in South Korea, science fiction, fantasy, power struggles, chaebols, this is just what people all over the world need!"

    Zhuang Zhou took a sip of his coffee, slightly bitter and sweet.

    Export it!

    "Red Tide" has just begun!

    (and) </div&gt
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