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Text Chapter 143 Oh my God!  Traffic has acting skills 1

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    Yang Tianbao tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

    The air conditioner is turned on and off, turned off and on again, drinking water, going to the toilet, and playing with mobile phones back and forth, anyway, it is uncomfortable-a kind of psychological discomfort.

    She has been thinking about Zhuang Zhou's proposal for the past few days: either a five-year contract, or an investment of 200 to 300 million yuan.

    The contract is okay, she trusts the other party more now, 200-300 million is like a joke.  But she has been pondering carefully recently, the possibility of the appreciation of the technology mentioned by the other party is really great.

    Zhuang Zhou told himself in advance that it was tantamount to letting himself occupy a nest first, so as not to be unable to grab it later.

    But how to operate, I have not made up my mind.  I wanted to discuss with the other party again, but in the end, the person disappeared, and it was said that it was a late retreat, and the WeChat was also vague.

    Close it up!

    Yang Tianbao tossed and turned like this, and looked at the time again, it was morning, and then the phone rang, and it was Zhang Jiazhen.


    She has no confidence in the mainland, and is supported by Hong Kong capital. She has a fearful and flattering attitude towards Zhang Jiazhen, and quickly goes through the words in her mind before pressing the answer button.

    Sure enough, the other party asked about Zhuang Zhou.

    "He talked to me, a little aggrieved and complained, saying that none of you cared about his most valuable thing."

    "Oh? What is the most valuable thing?"


    Yang Tianbao paused, and said: "He said that 13 dramas have used this AI technology, and 9 dramas will be released soon. Please take a look, how much is this technology worth?"


    Zhang Jiazhen was silent for a moment, and said: "Can I understand that he wants us to value his skills and then re-create the gameplay?"

    "Uh, it should be. Zhuang Zhou is now in retreat for the post-processing of "The Black Tide", and I can't find anyone."

    "Okay, I understand, let's do this first."

    Zhang Jiazhen died, Yang Tianbao let out a sigh of relief, and continued to struggle.


    Jiang Chuan hasn't been doing well recently.

    After the broadcast of "The Overwhelming World", it has indeed enjoyed a long period of dividends, and its social status has further improved, and endorsements have been softened.  But all of this, with the broadcast of another drama, almost returned to its original shape.

    This movie was filmed last year, and it didn't use AI to change faces, because at that time "The Overwhelming World" hadn't been broadcast yet, so no one knew what would happen.

    When he anxiously found the Age of Miracles and wanted to change his face, he only got a three-word answer: Go in line!

    It's not easy to add money!

    There is no way, he has several plays in his hand, and he can't suppress them all, so with a bit of luck, the new play is launched.

    There was a lot of scolding!

    "The first drama became a fan, and this drama became a fan. I hope the next drama will not let me become a black fan!"

    "Why is Jiang Chuan's acting skills faintly visible? The two characters have similar styles, right?"

    "I've said long ago that Director Zhao taught "The Overwhelming World" well. Take a look, isn't it showing its true colors?"

    "He didn't have any acting skills in the first place, it all depends on the fans to close their eyes and brag!"

    The drama is bad, the acting is not good, and the word of mouth plummets.

    It's fine if you get sprayed all the time, but you've already enjoyed the bonus, it's hard to go from extravagance to frugality!  What's even more frightening is that his other play didn't make the cut this year and has to wait until next year.

    The manager is also worried: "I have communicated many times, and I always talk about queuing up. If you don't line up now, the seat will be given to someone else, and your show will not be broadcast next year, unless you don't change your face."

    "How can I do that? Think about it, I'm already in line for next year, how many people have to be in front of me. If they all change, if I don't change, it will definitely be on my head!"

    "Tsk, this is not quite right, how can a small broken company decide whether we can broadcast it or not?"

    After thinking about it, the agent called Jiang Chuan's financial backer, a certain big boss.


    Bai Yilin was born in the draft.

    Being born in the draft means that there are many people who debuted in the same period.

    He is very popular, handsome, good at dancing, but not good at acting, but luckily he found a benefactor and was very generous to him.  Resources are not big cakes, but they have not been cut off.

    Last year, I took over the play "The General's Little Cook", and I thought I would get it done by just messing around.  Unexpectedly, the funder found a special effects company and said it was an AI face change.


    Bai Yilin admired the vision and decisiveness of the sponsor so much that this drama can be scheduled for the summer instead of next year.

    I heard that one of Jiang Chuan's plays will be scheduled for next year.

    I heard that Jiang Chuan's new play has not changedThe face was sprayed miserably.

    These days, idols that are not very popular are consumables, and there are a lot of newcomers crowded behind, who can be replaced anytime, anywhere.  And the idol at the waist is desperately climbing up, eager to stand on the top.

    That is to say, the top class!

    Bai Yilin was jealous and laughed at Jiang Chuan, while looking forward to the effect of this drama and working harder for his career.


    In front of the computer.

    There is nothing to love about a girl.

    A new ancient puppet drama (not face-changing) was broadcast, and I came to watch it with the professionalism of the up master. After watching two episodes, the material for complaints is enough. The key is disgusting!

    She shook her head and sighed, thinking about how to cut into the angle to make a video, and happened to catch a few comments from fans:

    "I think the length is okay!"

    "If you say you're ugly, you don't even look in the mirror, what virtue do you have?"

    "To put it bluntly, without my brother, the entertainment industry will go back at least twenty years!"


    Yamei was refreshed and keenly caught the key words.

    In an instant, she was inspired again like a spring, and she finished a new video cracklingly: "The world is suffering from ancient and ugly men for a long time, and the entertainment industry has gone back 20 years?"  And this good thing!  "

    "As we all know, puppet shows are a pleasure to watch.

    Once upon a time, I never worried about the masculine appearance in puppet shows, but only picked and picked the female characters who bore the title of the most beautiful woman in the world.

    But I don't know when, the position is reversed.

    The female characters in the puppet show are all beautiful and beautiful, but the male protagonists seem to be randomly pulled from the street.

    The male artist who can be called but can't be named plops into the big pool of ancient puppets, regardless of whether his face is worthy of the title of "the most beautiful man in the world".

    As the saying goes, one generation is no better than one generation, and the skin can compete with the city wall.

    For example, "Jun Jiuling", the male protagonist of the living Avatar's Sanxingdui bronze portrait comparison version!

    For example, "Long Xiangshou", Jia Baoyu from "The Brothel and Liaozhai" who became the alpaca prince!

    You have let Yang Youning play Qiao Feng, and you are talking about a hero who is world-class, a tough man with tenderness, baring his big white teeth, and a crazy smile is over!



    It's ugly and rotten!

    And the inspiration for this video comes from a fan's comment: The entertainment industry has gone back at least 20 years!

    Hey, as a senior drama fan who has read all the handsome Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American guys in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, I have to talk about it.

    Friends, what was the heroine of the previous film and television dramas like?  "

    At the end of the video, Yamei put a mixed cut of a character:

    Zheng Shaoqiu's Chu Liuxiang, Miao Qiaowei's Yang Kang, He Jiajin's Zhan Zhao, Jiao Enjun's Li Xunhuan, Zhong Hanliang's Gu Xichao, Yan Kuan's Li Jiancheng, Qiao Zhenyu's Ouyang Mingri, Zhang Zhiyao's Huamanlou

    The video passed, and netizens voted immediately:

    "I want to complain a long time ago!"

    "Once a day, there is nothing to love in life!"

    "Thanks to all of you, the plot of the characters who are already not good at all is even worse."

    "The four beauties at the end of the world, yyds!"

    At the same time, another private message reminded: "My sister, let's talk about "The General's Little Cook". It just started broadcasting, and I watched it okay. It has good looks and acting skills."

    Yamei quickly flipped through.

    The male protagonist is called Bai Yilin, and the female protagonist is named Yu Tongtong, both of whom were drafted.

    She had some impressions, and because of the impressions, she didn't have any expectations for acting skills, so she clicked on the show.

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