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Text Chapter 155: Preheating

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    The cooperation between Zhuang Zhou and Netflix is ??not listed for the time being.

    Just talking about this 12 million US dollars, after signing the agreement, he immediately bought the hot search:


    #Chinese Film Overseas Price Breaks Record#


    For the export of Chinese dramas, Pang Di's "Long Song Xing" is the record holder, sold in more than ten countries, with a total of 6-7 million US dollars.  Why is it an approximate number?

    ?Because the film studio did not disclose the exact figures themselves, it was vague, even inconsistent, anyway, I sold it at a high price!

    As soon as this hot search came out, the fans of "Long Song Xing" stopped doing it and shouted everywhere:

    "Show some face! The two films are worth 12 million yuan. Where is the record?"

    Immediately afterwards, fans of "Red Tide" retorted:

    "Your family's 49 episodes are only sold for a little. We only have a total of more than 100 minutes. You should show some face!"

    Just when they were about to quarrel, Jiaxing Company came forward and directly suppressed the fans, don't shout!  Don't even look at who's on the other side, that's the new dad!

    "Red Tide" is something that happened at the beginning of the year, and the enthusiasm is still there. After such a tease, the attention has risen again.

    Zhuang Zhou released another trailer, announcing that "The Black Tide" will be launched simultaneously on Goose Factory and Netflix.  Netizens saw the God-like Yang Tianbao inside, their three views collapsed, and the world was spinning!

    "Fuck, this world has become a fantasy, Yang Tianbao has acting skills!"

    "At first I refused, the big baby was the most annoying thing for me, but after watching the trailer, I have to admit that I was shaken!"

    "This company is so awesome that even Yang Tianbao can train it!"

    "Have you noticed that the acting skills of all the staff have blown out this year?"

    The first trailer focuses on the big baby; the second one showcases Lu Ke; the third one shows various supporting roles, especially the third one

    Yamei is naturally a die-hard fan of "Red Tide", and she also pays attention to "Kuroshio".

    Everything is in line with the audience's expectations, except for Yang Tianbao, but now it seems that some strange changes are about to take place.  This kind of thinking reached its peak when she watched the third trailer.

    Shang Tielong, Li Naiwen, Qin Pei, Tang Yingying, He Saisai and others appeared one by one, and the last one was Li Qihong.

    When it was announced that she would play, there was still a little discussion.

    Yamei thought that she would see an old Obasan, just like the female stars who have aged for many years, playing someone's mother and grandmother, which is very embarrassing.

    As a result, Yamei saw a slender figure with a slender back, twisting her waist rhythmically in a slightly jazz-style dance music.

    She turned her head, with a round face, without the slightest temperament of an online celebrity female star that is now produced on the assembly line.

    Then she laughed, as if the flowers were in bloom.


    Yamei almost fell off the chair, got up in a hurry, and replayed the footage of these few seconds eight hundred times.

    Li Qihong!

    Li Qihong when she was young!

    She trembled, and hurriedly searched the entire Internet, but did not find any similar videos, that is to say, this footage is new!

    "This, this, this, it doesn't make sense!"

    Yamei was a little crazy, she managed to calm herself down, and immediately made a video.

    Similarly, those up owners and netizens who followed "The Kuroshio" also saw this scene, and it was overwhelming for a while:

    "It's little Guo Xiang, right? It must be little Guo Xiang, I won't admit my mistake even with my eyes closed, it's not a fake!"

    "It's unscientific, how did this come about?"

    "Maybe it's a previous video?"

    "No, no, no, I searched all over the Internet and found nothing. It should be special effects or other technologies."

    There is @¹Ù²©: "Get out and explain, everyone is going crazy!"

    It doesn't matter whether it is true or not, I am very excited when I see the goddess: "Ah, my youth is back!"

    Netflix also released its own unique style of trailer, with a dignified soundtrack, cryptic editing, and large-scale images This is the hallmark of Netflix, and they will turn any work into a suspense film.

    Hong Kong and Taiwan can see it, but there are relatively few members. On the contrary, it is the popularity of the mainland. It was quoted by the Hong Kong media, and it was accompanied by the usual disgusting entertainment title:

    "The red lips and electric eyes reappear the tenderness of the past, and the young girl is rejuvenated!"

    "Biological technology is suspected of harming the body, Li Qihong is a test product!"

    There is a lot of buzz on the Internet.

      What's weird is that none of the people in the industry or those who claim to be authoritative came forward to explain, as if they were silently observing everyone's reactions.


    In the original "Red Tide", Goose Factory and Qiyi also organized a sci-fi themed season.

    No need now, "The Kuroshio" has been crushing all the way, including TV dramas on satellite TV and blockbuster movies in theaters. It is unrivaled in popularity.

    All parties have already flirted with Zhuang Zhou. If the performance of this drama is satisfactory, it will be icing on the cake, and it will increase confidence in the future cooperation and development.

    As the launch time approached, Zhuang Zhou also returned to the capital.

    In the evening, the clubhouse.

    Zhuang Zhou came many times, and he was familiar with the doorman, so he wandered in and fixed the private room.  There are two people sitting inside, one is Yang Tianbao, the other is very familiar but has never dealt with them, big honey!

    She wears a bare-legged artifact in her daily casual clothes, which are stockings similar to leggings. The color of her skin is very close, as if two legs are exposed, so it is called the bare-legged artifact.

    The top is casual, wearing a jacket, without deliberately highlighting the stalwart headlights.

    Zhuang Zhou glanced politely, said something, and he won the game in terms of stature.

    Yang Tianbao brought her here because he was obviously reluctant, and started acting as soon as he came up, looking like he was abandoned by a scumbag: "We haven't seen each other for so long, you don't even make a phone call, and you don't even care about WeChat, what do you want?"  how?"


    Zhuang Zhou rolled his eyes.


    Da Mimi rolled her eyes.

    "Do you know, I'm so nervous right now, Kong Luoluo can't even sleep well"

    "Okay, okay, don't pretend! I'll just meet up. As for that?"

    Da Mimi interrupted impatiently, and stretched out her hand: "I have known your name for a long time, and I asked her to bring me here because I wanted to meet you. Didn't you cause trouble?"

    "Not yet."

    "That's good. It's not easy to meet you. I've been waiting for months."

    Da Mimi also has social skills, but there are differences in the details. Yang Tianbao is Kecha Kebitch, she is Kecha Kebitch, plus the little sister of the capital.

    If you say call your mobile phone, call your mobile phone!

    "Actually, it's not a big deal. You are a big celebrity now. I would like to ask you to take care of me. I will give you more pointers in the future if I don't understand."

    "It's easy to say"

    The three sat down, and Zhuang Zhou sat on one side.

    Mi Mi was generous and looked at him unabashedly. Yang Tianbao was actually very nervous, for fear that he would be snatched away.  After all, the two of them are plastic girlfriends, and they know each other well.


    Zhuang Zhou coughed twice, and felt a little depressed: Could it be that there are three large characters on my head, "Jian Pan Xia"?  Why do divorced people with children come to me?

    But think about it, forget it, my purpose is not pure, first to tease the big baby.
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