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Text Volume The new book "The Joyful Man from Blue Star" will be on the shelves

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    Unlike the previous book, this time you can create your own world structure.

    There is no need to worry so much.

    There is no problem of lack of historical knowledge.

    It is more comfortable to write.

    At the same time, this book is also the spiritual continuation of "Noble Arms".

    There are some settings of "Noble Arms" in it.

    But the two books are not the same world.

    This is a whole new story, a whole new world.

    The most similar thing is that Hardy, like Beta, is the heir of Jian'an's strength of character.

    Ah, may there be only one Cao thief in this world.

    I hope that book friends will support you a lot.

    "This Northern Song Dynasty is a bit weird" new book "The Joyful Man from Blue Star" will be on the shelves

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    ¡¶<b>This Northern Song Dynasty is a bit weird</b>?
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