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Chapter 615 Is she cute?

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    Pei Minzhi pretended to think deeply for a moment, then rubbed the little girl's head with a smile and sighed:

    "Yes, he is dead."

    The little girl¡¯s big black and clear eyes were widened, and her mouth was slightly open, as if she didn¡¯t expect that she had guessed it.

    She looked at Pei Xiubai, who had a pale and delicate face on the seat, and then looked at Pei Mingzhi, who smiled politely like a gentleman and looked very trustworthy.

    Xiao Naoyin said anxiously and frightenedly, "Then, uncle beauty, when will Brother Xiubai come back to life?"

    Pei Mingzhi: ""

    The little girl was really anxious.

    If Brother Xiubai dies, what will Dad do?

    The male protagonist¡¯s uncle will kill his father!

    Although she rarely sees the male protagonist¡¯s uncle recently, her father seems to rarely contact the male protagonist¡¯s uncle.

    But the male protagonist's uncle is definitely not dead yet. It is said in the novel that the male protagonist's uncle will not die until Brother Xiubai has grown very big, which seems to be when Brother Xiubai is seventeen or eighteen years old.  He was killed by Brother Xiubai!

    But now that the male protagonist¡¯s uncle is not dead, why did Brother Xiubai die first?

    Pei Mingzhi was a little surprised when he saw that she was about to burst into tears after hearing that Pei Xiubai was dead. He rarely restrained his joking smile.

    He glanced meaningfully at the expressionless Lu Junhan over there, pinched the little girl's plump and tender cheeks with his slender fingers, and said with a smile:

    "Baby, do you like your brother Xiubai so much?"

    The little girl¡¯s eyes were red, and she nodded heavily with a sob, ¡°Yes.¡±

    If Brother Xiubai dies, who will save her father?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Her poor father!

    "He's not dead,"

    Lu Junhan put his luggage away and could no longer stand her silly look. He carried the little girl to the seat in front of Pei Ming with a very ugly expression and said in a cold voice:

    "Sit down for me."

    The little girl believed her father¡¯s words the most. When she heard these words, her eyes suddenly became bulging.

    She got up on her seat with a "swish", and stared angrily at Pei Minzhi, who was sitting behind her, as if asking him why he lied to her, he is such a big liar!

    Pei Minzhi looked at her angry look as if she was about to fight, so he stopped teasing her, spread his hands, and smiled lowly:

    "Yes, your brother Xiubai is not dead. It was your uncle who deliberately lied to you just now. Our Lili is so cute, so please forgive your uncle this time, okay?"

    Pei Xiubai and Pei Mingzhi look very similar. Pei Xiubai has not fully grown yet, but his appearance is almost ghostly. The little girl can't help but swallow her saliva after just one look.

    What¡¯s more, Pei Mingzhi¡¯s personal charm has reached its peak now, he is mature and steady, and his every move exudes a bewitching aura.

    The corners of his petal-like red mouth are slightly upward, and his clear and gentle voice, coupled with his beautiful appearance that is as dazzling as the sun, is so captivating that it can make people unable to take their eyes away for a long time.

    The little girl looked at her, her plump and fair little face was already quite red, and when she heard him compliment her on how cute she was, she suddenly acted like a little nympho, her little face was flushed, she was holding her little fingers and lowering her head.  , nodded shyly.

    It means that she forgives him.

    Lu Junhan: ""

    When Pei Mingzhi saw this, he smiled and said, "Your brother Xiubai is not dead, he just fainted."

    The little girl¡¯s dark eyes widened, and her little hands tightly pulled the back of the seat: ¡°Have you fainted?¡±


    Pei Minzhi looked at her beautiful and confused little face, smiled and said without any psychological pressure:

    "Because someone wants your brother Xiubai to meet a very cute little girl, but your brother Xiubai doesn't want to, and he doesn't want to go home with his father, and he wants to kill her"

    Facing the little girl's clear and clean eyes, Pei Mingzhi paused and changed his tone: "Hit his father, so he accidentally fainted"

    The little girl¡¯s eyes widened even more.

    Will hitting daddy make him faint?

    But why wouldn¡¯t she?

    Oh, it seems that she has never hit her father. It seems that she has only stepped on her father, kicked her father, and kicked her father. She has never hit her father with her hands at all

    Thinking of this, the little girl let out a long sigh of relief.

    so far so good.

    "Oh, by the way," Pei Mingzhi looked at the little girl and smiled as if he had remembered something.Mi Mi said: "That very cute little girl is just as cute as you, Li Li."

    The little girl had no reaction yet, but when Lu Junhan, who had put away his luggage, heard this, he narrowed his dark and deep eyes dangerously, and his cold and chilly eyes fell on Pei Mingzhi's face like a sharp blade.

    Pei Mingzhi saw that the hint was enough, he withdrew his gaze with a smile, looked out the window, and said no more.

    On the contrary, the little girl looked at Pei Xiubai's sleepy face and frowned in distress.

    A little girl as cute as her?

    ¡°Then why didn¡¯t Brother Xiubai come directly to see her?

    She is also very cute.

    Seeing her father coming over and sitting next to her, the little girl couldn't hold it back. Her little body leaned over, her fair and tender face was crooked, and she asked Lu Junhan in a very serious voice:

    "Dad, do you think I'm cute?"

    The man with an indifferent face put down the financial magazine in his hand, glanced at her lightly, then looked away, and said coldly and casually:

    "do not think so."

    The little girl was not discouraged and said with a serious face: "Dad, I really want to cry now."

    Lu Junhan: "I think."

    The little girl was now satisfied. She hugged the quilt given by the stewardess and happily returned to her seat.

    Lu Junhan: ""



    When it comes to whether you are cute or not, your IQ immediately comes to the fore.


    Two and a half hours later, the plane landed at the largest airport in Beijing on time.

    Pei Mingzhi dragged down Pei Xiubai, who was still unconscious, and threw him to the bodyguards in black who came to pick him up. Then he smiled and invited Lu Junhan and the others to sit at Pei's house.

    Lu Junhan ignored her and dragged the reluctant little girl to the special car specially sent by Mr. Shen to pick her up, and went directly to Mu's house in the capital.

    It was obvious that he planned to make a quick decision and return to Haicheng as soon as possible after meeting with the three hall masters.

    At this time, the Mu family was very busy.

    It would be an understatement to say it was overcrowded.

    From time to time, servants would come in in a hurry, calling out who was from the capital, and who was from a certain family, saying that they also wanted to visit Mr. Shen.

    Mr. Shen was sitting in the living room, his face almost turning green!

    These dogs, I have never seen them so "filial" in ordinary times. They came to visit his old man. On the contrary, today was the day when Lu Li met the three hall masters. They seemed to have made an appointment. There was a large group of people.  He didn't even say hello, he just came to the door!

    Are you trying to mess up this meeting date?

    He remembered the text message Lu Junhan sent him before, saying that he wanted to give him a big gift. At that time, he didn't take it seriously. Now

    Mr. Shen: ""

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