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Volume 1: The End of Humanity Chapter 29: Inexplicable Difficulties

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    Since the Dark Portal descended on the center of Haicheng City, a continuous stream of dark creatures came to the world from the abyss. Millions of people in Haicheng were hunted by these monsters. The survivors hiding in Haicheng were found one by one by the monsters.  The people killed many monsters to strengthen their strength, but in the end they inevitably fell under the continuous attacks of monsters.

    Haicheng has become the capital of demons. Groups of monsters can also be seen wandering around on the highway not far from Haicheng. The highway that used to be often blocked is now deserted and filled with cars.  The wreckage, and a wild dog and cat the size of a calf with red eyes.

    Li Tong sat on a carriage at the front of the crowd. Huang Meng took the lead and led his soldiers to clear the way ahead. Wild dogs and night cats the size of calves fell to the ground and died under his hands. After practicing the iron cloth shirt, Huang Meng's  The defense is very strong. It can rush into the monsters and kill them like a killing machine.

    "Brother! Haven't we arrived yet? We've been walking for more than a day!" Li Wei jumped to Li Tong's side, with a hint of tiredness on her face. She had not been idle for more than a day, continuously  Casting the magic of summoning the water element severely depleted her mental power, and using life crystals to replenish her mental power could not eliminate the fatigue deep inside her.

    "We've walked more than half the distance, and we'll be there in a few hours! If you're tired, just take a good rest here!" Li Tong straightened out the messy hair on Li Wei's face, and Li Wei said,  Then he leaned on Li Tong and fell into a deep sleep after a while.

    A few hours later, there was a burst of cheers from the soldiers opening the road ahead, and the Shanyang County base had arrived.

    The base of Shanyang County is also built with a seven to eight-foot city wall. A five- to six-meter-wide moat is dug in front of the city wall. An ancient crossbow developed by the Academy of Military Science is also placed on the city wall, which can be said to be tightly defended.

    Wang Zhengyuan sent someone to notify the Shanyang County Base before setting off. Seeing so many people arriving, the Shanyang County Base also sent personnel to receive them.

    "You guys wait here first, and follow me to your station later!" An airy-looking officer wearing a crooked military uniform came over and greeted Li Tong, and then saw Qin Yao and Li Tong behind him.  Concubine Zhao Yu's eyes lit up, revealing a hint of lust.

    Li Tong frowned and saw that most of the officers who received them looked like this and had no military temperament at all.

    After arriving at the base in Shanyang County, the 170,000 to 80,000 survivors were slowly inspected and entered the city under the organization of Shanyang County officials. During this process, several female screams were heard from time to time. Obviously, those inspections  The staff's hands and feet are not clean.

    After Wang Zhengyuan arrived at the base, he led a few guards into the city. The 10,000 soldiers left behind were led by Li Tong.

    Half an hour later, the officer from before appeared in front of Li Tong again, "Follow me! Your station is on the east side of the base! Hehehehe! That's a good place!" After a while, Li Tong  The others arrived at the place where they were stationed.

    "What the hell is this place! Is this our station?" Huang Meng saw rows of shacks appearing in front of him. He couldn't help but feel angry, grabbed the officer leading the way, and shouted loudly.

    The east side of the base in Shanyang County is only separated from the slums by a wall and is very dirty.

    "Let me go!" The officer's face turned red. After being grabbed by Huang Meng, a powerful force came from him, which almost crushed his shoulder. The pain made him shout hastily, "Where is your station? I'm not the only one."  A little officer can decide, why are you arresting me?"

    Li Tong looked calm and gestured slightly to Huang Meng, "Let him go!"

    Huang Meng was indignant, but still let go of his hand. The officer hurriedly rubbed his shoulders, glanced at Li Tong, and then said: "Sir, to tell you the truth, Master Yuan now has a black iron level six."  Strength, if you want to survive at the Shanyang County base, you have to take refuge in Commander Yuan. Otherwise, you will have to live in the simplest houses and eat the worst food!" "Why? We are from the First Division.  Yuan Shide is the commander of the second division, what right does he have to do this?" Qin Yao's pretty face turned red with anger when she heard this.

    The officer glanced at Qin Yao's face greedily, and then sneered: "Why? In order to regain Shanyang County, our second division suffered more than half of the casualties and casualties, and finally killed all the monsters. You guys didn't put any effort into it and you just want to come in and take advantage.  How can anything be so cheap?¡±

    Hearing this, even several staff officers and battalion commanders of the First Division were so angry that their chests were tight, "Damn it! This Shanyang County is not Yuan Shide's own. Does Yuan Shide have any organizational discipline? This is dictatorship.  This is a crime!" a staff officer yelled angrily.

    "Whatever you say! Master Yuan is the master of Shanyang County now!" The officer sneered, turned around and was about to leave, "By the way, weYou can't just live in the Xiyang County Base if you want. If you want to live in the base, you must complete a task every three days. If you cannot complete the task, please leave!  "

    After finishing speaking, the officer walked away.

    "Hateful! I'm so angry!" Huang Meng shouted angrily, his face flushed, "Brother Tong, let's just go to the door and arrest this bullshit Master Yuan. You will be the master of the base. As long as you say a word,  Let¡¯s act now!¡±

    Hearing Huang Meng¡¯s words, the soldiers who originally belonged to the ** Battalion all looked excited, and the other soldiers and officers fell silent.

    Li Tong glanced at it and took the situation of the army into his eyes. Most of the soldiers in the army have just been recruited. The morale of the army is unstable and it is impossible to agree to this idea. "Huang Meng, don't talk nonsense. Commander Wang is still here."  If he doesn¡¯t come back, we¡¯ll make a decision after he comes back!¡±

    Afterwards, several staff officers, the regiment commander and the battalion commander led their soldiers to carry supplies, enter the shack and pack the beds.

    Li Tong took Huang Meng, Qin Yao and others out of the station and came to the streets of Shanyang Base.  Along the way, I also learned a lot of information about the Shanyang County base. There are now about 200,000 survivors and 40,000 troops in the Shanyang County base.

    A few days ago, Yuan Shide led the Second Division into Shanyang County. It took more than half of the casualties to kill all the monsters in Shanyang County. After the surrounding survivors heard the news that Shanyang County had been recaptured, they quickly swarmed towards the base.  After coming, Yuan Shide recruited more than 30,000 soldiers from these people.

    A few days ago, these soldiers were still young people in society, so it was normal for them to act carefree and lack military temperament.

    On both sides of the street, many survivors placed pots, pans and some daily necessities on the road. There were also many young girls and young women standing on the street. From time to time, someone took out a food stamp and put his arms around the girl.  Entered the small building next to the street.

    "How could these people do this? They actually sold their bodies in public!" Qin Yao and Zhao Yufei saw these women selling their bodies so openly, and their faces turned red with anger.

    A survivor not far from everyone heard what they said and couldn't help but look over: "Guys, are you new here? If you haven't had food for a few days, I'm afraid you will be like them. In order to survive, what?  Can¡¯t do things?¡±

    This survivor was a middle-aged man. After he saw the stunning looks of Qin Yao and Zhao Yufei, he made a tut-tsk sound in his mouth: "If you want food in the future, just come to me. My name is Wang Hu. I live here."  Building No. 18 on the street!¡±

    "Get out of here!" Huang Meng shouted, and a murderous aura enveloped Wang Hu. Wang Hu backed away, his face turned pale, and he left in a hurry.

    Qin Yao and Zhao Yufei trembled in their hearts. If they had not met Li Tong, maybe their fate would have been the same as that of these women who sold their bodies. If this was the case, it would be better to die.

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