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Volume 1: The Arms Dealer¡¯s Feast Chapter 140: Brothers

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    The fighting between the two sides was lively during the day, but the casualties on both sides were not particularly heavy.  Seeing that they were about to fall into a protracted war and faced with a low-intensity battle, three companies and five squads fought for two days before being replaced.

    The company and platoon leaders ordered: "Pack your personal belongings. You can leave some ammunition for the Sixth Company coming up from behind. We are going to return to the village to rest."

    Jin Batian held his rifle and said gloomily: "We can definitely fight back. There are about three regiments of Japanese on the opposite side."

    Facing the sharpshooter's complaint, the company commander patted Jin Batian on the shoulder: "Okay, private. I'm just a company commander, and I have to obey the orders of the battalion commander and regiment commander above. The regiment commander has to obey the division commander's orders, division commander.  You must obey the orders of Commander Yan of the Second War Zone. There is no order to counterattack now. Tell me, what is the first principle of a soldier?"

    "Obey orders, sir."

    "Okay, pack your personal belongings. The Sixth Company will be coming up soon. Once the handover is complete, we will leave."

    Ammunition is obviously easier to replenish at the back than at the front, so Jin Batian kept most of the bullets and grenades.  Just like what the company commander said, when the sixth company came over and handed over, the third company and the fifth squadron together with the third company withdrew from the killing tiger's mouth position.  Now the mission of the third company is to be the reserve team of the regiment, which means that it is always ready and has no tasks for the time being.

    Back to Shahukou Village slightly behind, the soldiers felt much more relaxed.  There will be no hidden guns of the Japanese here, and there is no need to always carry artillery shells flying from nowhere.  Although soldiers were coming and going in the village, the arrival of the army also added a sense of vitality.

    Jin Batian unknowingly walked to Aunt Lanhua's door, wondering whether he should occupy a door panel first. In the long run, the door panel will never be enough.  Before knocking on the door, the door opened with a "squeak".  Huzi, who was in the first class of the supplementary group, walked out in a panic and didn't even see Jin Batian a few meters away.

    Aunt Lanhua leaned out most of her body and adjusted the buttons of her clothes while saying, "Brother Huzi, come back next time."

    Jin Batian really had goosebumps when he heard this. Aunt Lanhua, you must be at least ten years older than Huzi, and you still call me brother Huzi so kindly. If there is adultery, there must be adultery.

    Jin Batian originally wanted to go up and knock on the door, but if he knocked, he wouldn't be able to knock.  When Aunt Lanhua was about to close the door, she turned her eyes and saw Jin Batian, and said enthusiastically: "Hey, aren't these big brothers? Why are you standing here? Come in and sit down."

    "I am a revolutionary soldier, so this is not good." Jin Batian had a reason for saying this. The ** designation of the Tax Police Corps is the National Revolutionary Reorganized 100th Division.

    As Jin Batian spoke, he was pulled into the yard by the enthusiastic Aunt Lanhua. Aunt Lanhua said, "Brother, why are you so polite? Don't you all promote our military and civilian families?"

    "Yes, yes, yes." Jin Batian responded. He looked closely and saw that Aunt Lanhua's face was much rosier and her clothes had been changed into new ones.  She is completely different from Aunt Lanhua three days ago.  In the past, there was a saying that Jin Batian had never seen this before, but Jin Batian had seen it today.  From this point of view, Aunt Lanhua is not much older than Huzi.

    Aunt Lanhua found a teapot and teacup from somewhere and made tea for Jin Batian and said: "I know, big brother, you look down on me. But I come from a woman's family, and there is no news from the man who has been away for several years. If it were me, I would find the roots."  It's fine if the rope breaks on its own, but I still have two children, what else can I do. Everyone agrees with me, that's it, you have to stretch the children, right?"

    "Yes." Jin Batian held tea and acted as a yes man in the yard.

    Aunt Lanhua seemed to have remembered something: "By the way, the eldest brother is getting married."

    "We're married."

    "Have you any children?"


    Aunt Lanhua clapped her hands: "That's good."

    "Huh?" Jinba Tianxin said, these days people are all about having children, how come there are people who are so forward-thinking.

    Aunt Lanhua said in a low voice: "I have a sister-in-law who has also reached old age recently. Of course, my sister-in-law is different from me. She is a young girl. If I leave you a boy and a half girl, it will be much easier in the future."

    Jin Batian thought that Aunt Lanhua¡¯s last words had profound meaning.

    Seeing that Jin Batian didn't say anything, Aunt Lanhua continued to use the 'Persuasion' skill: "Brother, these soldiers are very dangerous. It's good to leave some seeds. My sister-in-law is a good hand both inside and outside the house. You can just lie down at home."  You don¡¯t have to do anything on the kang, I¡¯ll take care of you. You don¡¯t even have to choose your appearance, there are countless fairies in every village within ten miles.¡±

    Jin Batian activated his passive ¡®resistance¡¯ skill: ¡°Well, the gift must be very expensive.¡±

    Aunt Lanhua already knows the income of the tax police corps.The city also has enough money to spend. A first-class soldier's monthly salary is 11 yuan, which adds up to 14 to 15 yuan without fighting.  Not to mention that the military takes care of food and housing, so the family can save a lot of money with a small burden.

    Just listen to Aunt Lanhua say: "Where is this? Shanxi, or the corner of Shanxi. Xikou Village used to be called the Widow Village. Here, you can marry as many as you can afford. My sister-in-law's betrothal gift is only five yuan."  Ten yuan promotion ticket."

    The Jin ticket was a local currency issued by the Bank of Shanxi after Yan Xishan came to power. Before the Central Plains War in 1930, the Jin ticket had a good reputation. One yuan of Jin ticket could be exchanged for an ocean.  With the defeat of Yan Xishan in the Central Plains War and his resignation, the credibility of this promotion ticket also plummeted. At least thirty yuan of promotion tickets can be exchanged for an ocean.

    Two years later, Yan Xishan came back with the help of September 18th, reorganized the currency, and introduced a new ticket. Twenty yuan of old tickets were exchanged for one yuan of new tickets. The standard for new tickets was that one yuan was equal to an ocean, but everyone's first  When exchanging old Jin tickets, you also exchanged an ocean for a one-yuan Jin ticket, which is equivalent to the previous one dollar being worth only five cents. This alone caused private losses to tens of millions of yuan.  Fortunately, this does not have a particularly big impact on rural areas in Shanxi - the villagers still mainly barter, and they usually cannot see the ocean.

    Those who lost were mainly businessmen in Shanxi, especially Shanxi banks - for example, the Qiaojia Fu bank in Qixian County could have made a fortune by taking advantage of the depreciation of Jin tickets, but the Qiao family just used the method of selling houses and land to sell the bank.  All deposits were paid in cash instead of Jin notes as required by the provincial government, so his vitality was greatly damaged.

    Because of his criminal record, this newly promoted ticket has inherent shortcomings, especially since the four major banks entered Shanxi to set up more business outlets after 30 years.  The new fifty-yuan note on the market is just like a forty-yuan note. This is the disadvantage of local currency.  For example, Bank of Communications' bills extended through the railway network have always been famous for being cashed at 10%.

    Forty yuan is just a half-day expense at home. It¡¯s too cheap.  Jin Batian unknowingly went to pick his pockets.


    On this day, everyone queued up at the Anti-Japanese Patriotic Lottery site more than ten times.  With Xiao Bo and Da, he won a fourth prize of fifty yuan with only four yuan.  Naturally, he wanted to reward himself after winning the prize. Master Nengchi took the money and stepped into the door of Quanjude.

    The Nengchi Master who was about to go in saw a familiar figure walking out. The Nengchi Master subconsciously called out: "Junior Brother."

    This person is a junior who can eat the master, drink the master, and drink the master: "Senior brother, why are you in Peiping? Come in and sit down quickly."

    When old friends meet, they naturally find a private room to celebrate with wine and meat.  Master Nengchi did not drink. Seeing Master Nengchi dressed in ordinary clothes, he asked, "Senior brother, what are you doing?"

    There is nothing that my brother can't hide or say. Master Nengchi said truthfully: "A few days ago, he returned to the secular world. Judging from your appearance, it couldn't be that way."

    The master of drinking said: "I am currently working at the Peking News Agency (Blue Clothes Agency), doing foreign affairs reception work. The code name is 'donating stomachs for the country'. In fact, I just eat and drink, and my main job is to accompany the wine."

    It turns out that this drinking master is extremely talented and has a special constitution. His body¡¯s absorption rate of alcohol is almost zero. His drinking is equivalent to ordinary people drinking water. He is a legendary figure who can drink a thousand glasses at the wine table.  After being discovered by the Blue Clothes Club, he returned to secular life in Pingjin and even occasionally flew to Shanghai and Nanjing to drink with foreign devils. Chinese people value face most at the wine table and cannot afford to lose it.

    ; ;
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