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Text Chapter 527 Chao Family¡¯s World (Grand Finale)

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    A month later, Chao Yong led his troops back from Ping'an Jing with a full load.  //Access to download txt novel //.

    Fujiwara Tadamichi turned Japan upside down and collected enough gold, silver, and copper worth 400,000 taels of gold.

    Soon after Chao Yong returned to Daliang, the generals of Hebei, Shandong, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Qinghai began to adjust. Veterans such as Zhang Kai, Wang Huan, Zhong Shidao, and Zhong Shi returned home. Lu Zhishen, Wu Song, Mu Hong, etc.  The young men from Liangshan took over as the commander-in-chief.

    Zhongshidao entered the Staff Bureau of the Ministry of War.

    In the fifth year of Tianqi, Dali surrendered, and Yunnan Road, Hainan Road, and Taiwan Road were established in Daliang.  At the same time, people were moved south to develop the Third Road.

    In the sixth year of Tianqi, General Yang Zhi of the Prairie Road led 100,000 troops to destroy the Uighurs and Black Khans in Xizhou, and recruited all Tibetan tribes to surrender.  There are ** Road and Xinjiang Province Road in Daliang.

    In the seventh year of the Apocalypse, the Discovery sent by the Prince returned from America and brought back new crops of potatoes and corn.

    In the eleventh year of the Apocalypse, Yue Fei, the fourth general of the Prairie Road, led 100,000 troops to break through the Western Liao Dynasty, captured Yelu Dashi, and conquered Central Asia.

    In the sixteenth year of the Apocalypse, Yue Fei led his troops to the west, defeated the coalition forces of various European countries, and established the Western Qin Kingdom thousands of miles away from the Rus Kingdom. The king was the twenty-fifth son of Chao Yong, and millions of people immigrated to Liang.

    Daliang spent five years establishing twenty-four kingdoms in Asia, each kingdom was no more than a thousand miles away, and the kings were all the sons of Chao Yong.

    With the continuous encouragement of births, the population of Daliang exploded. Immigrants continued to various kingdoms, ensuring that each kingdom had at least one million Han people.

    In February of the seventeenth year of Tianqi, Prince Chao Yong, together with his concubines and 10,000 troops, escorted the twenty-five sons to the feudal vassal.

    The countries we passed along the way were all vassal states that Chao Yong entrusted to his sons. Of course, it was difficult for Daliang's decree to be conveyed to all countries. All countries were basically in a state of autonomy. However, they were all vassal states that were nominally subordinate to Daliang. Every year, they would symbolize  Those with the surname paid tribute to Daliang.  Officials and soldiers from various countries are basically Han Chinese who migrated from Daliang.

    In June of the nineteenth year of Tianqi, Chao Yong and his party arrived at the Western Qin Kingdom.

    The Western Qin Kingdom was built after the Spring and Autumn Qin Kingdom, and its capital was also called Xianyang.  Chao Yong wanted the Western Qin Kingdom to wipe out European countries like the Qin Kingdom. Of course, he would not establish a unified European country, but would entrust it to his other sons.

    When they just arrived at the Western Qin Kingdom, they saw Yue Fei, the general who conquered the west, personally leading his people to welcome him.

    Yue Fei is just thirty-six years old this year, but he is already a general and a marquis of Liang Dynasty. Although Yue Fei has expanded thousands of miles in Central Asia, in the eyes of the officials in the court, the outside of the Central Plains is a barbarian land, and Yue Fei's military exploits are still  Not enough to be crowned a duke.

    Chao Yong came forward with Lin Chong, Wu Song and other founding generals. After Yue Fei saw the ceremony, he smiled and said, "Didn't I say you don't have to go out of the city to welcome him? You are almost going abroad to welcome him."

    Lin Chong, Wu Song and others were all in their 40s and 50s, in their prime, but they were tired of the peaceful life in the Central Plains. When they heard that the prince was going to travel thousands of miles away to Europe, they resigned one after another and followed Chao Yong.

    For more than ten years, Daliang has not levied agricultural taxes. After the introduction of potatoes and corn, the people of Daliang have a surplus of grain. They start to use grain to feed livestock, and the animal husbandry industry has also developed greatly.  Since the extermination of the religion, there has been no violence and the people live and work in peace and contentment.  The civil servants recited poems and made music to praise the peaceful and prosperous times, but the generals were idle and panicked.

    Yue Fei also saw that the prince had no intention of blaming him and said with a smile: "I have fought many wars with European countries in the past two years. If we don't fight them, they will thank their God and how dare they attack us.  I heard that the prince is sending the King of Western Qin to join the vassal state. All European countries have sent princes, princes and princesses to attend the enthronement ceremony of the King of Western Qin, and they are all waiting in Xianyang City now. "

    Chao Yong nodded and said: "Okay, I know it's right to leave the affairs of Europe to you. How many people have moved here?"

    Yue Fei said: "Because of the long distance, only more than 500,000 people have been moved. However, people are arriving every day. In two years, the million people moved by the imperial court will also arrive."

    "Well, if you stay in Europe for a few more years, you will definitely be able to hold the position of Duke when you return."

    Yue Fei shook his head and said: "If you can return to the Central Plains earlier, you can demote me to an earl. Just as the ministers in the court said, except for the Central Plains, they are all barbarians. Although there are princes and princesses in European countries, they are not the same as before.  Everyone on the grassland road is a barbarian. If I stay here for a long time, I might become a barbarian."

    Chao Yong also knew that Yue Fei wanted to avoid suspicion. He had led troops to conquer Central Asia and Europe for several years. Some people in the court also suggested that Yue Fei be transferred back to prevent Yue Fei from having any dissent.  However, Chao Yong knew Yue Fei's loyalty, and various ethnic groups had a strong backlash against Daliang's policy of forced Chineseization. Others may not be able to suppress various ethnic groups, so he insisted on letting Yue Fei take charge of the expansion of territory.

    "Hahaha, you are in your prime. It will not be too late to take care of yourself when you are as old as Coach Lin."

    ?Lin Chong also smiled and said: "Exactly, there has been no war in the Central Plains for more than ten years, and there are almost no petty thieves. This barbarian land is where our warriors can use their skills. If you go back to the Central Plains and want to go into battle, it will be very difficult."

    Wu Song shook his head and said: "Don't talk about going into battle. If you want to fight, you can't find a tiger. There is no way to fight in the Central Plains, and there is no way to fight tigers. Otherwise, we wouldn't have followed the prince all the way here. What do you think?  If there are any other countries that refuse to obey, we brothers will kill them all."

    "Yes, we Liangshan heroes will do him one more thing."



    When Li Kui and others heard this, they all shouted.

    In front of these founding generals, Yue Fei is a junior, not to mention Lin Chong and Wu Song are his senior brothers. He can only laugh and say: "There happen to be a few city-states that have not sent anyone. If the prince allows it, we can send troops to wipe them out."

    Seeing that everyone was in high spirits, Chao Yong smiled and said: "Okay, brothers haven't fought together for many years. Let's take a rest for a month, and then we will fight him in Europe."




    A few days later, a group of people arrived outside Xianyang City.

    Envoys sent by various European countries came out of the city to greet them. The territory of Daliang was more than 20,000 miles, and there were many countries in Europe that were united into city-states. It was completely unimaginable what an empire with a territory of more than 20,000 miles looked like. Several joint troops were sent by Yue Fei.  After being defeated, no one dared to fight against Daliang.

    That night, the main hall in Xianyang City was brightly lit for the prince and his entourage.

    Wu Song saw the noble ladies from various European countries in the palace with their breasts exposed, and said to Yue Fei beside him: "I have also met many European women in the Central Plains, and they are not dressed like this. Why do these princesses and noble ladies look like us from the Central Plains?"  Like a brothel girl."

    Yue Fei smiled and said: "Actually, they are still influenced by our Central Plains clothes. Europeans used to wear tight clothes. After coming into contact with our Central Plains clothes, their collars became lower and lower, and they didn't know  What is the lower limit? Some countries even expose their entire nakedness. If I hadn¡¯t asked someone to impose a ban on them, I¡¯m afraid some of them would have exposed their nakedness.¡±

    Yue Fei remembered another thing and asked, "Senior brother, have you brought your sister-in-law here?"

    Wu Song said with a smile: "Bring it with you. The prince said that we will travel around the country together, and we won't be too busy on the way. We all brought a few wives and concubines."

    Yue Fei said: "Don't let them go to the salon, and ask your sister-in-law to tell the princess, otherwise, if something goes wrong, my little brother will be blamed for his death."

    Wu Songqi asked: "Where is the salon?"

    Yue Fei said: "A salon is a place for women to have fun, just like a men's salon. Outside are shops selling women's products, and further inside is a gorgeously decorated salon where men have sex or blowjobs.  Playing music, singing, or bathing and wrestling are surrounded by secret pavilions. Women who go to have fun can see the men in the salon in the secret pavilions. If they like which one they like, tell the servants, and the servants will lead the selected men to the secret pavilions.  . There are masks in the secret chamber that allow women to hide their identities. Many noble ladies in Europe like to go to salons for fun. "

    Wu Song said angrily: "The prince wants you to expand your territory. All vassal states must ensure their Hanization, and other ethnic groups must learn the culture and etiquette of our Han people. When has there ever been a place like this in the Central Plains? If you create such an immoral place, in the future  Don¡¯t call me senior brother.¡±

    Yue Fei said quickly: "Senior brother, please calm down. I will keep the prince's teachings in mind. The Kingdom of Western Qin does not have a salon, but other city-states basically have them. I am afraid that the prince will have to travel to some countries. If someone takes the princess and others to the salon, I am afraid that  Something big has happened, so I have to ask my sister-in-law to remind the princess and the others. "

    Hearing this, Wu Song nodded and said: "Then I blamed you wrongly. I will ask your sister-in-law to remind the Crown Princess later that Europe is indeed a barbarian land with no etiquette, justice or shame."

    In February of the 20th year of Tianqi, Chao Yong and his party embarked on the return journey.

    In the twenty-second year of the Apocalypse, Chao Yong returned to the Central Plains.

    When Chao Gai abdicated, Chao Yong succeeded him.

    In the twenty-third year of Tianqi, Chao Yong abdicated and his eldest son Chao Hongwen ascended the throne as emperor.

    In the twenty-fifth year of the Apocalypse, Daliang established a hundred kingdoms in Europe and Asia, and Daliang had more than 100 million immigrants.

    Africa and America became the source of slaves.

    In the twenty-sixth year of Tianqi, the Japanese rebelled. Daliang sent 100,000 troops to destroy the Japanese.

    The former Japanese island became an actual combat base for the navy, and troops were sent to the island every year to search for the remaining Japanese.

    In the 40th year of the Apocalypse, Daliang banned the private capture of slaves, established kingdoms in America and Africa, and began to immigrate.

    One hundred years after the apocalypse, Chao Yong died at the age of one hundred and twelve years.At the age of 6, the current emperor was the fifth grandson of Chao Yong.

    Daliang has two hundred kingdoms under its jurisdiction, spread across all continents, and the world is full of three months.

    His posthumous title was Emperor Wu of Liang. He expanded his territory countless times throughout his life, and no emperor dared to use the word "Îä" after that.

    Three hundred years after the Apocalypse, various countries have gradually abolished the imperial system, but many countries still retain the Chao family. In many republics, the Chao family also plays an important role.

    The statue of Chao Yong is still worshiped by the Chao family of various countries and many Han people. Only the Bai and Hei ethnic groups call Chao Yong a tyrant, because Chao Yong's rape and forced assimilation caused countless ethnic groups to disappear. In the end, they can only know them based on their skin color.  Not Han Chinese.  There are only two ethnic minorities in the world, the Bai and Hei, and 98% of the people are Han.  (To be continued.
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