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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Shocking Sword Emperor Chapter 6509 Immortal body! DiJianYi 83533K 23-09-03 serializing
Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 6009 The unkillable body of the God of L QianLiMuChen 73564K 23-10-08 serializing
Fighting spirit in the sky Chapter 5069 Xiqi Mountain XinWenGongZuoZ 71859K 24-05-16 serializing
The school beauty’s personal expert Chapter 11191 YuRenErDai 69659K 24-03-01 serializing
Rebirth of the Demonic Life Chapter 7204 He is the most trustworthy person I HuangJinZhanSh 65862K 24-03-05 serializing
Peak of martial arts Postscript plus new book MoMo 62534K 24-04-09 serializing
The best doctor in the city Chapter 10851 take advantage of the victory FengHuiXiao 59777K 23-09-03 serializing
Supreme Martial Arts Text Chapter 603 Beihai Kunyi AnYeYouShang 55815K 24-05-16 serializing
start from scratch Text Chapter 291 Super Mass Grave LeiYunFengBao 55737K 24-03-05 serializing
official list Text Chapter 4965: Laying out the overall situat YinWeiZhe 54628K 24-04-13 serializing
The Uncrowned Evil Emperor from Another World Chapter 6347 Die together BanKuaiTongBan 52311K 24-04-16 serializing
Dragon Blood God of War Chapter 2367 The Power of Eternity FengQingYang 51798K 24-04-09 serializing
Xieyu Tianjiao Chapter 7440 The final battle ChunQingXiLiGe 48827K 24-04-15 serializing
God Cultivation Gaiden Chapter 5168 Bliss Sect XiaoDuanTanHua 46530K 23-08-19 serializing
Shura Martial God Chapter 5984: Flower Fairy World Spiritist ShanLiangDeMiF 44479K 24-04-13 serializing
Quan Guo Text 3650 Invasion AiChiDaBaoZi 42095K 24-05-11 serializing
Invincible Upgrade King Chapter 4652 Humiliation KeAiNeiNei 42013K 24-04-10 serializing
Official Immortal Official Immortal 5200 Text Chapter 4433 Role Mo ChenFengXiao 41106K 24-03-01 serializing
Peerless Sword God Chapter 5206 The return of the ancestor of the h HeiAnHuoLong 39551K 23-09-03 serializing
Energy Group Text Chapter 1986 New Warfare YouYuDeShiLian 38203K 24-03-01 serializing
Reborn Resource Tycoon Volume 5 Chapter 467 The Edge of Crisis YueXiaDeGuLang 38081K 24-03-18 serializing
The Legend of Coquettish Rebirth Text Chapter 4075 Changes in the Tribe JuZiZouMingQu 37877K 24-04-08 serializing
Descendants of the Evil Emperor in the City Chapter 3132 FengQiXianYun 37347K 24-04-09 serializing
Demon Dragon Ancient Emperor The speed of blood coagulation YaoWangNaShan 35762K 23-09-03 serializing
Southern Song Dynasty Fengyan Road Chapter 2093 The stars are not the same as last LinQian 34481K 24-03-08 serializing
Martial God Space Text Chapter 2714 Killing the Thunder Emperor FuXiaoChen 34029K 24-04-13 serializing
Another world of spiritual martial arts First Show of Strength Chapter 3523 Chaos Purple YuFeng 33424K 24-04-08 serializing
Jianbao Golden Pupil Chapter 5576: Rise Up QiBaoLiuLi 33142K 23-10-17 serializing
Avenue Lord Volume 2 Chapter 3107 The Ancient World Reappear PiaoDangDeYun 32930K 24-04-09 serializing
Iron bones Text Chapter 2222 Decisive Battle at the Fifty D TianZi 32462K 24-03-18 serializing
Red Blood Dragon Rider Volume 5 I am the Great Lord Chapter 1600 The mi HuLao 32352K 24-03-09 serializing
The infinite wings of the pirate Chapter 415: Two saves LingShangKaiHu 32216K 23-09-26 serializing
Immortal cultivator Volume 9: Remaining Thoughts Chapter 4322: Xuany WangXiaoMan 32030K 24-03-01 serializing
Campus philanderer Text Chapter 5494 Mysterious Illusion TianWaiFeiXian 31790K 24-04-18 serializing
A generation of genius Text Extra: The day of reunion YiQiChengGong 31520K 24-04-10 serializing
Lucky Doctor Text Miracle Doctor World-4530 God of the Univer ShuiLiYouYu 31481K 24-05-10 serializing
Rebirth of the war years Volume One: On the Songhua River, Final Chapter: LiuWaiHuaRuJin 31406K 24-04-19 serializing
Wu Ni Chapter 1759 Luo Jingyun breaks through ZhiShiXiaoHaMi 31401K 24-04-13 serializing
Infinite cultivation of immortality Text Chapter Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Se QianTouLong 31307K 24-03-06 serializing
Cloud s Resistance Text Chapter 372 Domineering OuYangFeng 30916K 24-03-06 serializing
Officialdom has no boundaries Volume 1: The Classmate Chai Boy Volume 15: Wind RuiGen 30903K 24-03-05 serializing
Taoist priests in Jin Yong s world Part One: The Divine Condor Chapter 235 Travelin XiaoShu 30873K 24-03-15 serializing
Become an Immortal through a Hundred Refinements Volume 5 The Twelve States of Sky Cloud Chapter HuanYu 30449K 24-03-01 serializing
Mad God Xingtian Chapter 3948 Undercurrent YaoDeTianKong 30359K 23-09-08 serializing
Chaos Sword God Chapter 3854 The Battle for Spiritual Fruit XinXingXiaoYao 30229K 24-03-05 serializing
Monster King of Soldiers Text Chapter 104 Don’t forget your original int BiXianZaiMengY 29871K 24-05-12 serializing
Rated doomsday syndrome Text 2233 Fleet transformation QuanBuChengWei 29867K 24-04-18 serializing
Powerful Antique Dealer Volume 4 Part 2 Chapter 1433 Another method YuanBao 29777K 24-03-05 serializing
thaumaturgy and sex medicine Text 1123--1131 ShuiLiYouYu 29618K 24-05-11 serializing
Gun Demon Dominates the World Chapter 1,356 The final truth? LangYaGuaiShou 29129K 24-03-03 serializing
Lord of the Worlds of Civilization Chapter 4112 This lady has negotiated in this li FeiXiangdeLanM 29092K 23-09-02 serializing
The best fairy Text Final remarks JinLingDong 29086K 24-04-18 serializing
God Emperor 第四千一百一十二章 圣思的肉身力量 FeiTianYu 28915K 23-10-17 serializing
Sword God Reborn Text Chapter 3195 The new world (finale) TianLeiZhu 28789K 24-03-09 serializing
super soldier Chapter 3296 [Untitled] YiSiBuGou 28009K 24-04-09 serializing
Technology treasure hunter Text Chapter 2375 The King of Technological Trea AnLiuChengHe 27567K 24-04-08 serializing
Love and Star Dream Text Chapter 198 Falling into the trap HanCuo 27552K 24-04-09 serializing
Tang Yin is in another world Text Final Volume Chapter 150 Ending LiuDao 27486K 24-03-07 serializing
eloquent Volume One "The Wind Rises" Chapter 3305 Fortunate FanShiEr 27183K 24-05-12 serializing
Reincarnation Paradise Chapter Forty-One: Copy NaYiZhiWenZi 26878K 23-08-29 serializing
Lingao Qiming Chapter 325 Card Copy ChuiNiuZhe 26877K 24-02-20 serializing
my iceberg beauty wife Chapter 3717 Useless MeiGanCaiShaoB 26710K 23-09-26 serializing
Chapter 5867 Who is whose toy? 26481K 23-10-17 serializing
Xiu Shen Gaiden Volume 1: Forgetting Each Other in the Jianghu C XiaoDuanTanHua 26300K 24-03-18 serializing
New book "Global Martial Arts" released 26104K 24-05-11 serializing
Left side door Text Chapter 1888 velver 25844K 24-03-05 serializing
Urban young marshal 第一卷 第2669章 借口 图 YiQiChengGong 25521K 24-03-05 serializing
young medical fairy Chapter 4130 The ambition of the Supreme Confuci ZhuMei 25138K 24-04-13 serializing
Naruto Ninjutsu Master 1241. Method YinZi 25055K 23-10-17 serializing
Fight against the supreme realm of the sky Chapter 3793 Virtual Realm YeYuWenLing0 24909K 24-03-01 serializing
Taoist is not easy to mess with 4228 - Worthy of the past KunDeShuiBuZha 24861K 23-09-02 serializing
Character talent system Text Chapter 693 [Fierce Battle] XiaoQingYu 24752K 24-05-11 serializing
Battle of the avenues Text: Final Thoughts WuDaoZhe 24741K 24-03-10 serializing
My master is a fairy Chapter 3054 connected by a rope ShangDian 24677K 23-08-18 serializing
special teacher Volume 2, Across the Chongqing City Chapter 3417 HeiAnJueQi 24357K 24-04-13 serializing
Rebirth of my secretary life Text Postscript 5 BaoDanMao 24203K 24-03-07 serializing
Combined double cultivation The Young Master Cultivates Demons Chapter 640 T WoShiMoShui 24074K 24-05-12 serializing
Flower protector in the city Chapter 2932 Do you think your death was not mis XinZaiLiuLang 24038K 24-03-01 serializing
List of gods from different worlds Volume 5: The Battle of Calamity Chapter 336: Sp YunHao 23883K 24-04-08 serializing
Gu Zhenren Volume 3: The Devil’s Troubled Times Chapter 18 GuZhenRen 23759K 24-04-09 serializing
dream era Text last chapter JunXiuCai 23615K 24-05-10 serializing
The only god of swordsmanship Text 53 Shenwu Dao Monument LiuDaoChenLun 23509K 24-04-09 serializing
I am the God of War in Anti-Japanese War Text Chapter 22 Countdown FengXueYunZhon 23339K 24-04-18 serializing
Peerless God Chapter 3501: Dispatch the elders of the ten cla BaiLiLongHa 23048K 23-09-02 serializing
Lou B Chapter 516 Hiding Identity ShouWangFanChe 22824K 23-09-14 serializing
True fairy romance Volume 6: Chaos in the Human Realm Chapter 1884: MoWenXunXun 22795K 24-04-08 serializing
Legend of Assassin in Fantasy World Volume 3 Is it difficult to keep a low profile?  C AnWuTianRi 22669K 24-03-10 serializing
Supreme Emperor Text Chapter 2302 Three Most Powerful Half-Step LingLuanDeXiao 22185K 24-04-08 serializing
Official genius The Long Official Road Chapter 1270 Jianghuai St XiLouYue 22145K 24-04-08 serializing
Supreme Soldier King Related: Miscellaneous Thoughts on Writing Chapt ZhuoGongZi 21982K 24-05-12 serializing
National beauty produces owl Volume One Who Doesn't Know You in Yunshan Chapte ShaMo 21872K 24-04-08 serializing
Holy Hell The Storm of the Holy World has a new book calle KongShen 21852K 24-03-09 serializing
peak of power Chapter 4: Fighting back with anger after being MengRuHongHuan 21828K 24-05-13 serializing
Plane travel guide Volume 14: Divide the World Chapter 2539: Madnes WangXieYi 21763K 24-03-01 serializing
Qingdi Volume One Chapter 1,799 Hongyun Awakens (Part 1 JingKeShou 21710K 24-05-11 serializing
Taoyuan Mountain Village Chapter 1068 Starlight Island Food Street HaiDanWang 21686K 23-10-17 serializing
Rubik s Cube World Text Chapter 870 Reasons WuWeiYaoNie 21642K 24-04-09 serializing
Tiexian successor in the city Chapter 3318 XiaoXiaoYu 21617K 23-10-17 serializing
Text Chapter 1,276 The heroine is not Lin Xi! 21453K 24-03-01 serializing
Swallow the sky Volume 2: Heroes Struggle for Hegemony Chapter 1 HaMiXL 21430K 24-03-05 serializing