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Unscientific Beast Tamer Latest chapter update list

author£ºGentle Spring Murmurs

Volume 1 Chapter 1: The Era of Familiar BeastsVolume 2 Chapter 2: Skills Illustrated BookVolume 3 Chapter 3: Initial Pet Beast PlanningVolume 4 Chapter 4: Finding the Target
Volume 5 Chapter 5: Three SkillsText Volume Chapter Six: Iron Bamboo Breeding BaseMain Volume Chapter Seven: The Iron Eater Will Never Be a SlaveVolume 8 Chapter 8: Contract
Volume Chapter Nine: The First BattleVolume 10: Winning Bamboo ShootsVolume 11: Ways to Make MoneyVolume 12: The Insect Catcher
Volume 13: From Getting Started to BuryingVolume 14: Training and GrowthMain Text Volume Chapter Fifteen: Occupational BranchesVolume 16: Mastery Level
Volume 17: Actual CombatVolume 18: Iron-eating beasts and people are kindMain Volume Chapter Nineteen: VS Ice Armored BeastVolume 20 Chapter 20: The Association of Beastmasters
Volume 21 Chapter 21: Removal of MarmotsMain Volume Chapter 22: Super VisionVolume 23 Chapter 23: Bamboo Stone Martial ArtsMain Text Volume Chapter 24: Abnormal Combinations
Main Text Volume Chapter 25: Career AssessmentMain Volume Chapter 26: Beast TideMain Text Volume Chapter 27: Listening to the Voice of HistoryVolume 28 Chapter 28: Shock in Icefield City
Volume 29 Chapter 29: The Community Sends WarmthMain Volume Chapter Thirty: Backstab from TalentVolume 31: Joining the OrganizationText Chapter 32: Three evolutionary routes
Text Chapter Thirty-Three: Breaking the RulesText Chapter 34: Opening of the RuinsText Chapter 35: DecisionText Chapter Thirty-Six: Experience
Text Chapter 37: Strange CreaturesText Chapter Thirty-Eight: Entering Tianmang MountainText Chapter Thirty-Nine: Wild Boar KillerMain Text Chapter Forty: Temporarily First
Text Chapter 41: The Lightning Cultivation Route of the Iron EaterText Chapter 42: Electric MineMain Text Chapter 43: Replication DoublingText Chapter Forty-Four: The Skill Book Is Not Needed
Text Chapter 45: End of ExperienceMain Text Chapter 46: Purchasing SupplementsText Chapter 47: The first advanced skillMain Text Chapter Forty-eight: Keeping Krypton Gold Always Enjoying
Text Chapter Forty-ninth: Visiting the Bamboo Stone Martial Art MuseumText Chapter Fifty: The Power of Thunder PalmText Chapter Fifty-one: MysteriesMain text Chapter 52: Don't aim too high
Text Chapter 53: Panda King ElevenText Chapter Fifty-Four: Combination Skills BeginningText Chapter 55: DepartureText Chapter 56: Entering the Ruins
Text Chapter 57: Historical ImagesText Chapter 58: My nephew is a masterText Chapter 59: Refreshing the RecordText Chapter 60: Empty Spirit Stone
Text Chapter 61: Monster-like talentText Chapter 62: New Special Training ObjectivesText Chapter 63: Add some points and you're doneText Chapter 64: The Holy Spring of Evolution
Text TestimonialsMain text Chapter 65: Fighting is the elite¡¾Seeking first order¡¿Text Chapter 66: Combat UnitsMain text Chapter 67: King's aura
Text Chapter 68: The PsychicText Chapter 69: Ultra-level skillsText Chapter 70: Evolution of the Iron-eater BeastMain text Chapter 71: Myth [seeking a guaranteed monthly ticket]
Text Chapter 72: The New HomeText Chapter 73: The First Perfect LevelText Chapter 74: Chongchong who fills in volunteers [Tenth update]Text Chapter 75: Relics of the Battle
Text Chapter 76: The Strongest CreatureText Chapter 77: Lord of the RuinsText Chapter 78: Farming is a good practiceText Chapter 79: Time to Cultivate Chongchong
Text Chapter 80: The Ancient CapitalText Chapter 81: Thought Leaders 11Main Text Chapter 82: Insects of ImaginationText Chapter 83: Ancient Capital University
Text Chapter 84: Chongchong Stands UpText Chapter 85: Before departureText Chapter 86: Beast Masters in Big CitiesText Chapter 87: The Beast Ear Mother is Coming
Text Chapter 88: On the Life-Saving Ability of BeastmastersMain text Chapter 89: Shi Yu who frees himselfText Chapter 90: Iron Eater RuinsText Chapter 91: Ancient Inscriptions
Text Chapter 92: Archeology ruins lifeText Chapter 93: The beginning of the price increase of iron-eating beastsText Chapter 94: The Benefits of Being PrivilegedText Chapter 96: Armed Evolution of Iron Eaters
Text Chapter 97: The Iron Eater Has Really EvolvedMain text Chapter 98: Iron-eating Beast¡¯s second-stage evolution methodText Chapter 99: Naming of evolutionary formsText Chapter 100: Shi Yu's Breakthrough and Contract Chongchong
Text Chapter 101: Eleven's First Profound TechniqueMain Text Chapter 102: Beyond the SupernaturalMain Text Chapter 103: Progress of the Iron Eater Research TeamMain Text Chapter 104: This time Yu is inferior
Main Text Chapter 105: Battle RestaurantMain Text Chapter 106: The first battle of insects and insectsText Chapter 107: I'm too goodMain Text Chapter 109: Tactics in the Sky
Main Text Chapter 110: Trial of Survival in the WildMain Text Chapter 111: Panda Rider AttacksMain Text Chapter 112: Three Space Element SkillsText Chapter 113: Countdown to Evolution
Text Chapter 114: Correct Usage of the Skill BookText Chapter 115: Ice Dragon Chongchong VS Soul Bone DragonText Chapter 116: King of green cotton wormsText Chapter 117: End of Survival Trial Assessment
Main Text Chapter 119: Chongchong's Dragon MightText Chapter 120: When the video was released, Yu ran awayText Chapter 121: The Final Ranking Battle BeginsMain Text Chapter 122: Here Comes the Sky
Main Text Chapter 123: Who is the Gu Master?Main Text Chapter 124: Another Crazy OneText Chapter 125: Getting rich in the real senseMain Text Chapter 126: Welfare Giveaway
Main Text Chapter 127: The Cut ThunderboltText Chapter 129: Fire all over the countryText Chapter 130: Before the Decisive BattleMain Text Chapter 131: Shi Yu's Strongest Tactic
Main Text Chapter 132: Here comes the plant beastText Chapter 133: Choose one of the seven classicsMain Text Chapter 134: A Baby with DreamsMain Text Chapter 135: The Third Pet Beast
Main Text Chapter 136: Participating Baby in the TeamMain Text Chapter 137: Best PartnerMain Text Chapter 138: Point Addition PlanText Chapter 139: Respective Limits
Main Text Chapter 140: The strength of all staff increases dramaticallyText Chapter 141: Ice Dragon Snow MountainText Chapter 142: Baby Shen's Attack SkillsMain Text Chapter 143: Here Comes Ice Dragon Papa
Text Chapter 144: Origin of DonghuangText Chapter 145: The Historical Truth of the Ice SheetText Chapter 146: Officially Became a Member of the Eleventh BureauMain Text Chapter 147: It's time for me, Shi Yu, to hang up by myself
Text Chapter 148: Returning to the Ancient CapitalMain Text Chapter 149: The contracted ginseng babyMain Text Chapter 150: Shi Yu Makes a Trouble in the Botanical GardenMain Text Chapter 151: Recording the Energy Storage Beam
Main Text Chapter 152: Baby Shen also wants to evolveMain Text Chapter 153: Participating in Light Killing CannonText Chapter 154: Evolution Armor CompletionText Chapter 155: Eleven Evolutions
Main Text Chapter 156: Two Stages of Evolution Invincible OverlordText Chapter 157: Eleven's New Racial SkillText Please take a day off (make up tomorrow)Text Chapter 158: Shi Yu's Promotion Exam
Main Text Chapter 160: Baby Shen also breaks throughMain Text Chapter 161: Crashing ChongchongText Chapter 162: Exchanging Evolutionary MaterialsText Chapter 163: Spirit Space Dragon
Main Text Chapter 164: Chongchong also evolvedMain Text Chapter 165: Beginning of SchoolText Chapter 166: Remains of Heroic SpiritsMain Text Chapter 167: Club Recruitment Begins
Main Text Chapter 168: Participating in the Divine Might of the BabyMain Text Chapter 169: It's No Use Giving You a ChanceMain Text Chapter 170: The High Hope of the Beast Ear MotherText Chapter 171: The Evolution Method of Shen Baobao
Main Text Chapter 173: Summoning Heroic SpiritsText Chapter 174: Ice Dragon GeneralText Chapter 175: Sword Spirit PossessionText Chapter 176: Shi Yu vs Mu Huiyin
Text Chapter 177: Birth of the Little Sword SpiritText Chapter 178: Naming WasteText Chapter 179: Senior Sister is HereText Chapter 180: Red pupil
Main Text Chapter 181: Shi Yu and Shi Di's GazeText Chapter 182: Mysterious CrystalMain Text Chapter 183: Time and Space KeyMain Text Chapter 184: New Discovery of Senior Panda
Main Text Chapter 185: Beast Master 11th OnlineText Chapter 187: Tyrannosaurus rex, the ancient overlordText Chapter 188: Butterfly Transformation ConferenceMain Text Chapter 189: Exotic Beastmaster
Main Text Update DelayMain Text Chapter 190: To Have Friends Coming from afarText Chapter 191: Three monthsMain Text Chapter 192: Plan for the First Team Meeting
Text Chapter 193: Three-Three BreakthroughMain Text Chapter 194: The City of GodsText Please take a day offText Chapter 195: Antiquities and machinery
Main Text Chapter 196: Your cocoon is unscientificMain Text Chapter 197: Participating Baby is the Biggest Money AbsorberText Chapter 199: The final evolution of insectsText Chapter 200: Gift from the Butterfly God
Text Chapter 201: Chongchong's domineeringText Chapter 202: Scored twiceChapter 204 Shi Yu's Dragon ArmyMain Text Chapter 204: Moonlight Ginseng Baby
Text Chapter 205: Chongchong's Way to Make MoneyMain Text Chapter 206: The Birth of the Cocoon of the CyanwormText Chapter 208 I am not interested in researchText Chapter 208: The Birth of a New Race
Main Text Chapter 209: Immortal PoolText Chapter 210: Before the Breeding ConferenceMain text Chapter 211: The result of rewriting the patternText Chapter 212: Shi Yu's Dream
Main Text Chapter 213: An appointment from Yin ZhengfanMain Text Chapter 214: Red pupil goes to battleText Chapter 215: Fanfan who doubts lifeText Chapter 216: Good news and bad news
Month-end summary and Baimeng thank you chapterText Chapter 217: Predicting the FutureText Chapter 218: One is more outrageous than the otherText Chapter 219: Invitation to the Third Game
Text Please take a day offText Chapter 220: Three BenefitsMain Text Chapter 221: The water-type beast in the Dragon PalaceText Chapter 222: The new beast is a totem
Text Chapter 223: The Might of the Ancient OverlordChapter 225 Sturdy Fighting StyleMain Text Chapter 225: The Finishing Touch of Sweeping Imperial UniversityText Chapter 226: Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast
Text Chapter 227: Master Swordsmith Shi YuText Chapter 228: Artifact Ice Dragon BladeText Chapter 229: New form of red pupilMain Text Chapter 230: Mutated Fruit in the Immortal Pool
Text Chapter 231: Gathering of Undead KingsText Chapter 232: Awakening of the Phoenix BloodlineMain Text Chapter 233: Immortal Phoenix RampageText Chapter 234: Sin
Text Chapter 235: Wuling CityText Chapter 236: Listening to History AgainMain Text Chapter 237: It's Time to Rub GundamsMain Text Chapter 238: Fishing in Wuling ends in misery
Main Text Chapter 239: Evolutionary Planner Shi Yutext leave noteChapter 241 The identity of the owner of the stone mirrorMain Text Chapter 241: Enrollment in the Martial Arts Competition
Main Text Chapter 242: Transformations of Baixi and Lu QingyiMain Text Chapter 243: Iron-eater Beast Knight Thunder Flame FormChapter 245 Speculations Caused by Fragmentation of Rock PillarsMain Text Chapter 245: Another Moth
Main Text Chapter 246: Quasi-Divine Beast ChongxuanMain Text Chapter 247: Opportunities for the Eleventh and Second Stages of EvolutionText Chapter 248: Eleven who evolved to a high overlordText Chapter 249: Locked in a small dark room
Main Text Chapter 250: Shi Yu Entering the Domain of MastersText Chapter 251: Mechanism and God's Forbidden ZoneText Chapter 252: Three goalsText Chapter 253: Temptation of Pingcheng
Text Chapter 254: Mother Ice DragonText Chapter 255: Overlord WillText Chapter 256: Changes in the Ruins SpaceText Chapter 257: Returning to the Imperial Capital
Text Chapter 258: Participating in the Invincible Evolution of BabyMain Text Chapter 259: Time System Undead GinsengMain Text Chapter 260: Let's Play the Baby CupText Chapter 261: Shi Yu who is not a human being
Text Take a day offChapter 263: The Strongest Beastmaster in Icefield CityText Chapter 263: Third Prince of Dragon Palace CityMain Text Chapter 264: Human Race Boss Shi Yu
Text Chapter 265: Gao Xuan in the fourth roundText Chapter 266: Rewards for the National CompetitionText Chapter 267: Participating in Baby's SpringText Chapter 268: The Birth of the King
Main Text Chapter 269: The Legend of Ba Hai and His KunMain Text Chapter 270: Shocking friendsMain Text Chapter 271: Could it be Chong Chong's Epic EnhancementMain Text Chapter 272: Rising Storm Dragon Palace City
Text Chapter 273: Sea SpiritText Chapter 274: It is not recommended to enter the pitMain Text Chapter 275: The Fifth BelovedText Chapter 276: Pandan Islands
Text Chapter 277: New Department of Dragon Palace CityText Chapter 278: Contracted Water SlimeMain Text Chapter 279: I have covered this islandText Chapter 280 Return to Dragon Palace City
Text Chapter 281: Treasures of Dragon Palace Citytext sick leaveText Chapter 282: Slime VS Little White DragonText Chapter 283: Maomao breaks through
Text Chapter 284: Stone of ChangeText Chapter 285: Dragon Palace Banquet BeginsText Chapter 286: The Invincible Environmental BadgeText Chapter 287: Shocking Dragon Palace City
Main Text Chapter 288: The Test of Hell DifficultyMain Text Chapter 289: The test is getting weirderText Chapter 290: The Next Generation of the Beat Dragon PalaceText Chapter 291: The Dragon God Is Coming
Text Chapter 292: The Black Hand from the Age of MythologyText Chapter 293: Return to DonghuangText Chapter 294: Unseen changes in a centuryText Chapter 295: The World Tree Game
Main text Misfortunes never come singly Ask for two days offText Chapter 296: Mechanical Tyrannosaurus RexText Chapter 297: Healing MoviesMain Text Chapter 298: Breaking Through the King-level Chitong
Main Text Chapter 299: Slime of Overlord RaceMain Text Chapter 300: Baby Shen wants to blow himself upText 2021 Year-End SummaryText Chapter 301 Jewel Cat's Breakthrough Wish
Text Chapter 302: Shi Yu VS CommodoreText Chapter 303: The Remains of One PieceMain Text Chapter 304: The Threat from the Two OverlordsMain Text Chapter 305: Emperor Cantian blew himself up to destroy the Overlord
Text Chapter 306 Chong Chong who can't bear it and wants to break throughMain Text Chapter 307: This Day the Jewel Cat Enters the Realm of TotemMain Text Chapter 308 Great Harvest After Returning to DonghuangMain Text Chapter 309: All members reached the king level
Main Text Chapter 310: Team Ranking ReleasedText Chapter 311: Eleven SkillsMain Text Chapter 312: Random Killing in the National CompetitionMain Text Chapter 313: Beyond the Superb Deterrence
Main Text Chapter 314: The lucky guy who was crushed by slimeMain text Chapter 315: A butterfly whose physical strength is comparable to that of a dragonMain Text Chapter 316: Shen Baobao crushes the avenueText Chapter 317: Gao Xuan was beaten away
Main Text Chapter 318: Shi Yu Reached the Top of the National CompetitionText Chapter 319: National Champion Shi YuText 50,000 average orders reached! Thank you everyone!Main Text Chapter 320: Auspicious Divine Beast Qilin
Text Chapter 321: Variation Stone MachineryText Chapter 322: Returning to the Ancient CapitalText Chapter 323: Birth of the Mechanical Pet BeastText Chapter 324: The Master Adds Points
Main Text Chapter 325: Another Great Harvest and Shi Yu's AmbitionText Chapter 326: An Chang's Family HeirloomMain Text Chapter 327: Crazy Duplication of SkillsText Chapter 328: The Birth of the Mechanical Eudemons
Text Chapter 329: Dragon Mama Gives TreasureMain Text Chapter 330: Still Killing Randomly (Happy Chinese New Year)Main Text Chapter 331: Eleven of physical weaknessText Chapter 332: Shi Yu, who is physically exhausted
Text Chapter 333: Remains of KongduText Chapter 334: Returning to Dragon Palace CityText Chapter 335: Susu Didn't Stand UpText Chapter 337: Guardian of the Dragon God
Text Chapter 338: Relics left by Emperor KongText Chapter 339: Starry Sky Beast EggText Chapter 340: Archaeologists who don¡¯t want to be mechanics are not good archaeologistsText Chapter 341: Myth Revival
Text Chapter 342: Bingdundun ElevenText Chapter 343: Shiyu VS KongdiText Chapter 344: Broken World ViewMain Text Chapter 345: Famous Zhen Donghuang
Text Chapter 346: Breaking through Level 6Text Chapter 347: Invincible under the OverlordText Chapter 348: Susu Can Sell MoneyMain Text Chapter 349: Don't scratch, Master Ji
Text Chapter 350: On the Eve of the Machinery ConferenceText Chapter 351: Coming across the borderText Chapter 352: Shi Yu in the Fourth GameText Chapter 353: About the fact that the first four in the sequence became my bodyguards
Main Text Chapter 354: Shi Yu's Three LegionsText Chapter 355: Changed fateText Chapter 356: Allocating Legendary ResourcesMain Text Chapter 367: The Ruins of the Seven Islands Targeted by Shi Yu
Text Chapter 358: Frost and Chill that Freeze TimeText Chapter 359: Sweeping the Seven Islands Beast MasterText Chapter 360: The First Person Under the Legend of the Seven IslandsText Chapter 361: Shaking the Seven Islands
Text Chapter 362: Overlord of all membersText Chapter 363: This duck is not simpleText Chapter 364: Construction of the Second TeamText Chapter 365: The Beauty Trick from the Seven Islands
Text Chapter 366: Phoenix ShrineText Chapter 367: Meteorite and Dragon Palace Environmental Protection DepartmentMain Text Chapter 368: Time Passage and Situation Changed Secret Art LaunchText Chapter 369: One Myth and Two Legends
Main Text Chapter 370: Shi Yu's Totem Friends ArriveText Chapter 371: Open the door and release ShiyuMain Text Chapter 372: Formally stepping into the ranks of top powerhousesText Chapter 373: Hey, the two vests are just for fun
Text Chapter 374: Blue-haired Gun God Lu Bai VS Red-haired Sword God Shi YuText Chapter 375: Tyrannosaurus rex and platypus beating babiesMain text Chapter 376: Practice results after two monthsText Chapter 377: Hunting Overlord
Text Chapter 378: Immortal Sun GinsengText Chapter 379: Shi Yu's Mecha FormMain Text Chapter 380: Six overlord-level puppets acquiredMain Text Chapter 381: Wind Rises Sky Fox
Text Chapter 382: Shi Yu VS Fox GodMain Text Chapter 383: Looting Talent Target CandidatesMain Text Chapter 384: Time Yu Totem First KillMain Text Chapter 386: The Third Beast Familiar Talent
Main Text Chapter 387: Reinforcements Arrive and EscapeMain Text Chapter 388: Lin Xiuzhu's Carrying GrannyMain Text Chapter 389: Senior Panda Senior Potentially LegendaryMain Text Chapter 390: Creating a genre of super energy
Text Push three books (ask for a guaranteed monthly ticket for April)Text Chapter 391: Legendary Senior Sister Lu and Overlord Void MantisText Chapter 392: Chong Chong VS Void Praying MantisText Chapter 393: Shi Yu's super power form
Text Chapter 394: Fusion of Kylin FossilsMain Text Chapter 395: Another Mythical Level ResourceText Chapter 396: The final form of telepathyText Chapter 397: Unlucky Egg Comes Out
Text Chapter 398: The first quasi-magic skill in the teamText Chapter 399: The Power of Quasi-Divine SkillsMain Text Chapter 400: Yilin becomes a god and the whole team ascends to heavenMain Text Chapter 401: Canghai Inheritance Dogs Don't Want
Text Chapter 402: The Reason for the End of the Age of MythologyText Chapter 403: Seventh BelovedMain Text Chapter 404: Tingxiang Ancient CountryText Chapter 405: Praying
Chapter 406: They are too normalText Chapter 407: Qi's True IdentityText Chapter 408: The Umbrella of Time Kills RandomlyText Chapter 409: The Weakest Overlord Qi
Text Chapter 410: Strong Enemy in the World ChampionshipText Chapter 411: The target is a totemText Chapter 412: Evolution of the Eleven GodsText Chapter 413 : Undersea Prison
Text Chapter 414: Chaos Panda and Yin-Yang MillText Chapter 415: Hualong FruitMain Text Chapter 416: Soul Tai Chi DomainText Chapter 417: Awakening of Mechanical Legends
Main Text Chapter 418: The Strongest Background of the Random Killing World TournamentText Chapter 419: Evolution in the Starry SkyMain Text Chapter 420: Qinglong Cultivation PlanText Chapter 421: Kingdom of Glory
Text Chapter 422: The Spirit of TimeText Chapter 423: History of Living MythologyText Chapter 424: Shi Yu Talks about MythologyText Chapter 425: The Legendary Archaeologist
Text Chapter 426: On the eve of the World ChampionshipText Chapter 427: The Name of Shi YuText Chapter 428: Improper PersonText Chapter 429: Son of the Star
Text Chapter 430: Hatching of starry sky eggsMain Text Chapter 431: Walking the Way of Others Leaves Others Nowhere to GoMain Text Chapter 432: Myth Trial Begins (Happy Birthday Vera)Main text Chapter 433: Killing until no one dares to fight
Text Chapter 434: The gaze of the abyssText Chapter 435: Some researchChapter 436: Sure enough, he is not a good personText Chapter 437: Not Playing Cards According to the Routine
Text Chapter 438: Strongest talentMain Text Chapter 439: Machines can also be magicalText Chapter 440: Enviable RewardText Chapter 441: Trial of the Strongest Dragon
Main Text Chapter 442: Descending of the Azure Dragon GodText Chapter 443: Must Kill TargetText Chapter 444: The Power of the Time SystemMain Text Chapter 445: Add a lot of resources
Text Chapter 446: Taurus Ancient GodText Chapter 447: The strongest pet beastMain Text Chapter 448: Full EruptionText Chapter 449: Slaughtering God
Text Chapter 450: Fast forward to the next sessionMain Text Chapter 452: Breaking Through the Legendary LevelMain Text Chapter 453: Re-evolution of ChitongMain text Pushing two books and pet animal information staged summary
Main Text Chapter 455: Contract and AwakeningMain Text Chapter 456: It's so exciting to run away after swiping the jewel catText Chapter 457: Target Heavenly Sword KingdomText Chapter 458: Contract Second Team
Text Chapter 459: Vajra Subduing the Demon DuckMain Text Chapter 460: Shi Yu Enters the Demon SectText Chapter 461: Plans Can't Keep Up With ChangesText Chapter 462: Evolution of ducks and ducks
Main Text Chapter 463: Appearance of Renewable ResourcesText Chapter 464: Emperor Wu AppearsText Chapter 466: Welcome to the Age of MythologyText Chapter 467: Descending of the Four Holy Beasts
Main Text Chapter 468: Senior Sister Lu ArrivesMain Text Chapter 469: Shi Yu Creates the WorldText Chapter 470: Overlord of the land and seaChapter 471: The one who is injured is always the examiner
Main Text Chapter 472: Telepathic talents are monstersMain Text Chapter 473: Shocking Demigod-level Combat PowerMain Text Chapter 474: Crossing the Era of Emperor WuMain Text Chapter 475: Ancient and Modern Iron Eater Showdown
Main Text Chapter 476: Report the Meteor Clan to give away the headMain Text Chapter 477: Ultimate Mechanical RinMain text Chapter 478: Poor and helpless Yun AnText Chapter 479: Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 480: Doesn't belong to this time and spaceMain Text Chapter 481: The Evolution of Eleven Leak-FillingText Chapter 482: The first recovery of rulesMain Text Chapter 483: The worst demigod in history
Text Chapter 484: Return to the original time and spaceMain Text Chapter 485: Demigod Cat Girl Jewel CatText Chapter 486 The Times of Adults Have ChangedChapter 487 Dragon Palace Searches for Xuanwu
Text Chapter 488: Interracial LoveText Chapter 489: Two abnormal new favoritesMain Text Chapter 490: The quasi-magical skills of the small machine duckText Chapter 491: Too cruel, too cruel
Chapter 492 Poor Sword SpiritChapter 493 Assassination from MeteorChapter 494: Once you come, don't even think about leavingText Chapter 495: Attack from the Abyss
Main Text Chapter 496: Breaking Through the Eighth Level BeastmasterChapter 497 Demigod Bear and CatgirlChapter 498 Bored, I want to see blood flow into riversChapter 499: The Battle of Shiyu Conferring the Gods
Chapter 500 Opening the Era of Starry SkyText Chapter 501 Subduing the catChapter 502 Sword Slashing the Immortal PhoenixText Two things (must see)
Text Chapter 503: The Truth About the Queen's DynastyText Chapter 504: Traveling through the Empress EraMain Text Chapter 505: Promoted to Get Rich and Married the EmpressText Chapter 506: Marriage Proposal to the Empress
Text Chapter 507: Large-Scale Family Recognition SceneText Chapter 508: Grilled Demigod Bird WingsChapter 509 Mother Hunting CombinationText Chapter 510: When the ginseng baby ate the undead fruit
Chapter 511: I Almost Believe MyselfMain Text Chapter 512: Demigod Level Suzaku Sword FairyText Live broadcast notice (live broadcast code word + Lian Maiweila)Text Chapter 513: Emperor Kong and the Legend of Evolution
Text Chapter 514: In the universeChapter 515 Dragon Palace CoupText Chapter 516: Creation Azure Dragon GodMain Text Chapter 517: Invincible under Heaven, Enemy from Heaven
Main Text Chapter 518: Alien Beastmaster Descends to Blue StarText Chapter 519: Appearance of the starry skyChapter 520 Alien mentality collapsedChapter 521 Dragon God abdicates and Chongchong enthrones
Text Chapter 522: Shi Yu, Dragon Emperor, Dragon GodChapter 523 Wuwu Dragon Palace My Dragon PalaceText Chapter 524: Multiplying the resources of the top gods by twoText Chapter 525: Meeting between Shi Yu and Shi Di
Chapter 526 Demigod CookChapter 527: Breaking Through the Legendary Beast MasterMain Text Chapter 528: Shocking Emperor Kong for Ten Thousand YearsText Chapter 529: Preparations before leaving
Chapter 530 Departure (End of Blue Star volume)Text Chapter 531: Crazy JourneyText Chapter 532: The World-Destroying Dragon MachineChapter 533 The first battle in the universe
Text Chapter 534 Emperor Kong, whose joy begets sorrowText Chapter 535 Institute of Cosmic DisastersMain Text Chapter 536: Galaxy ChangeText Chapter 537: Su Su Ya Duck Epic Level Enhancement
Text Chapter 538: Duck testMain Text Chapter 539: Second Speed ??Appointed President of the Environmental Protection AssociationChapter 540: Hanging Up Makes Me StrongerText Chapter 541: I have a million dreams
Text Chapter 542: Sword BirdText Chapter 543: Ten Thousand Clans Ranking BattleText Chapter 544: Battle God Bear ElevenText Chapter 545: Cracking the Stars
Text Chapter 546: Demigod War True GodText Chapter 547: Baby Team Takes OffText Chapter 548: Chong Chong's Star WeaponText Chapter 549: The Unlucky Qilin
Text Chapter 550: Cats are back onlineMain Text Chapter 551: Star StormText Chapter 552: Lucky CatText Chapter 553: Dragon and Butterfly
Text Chapter 554: Produced by Emperor ShentianMain Text Chapter 555: The Cosmic Overlord Legion ArrivesText Chapter 556: Birth of XuanwuMain Text Chapter 557: Crooked, the whole evolution is crooked
Chapter 558: I really didn't want to decipher the ruinsMain text Chapter 560: One person raises four saints and four saints raises one personMain Text Chapter 561: Lu Qingyi's CounterattackText Chapter 562: Squeezing the wool of the Four Holy Families
Text Chapter 563: Blue Star's No. 1 PersonText Chapter 564: Owl's Past and PresentText Chapter 565: After half a yearMain Text Chapter 566: The Most Cowardly God and Return (1w words, thanks to Vera and the house chef)
Main Text Chapter 567: The Battle of Conferred Gods BeginsText Chapter 568: Upset in the first battle (big chapter)Text Chapter 569: Reactions from all partiesChapter 570: What happened to this year's rookie
Text Chapter 571: Top Ten SupernovasText Chapter 572: Archaeological Examination of My Past Life BodyChapter 573: Luck is also a part of strengthText Chapter 574: Unavoidable name
Main Text Chapter 575: Hurry up and invite the Eleven Great GodsMain Text Chapter 576: Only Zi Jian hurts the worldText Chapter 577: Gaze of the Four Saints and Super GodsText Chapter 578: Shi Yu rolls over
Main text Chapter 579: Current situation of intra-team competitionMain Text Chapter 580: The Man Who Sees Through the TruthMain Text Chapter 581: Who Is the King of the Conferred Gods (Monthly Ticket Adds +1)Text Chapter 582: Champion Moment
Main Text Chapter 583: Conferring Gods in This Battle (Monthly Ticket Adds +2.5)Main Text Chapter 584: Breakthrough God-level BeastmasterMain Text Chapter 585: All members break through to the god level (monthly ticket plus +3.5) (thanks to Vera for the golden alliance!)Text Chapter 586: Remains of God Wa
Main Text Chapter 587: The Legendary Emperor¡¯s Resurrection (Monthly Ticket Adds +4.5)Text Chapter 588: Time Space BeastText Chapter 589: The Five Emperors in the Same Frame is just around the cornerText Chapter 590: Remains of My Relics
Text Chapter 591: Shi Yu without MoralityText Chapter 592: Evolution of the Time Space BeastText Chapter 593: Whistleblower King TutuText Chapter 594: Resurrected Emperors
Text Chapter 595: Blue Star is promotedMain Text Chapter 596: Time Emperor AppearsMain Text Chapter 597: Blue Star¡¯s First Team Building Activity (Monthly Ticket Plus +7)Text Chapter 598: Blue Star Cultural Ambassador
Main Text Chapter 599: One Star, Ten Super Gods (Monthly Ticket Plus +7.5)Main Text Chapter 600: To whom is the source of new transcendenceChapter 601: Predicted lonelinessText Chapter 602: Master of All Weapons
Text Chapter 603: Going to the Polluted LandMain Text Chapter 605: The Vicious Shiyu PiratesText Chapter 606: Earth Relics and God WaChapter 607: I make a contract with myself
Main Text Chapter 608: Proclaiming the Super God of the AbyssText Chapter 609: Vegetarian Duck CombinationText Chapter 610: Super God First KillText Chapter 611: Belonging to the Source of Transcendence
Text Chapter 612: The New Conferred GodMain Text Chapter 613: King of Realm VibrationChapter 614: Breaking the God-level LimitMain Text Chapter 615: Fan Behavior Kahn Pays
Chapter 616: Skills of Blue Star WillText Chapter 617: Chi You RemainsText Chapter 618: Battle of the EraChapter 619: Gradually understand everything
Main text Chapter 620: Conservative archaeology and destructive archaeologyText Chapter 621: Overlord TerritoryText Chapter 622: Challenging the Cosmic OverlordText Chapter 623: Times come and go
Chapter 624: It's okay, I'll make a moveText Chapter 625: God-level Twelve HeavensText Chapter 626: Glory ChallengeText Chapter 627: The Strongest Universe Sea and the Strongest Hegemony Territory
Text Chapter 629: Space Overlord CypersText Chapter 630: Sleeping placeText Chapter 631: The Era of AccelerationText Chapter 632: The Cursed Genius
Main Text Chapter 633: Cosmic Giant Beast BurstText Chapter 634: MatryoshkaText Chapter 635: Giant Beast and Little PurpleMain Text Chapter 636: Whistleblower King Reveals a New Life
Text Chapter 637: Narrow Encounter RoadText Chapter 638: Please enter the urnText Chapter 639: Two CrossingsMain Text Chapter 633: Cosmic Giant Beast Burst
Text Chapter 634: MatryoshkaText Chapter 635: Giant Beast and Little PurpleMain Text Chapter 636: Whistleblower King Reveals a New LifeText Chapter 637: Narrow Encounter Road
Text Chapter 638: Please enter the urnText Chapter 639: Two CrossingsText Yimeng thank you chapter and promote the book "I Invented at Hogwarts"Text Chapter 640: Duel of Transcendence
Chapter 641: Smash to death with a stick (monthly ticket plus +15)Text Chapter 642: Compete into a pet training battleMain Text Chapter 645: Advent of the Age of MythologyText Chapter 646: Sixth Cosmic Level Information
Text Chapter 647: Super EmpressText Chapter 648: The key to breaking the gameText Chapter 649: The Way of the UniverseChapter 650: The Super Empress Appears
Main Text Chapter 651: Lily Identity (Monthly Pass plus +17)Text Chapter 652: Era BreakthroughMain Text Chapter 653: Shocked that the sixth universe level is...Text Chapter 654: Return to the original universe
Text Chapter 655: Goodbye Realm KingText Chapter 656: Shocking the super god Xiao ZiText Chapter 657: Detachment from the OriginText Chapter 658: Starry Sky Focus
Text Chapter 659: Eighteen HeavensText Chapter 660: The Seventh Cosmic Emperor (Monthly Pass +18.5)Text Chapter 661: Goodbye QueenText Chapter 662: Super God Shiyu
Text Chapter 663: The daughter-in-law is here (monthly ticket +19)Text Chapter 664: Teacher Yue NuMain Text Chapter 665: Emperor Cantian's Sorrow (19.5)Chapter 666: Blue Star's fifth superhuman race
Text Chapter 667: The Hope of the Whole VillageText Chapter 668: Return of the cat (20.5)Chapter 663: The daughter-in-law is hereText Chapter 664: Teacher Yue Nu
Text Chapter 665: The Sorrow of Emperor CantianChapter 666: Blue Star's fifth superhuman raceText Chapter 667: The Hope of the Whole VillageText Chapter 668: Return of the cat
Text two days offText Chapter 669: SickText Chapter 670: The Third TravelerText Chapter 671: Slashing the Cosmic Level with Sword
Text Chapter 672: Admitting a Thief as a MotherMain Text Chapter 673: Acknowledging Mother's ProofMain text Chapter 674: Filial piety towards cats goes badThe main text "" is finished and a five-star sprint event!
Chapter 675: Challenging the No. 1 RaceMain Text Chapter 676: "Tian Di Sutra" and Chaos PandaMain Text Chapter 677: The Precognitive Dream of the Cosmic OverlordChapter 678: Pets are even more outrageous than their owners
Text Chapter 679: MiserableMain text Chapter 680: Insect evolution, the insect that devours the universeText Chapter 682: Shocking the Cosmic GradeMain text Chapter 683: Let me go back (Thanks to the Silver League of the author of "The Beast Patrol" "Shuhuang was forced to write a book"!)
Text Chapter 684: It's Like ThisMain text Chapter 685: The ties of past and present lifeMain Text Chapter 686: Finally Become Cosmic RankText Chapter 687: Difficult Cosmic Level
Chapter 688: Declaring War on the Universe EmperorText Chapter 689: BalanceMain Text Chapter 690: The Polluted Land Changes OwnerText Chapter 691: Galactic Overlord
Text Chapter 692: Cosmic BanditMain Text Chapter 693: The Arrival of Shi Yu's DaughterText Chapter 694: Special Parallel Time and SpaceMain Text Chapter 695: Father and Daughter Bureau
Text Chapter 696: Time and space without time spaceMain Text Chapter 697: The Second Cosmic GradeText Chapter 698: Daddy MonsterChapter 699: Why another one
Text Chapter 700: Birth of the strongestText Chapter 701: Endless Breakthroughtext sheepText Chapter 702: Chaos God Demon
Text Chapter 703: Cosmic ConferenceText Chapter 704: Persecution of Niu Niu AgainText Chapter 705: The new overlord of the universeText Chapter 706: Contract Universe
Text Chapter 707: Changed HistoryText Chapter 708: The MaintainerText Chapter 709: The Final Chapter of Beast ControlText End of this speech
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