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King of Myriad Forms Latest chapter update list

author£ºTian Can Tu Dou

Text There are still 3 days! The new book will be released on April 10: "", the founder of Fen Jue?The main text "" counts down for 2 days, a new attempt, finally tired of writing routinesMain text Chapter 1 I have three phase palacesMain Text Chapter 2 The Fianc¨¦e Who Doesn't Want to Retire
Main Text Chapter 3: Li Luo Who Wants to RetireText Chapter 4 Golden Dragon Treasure BankText Chapter 5 Pei HaoMain Text Chapter 6 Acquired Phase
Text Chapter Seven ChoiceText Chapter 8 A New BeginningText Chapter 9 Household DiscussionsMain text Chapter 10 White-eyed wolf
Main Text Chapter Eleven Energy GuidanceText Chapter Twelve Mutual Force TrainingMain Text Chapter Thirteen: Li Luo in the Bottomless PitMain Text Chapter Fourteen Angry Cai Wei
Text Chapter Fifteen Returning to SchoolMain text Chapter 16: The phase force treeText Chapter 17 Competing for Gold LeafText Chapter Eighteen
Text Chapter Nineteen: Li Luo's AppearanceText Chapter Twenty One Wears ThreeText Chapter 21 Preliminary ExaminationMain text Chapter 22: The price of ascending to the sixth rank
Text Chapter 23: Xiyang HouseText Chapter 24: Yan LingqingText Chapter 25 Tempering Phase MasterText Chapter 26: The Unremarkable Preliminary Examination
Main Text Chapter 27 First Grade Refining RoomText Chapter 28: Li Luo's First Bottle of Spiritual Water Strange LightText Chapter 29: ChildrenText Chapter 30: Yu Lang
Text Chapter 31 Encountering a Strong EnemyText Chapter Thirty-two GeneralText Chapter 33: The Egg Hit the RockText Chapter 34: Li Luo's Water Mirror Technique
Text Chapter 35: A DrawMain Text Chapter 36 Yipin MarketText Chapter Thirty-Seven: Presidential ControversyMain Text Chapter 38: The Source Water of the Secret Method
Text Chapter 39: Enhanced version of Qingbi LingshuiMain Text Chapter 40 Sniping the Pine HouseText Chapter 41: The ChairmanshipText Chapter 42 Governor's Mansion
Main text Chapter 43: The sixth grade of water and lightText Chapter 44: The Big Exam is ComingText Chapter 45: Bailing GardenText Chapter Forty-six: Yeluzi's Young Mansion Master
Main text Chapter 47 Zong Fu who was fined to standMain Text Chapter Forty-Eighth: Meeting Shi KongText Chapter Forty-ninth Exam OpeningMain Text Chapter 50 Exams need to use brains
Text Chapter 51: Three ZerosText Chapter 52: The Ghost-faced Demon Vine TreeMain text Chapter 53 Lian ZhongText Chapter 54: The Fishing Trio
Text Chapter 55: The FogText Chapter 56: TemptationText Chapter 57: Water Mans TechniqueText Chapter Fifty-Eight
Text Chapter 59: Bailing MarketText Chapter 60 DangerText Chapter 61: Hunting Lu QingerText Chapter 62: Ice Jade Hand
Text Chapter 63: The Old-fashioned Hero Rescue the Beauty AppearsText Chapter 64: HostageText Chapter 65 I'm AlrightText Chapter 66: Li Luo is Very Angry
Text Chapter 67: Li Luo is about to start pretendingText Chapter 68: Li Luo Wants to Pretend to Be BigText Chapter Sixty-ninth Battle Master KongText Chapter 70: Li Luo's Arrow
Text Chapter 71 Don't dare to jumpText Chapter 72 Why are you forcing me?Main text Chapter 73: Exam endsText Chapter 74: Song Qiuyu
Text Chapter 75 Are you going to assassinate me?Text Chapter 76: The Song Family¡¯s Foreign AidText Chapter Seventy-Seven: Phase Three of PhysicianText Chapter 78: The Old Dean's Revenge
Text Chapter 79 HolidaysText Chapter 81: Great SacrificeText Chapter 82 Meeting Mo Ling AgainText Chapter 83 Entanglement
Text Chapter 84: Fifth GradeMain Text Chapter 85 Joint RefiningText Chapter 86 ReversalMain Text Chapter 87: Another Upgrade of Xiyang House
Main text Chapter 88: Ready to leaveText Chapter 89: Situation in Luolan MansionText Chapter 90: Si QiuyingText Chapter 91 Goodbye Jiang Qing'e
Main text Chapter 92: The special relationship between the twoText Chapter Ninety-Three: Mandate of HeavenText Chapter 94: CeremonyText Chapter 95: The Rebellious President
Text Chapter 96 Xiyangwu HeadquartersThe text puts up the testimonials.Text Chapter 97: Li Luo wants to be PresidentText Chapter 98: Li Luo's Wrist
Text Chapter 99 Want to resignText Chapter 100 Baohang HeadquartersText Chapter 101: Duze BeixuanText Chapter 102: Bear
Text Chapter 103 ProdigalText Chapter 104: Yu Hongxi, Gong LuanyuText Chapter 105 Jiang Qing'e's WarningText Chapter 106 Forging Wood and Earth
Text Chapter 107: Physician RealmText Chapter 108 Something went wrongText Chapter 109 Emperor OozeText Chapter 110 Divide Heaven and Earth, and Divide Dragon and Tiger
Main text Chapter 111: Freshman strength listText Chapter 112: First in AppearanceText Chapter 113: The first day of schoolMain Text Chapter 114: Sister Flower and Dusawa Red Lotus
Text Chapter 115: Small or BigText Chapter 116 Are you trying to provoke me?Text Chapter 117: Vice President Su XinText Chapter 118: Shen Jinxiao
Text Chapter 119: Shen Jinxiao's MeansText Chapter 120: Encircled and SuppressedText Chapter 121 Head StartText Chapter 122 Containment and interception
Text Chapter 123: Fishing in the Small ForestText Chapter 124 ConfrontationMain Text Chapter 125: Battle Capital ZebeixuanText Chapter 126 Continue to Fight
Text Chapter 127 Iron Blood Yu LangText Chapter 128 Biphasic RevealText Chapter 129: Binding of Ten Thousand Trees and Heavy Water TechniqueText Chapter 130: Choosing a Teacher
Text Chapter 131 Everyone's FateText Chapter 132: Teacher selection endsText Chapter 133: Gong ShenjunText Chapter 134 The Second Step
Text Chapter 135: Instructor Xi ChanText Chapter 136: AlienText Chapter 137 CaptainText Chapter 138: Various Groups
Text Chapter 139: My TeammatesText Chapter 140 First LectureText Chapter 141 CalculationText Chapter 142: Xiang Xi
Text Chapter 143: Under the Tree of StrengthText Chapter 144: Li Luo's ProposalText Chapter 145: Climbing a Tree for the First TimeText Chapter 146: Li Luo's Enduring Power
Text Chapter 147: Flower SeedsMain text Chapter 148: The obsessive Wang HejiuText Chapter 149 CharismaText Chapter 150: Institutional Points
Text Chapter 151 TrainingText Chapter 152: Positioning of the teamText Chapter 153: ImpeachmentText Chapter 154: The Super Little Rich Woman
Text Chapter 155: Incense on GraveText Chapter 156 Accidental RemnantsText Chapter 157: Bai Mengmeng's RequestText Chapter 158: A Difficult Life
Text Chapter 159 Training of the two teamsText Chapter 160: Two Women AgainstMain text Chapter 161: The team's first battleText Chapter 162 Wind Arrow Cavalry
Text Chapter 163: Gathering Wind StyleText Chapter 164: The Governor's SquadText Chapter 165 Team NameText Chapter 166: Ranking Tournament Opens
Text Chapter 167: BesiegedText Chapter 168 CounterattackText Chapter 169 EncounterText Chapter 170 Confluence
Text Chapter 171 Setting up a BureauText Chapter 172 Breaking the GameText Chapter 173: I like it tooText Chapter 174 Are you comfortable?
Text Chapter 175 Losing MoneyText Chapter 176: The Good Show BeginsText Chapter 177: The Great War BeginsText Chapter 178: Cooperation of Physiognomy
Text Chapter 179: Jiang Qing'e and the Eldest PrincessText Chapter 180: Power of Dual PhasesText Chapter 181: Emerald Wooden ArrowText Chapter 182: The Eldest Princess' Invitation
Text Chapter 183 SunsetText Chapter 184 First PointsText Chapter 185: Jinxiao ProjectText Chapter 186: The Marquis of the Black Robe
Text Chapter 187: Exchange Emperor OozeText Chapter 188: BirthdayText Chapter 189 Don't WorryText Chapter 190: One Hundred Thousand Points
Text Chapter 191: Underground PalaceText Chapter 192 SecretsMain text Chapter 193: The goal is to expand the Luolan MansionText Chapter 194 Promotion Planning
Text Chapter 195: In front of the headquartersText Chapter 196: Eat AllText Chapter 197 DestroyText Chapter 198 Assessment
Text Chapter 199 InvitationText Chapter 200 BodyText Chapter 201 DestructionText Chapter 202: Golden Dragon Secret Key
Text Chapter 203 CongratulationsText Chapter 204 Heroes GatherText Chapter 205: Zhu XuanMain Text Chapter 206: Key Contest
Main text Chapter 207 Qing GangfengText Chapter 208 Taking advantage of the trendText Chapter 209: Zhu Xuan's RequestText Chapter 210 Tool Man
Text Chapter 211 Attempt to treatMain Text Chapter 212 Treatment ResultText Chapter 213 Further RelationshipText Chapter 214: No more
Text Chapter 215 Helping HandText Chapter 216: The Third AssessmentText Chapter 217 Hongni LingshuiText Chapter 218: The gift bag is poisonous
Text Chapter 219 CountermeasuresText Chapter 220: Buying HerbsText Chapter 221: Vice President Ning YuText Chapter 222: Yuhongxi's Proposal
Text Chapter 222 AntidoteText Chapter 224 Semi-finished ProductsText Chapter 225: Li Luo made a moveText Chapter 226 Detoxification
Text Chapter 227: Attention from all partiesText Chapter 228: The Curtain Comes to an EndText Chapter 229: Pei Hao's TraceText Chapter 230: Night Attack
Text Chapter 231 Worshiping the EldersText Chapter 232: The pressure after half a yearText Chapter 233: The So-Called Dark CaveText Chapter 234: Alien Information
Text Chapter 235 DisagreementsText Chapter 236: Four-Star FormulaText Chapter 237: Ye ChengyingText Chapter 238: Opening of the Dark Cave
Text Chapter 239: ChoiceText Chapter 240: Looking for CooperationText Chapter 241 My Heart Has No FearText Chapter 242: No. 13 Purification Base
Text Chapter 243: DisagreementText Chapter 244 ConfusionText Chapter 245: The Hand Spider and the RouteText Chapter 246: Dark Spirit Pond
Text Chapter 247: The Team's Independent MissionMain Text Chapter 248: Odd EyesText Chapter 249: CannibalismText Chapter 250: Activating the Purification Tower
Text Chapter 251 StrippingText Chapter 252: Perfect PerformanceText Chapter 253: Outside the Restricted AreaText Chapter 254: Dark Spirit Leaf
Text Chapter 255 CompetitionText Chapter 256: Dazzling HusbandText Chapter 257: Thirty-eight LaddersText Chapter 258 Shock Limit
Text Chapter 259: Crossing Two LevelsText Chapter 260 SqueezeText Chapter 261: Li Luo's Business AcumenText Chapter 262: Li Luo's Thoughts
Text Chapter 263: Changes in the restricted areaText Chapter 264 Alien AliensText Chapter 265: The Disappearing AlienText Chapter 266: The Smiling Face on the Wall
Text Chapter 267: Seeds of Evil ThoughtText Chapter 269: Stronghold Teleportation TowerText Chapter 270 ControversyText Chapter 271 Commander-in-Chief
Text Chapter 272 RescueText Chapter 273 Deep PollutionText Chapter 274: Red Lotus Squad ReturnsMain Text Chapter 275: Self-Humiliation
Text Chapter 276: Natural Disasters ComingText Chapter 277: Alien SiegeText Chapter 278: Evil Thoughts BacklashText Chapter 279: The Smiley Demon's Method
Text Chapter 280 OpportunityText Chapter 281: BeheadingText Chapter 282 DesperationText Chapter 283: Li Luo's Plan
Text Chapter 284: Closing the townText Chapter 285: Dean Pang QianyuanText Chapter 286: Luring the Beast Out of the MountainText Chapter 287: The Fox Pretending to Be the Tiger
Text Chapter 288 Race against timeText Chapter 289 Rescue arrivesText Chapter 290: The Lonely Forward KnightText Chapter 291: Hero
Text Chapter 292 Two Tigers FightingText Chapter 293: QingluanText Chapter 294: The Eldest Princess ArrivesText Chapter 295: Sealing the Three-tailed Giant Beast
Text Chapter 296: Dark Red BraceletText Chapter 297: Sealed Noble PhantasmText Chapter 298: Dean's RequestText Chapter 299: The Heavenly Curse
Text Chapter 300: Black River of Evil ThoughtsText Chapter 301: Teleportation Formation OpensText Chapter 302: The Second Division ArrivesText Chapter 304 Arching Fire
Text Chapter 305: Li BiText Chapter 306 Requirements for AppearanceText Chapter 307 Li Luo's HaikouText Chapter 308: Through the Back Door
Text Chapter 309: Big Baby Bai MengmengText Chapter 310: Butterfly LingshuiText Chapter 311: Embarrassing MomentText Chapter 312: The Spirituality of Mutual Strength
Main text Chapter 313 Seventh grade water and light phaseText Chapter 314 InvitationText Chapter 315: Han ZhiText Chapter 316: Ling Zhaoying
Text Chapter 317 Hacking YouText Chapter 318 Competing with the fifth-grade tempering masterText Chapter 319 Successful refiningText Chapter 320: To make trouble
Text Chapter 321 Shocked meText Chapter 322 Sixty-sixText Chapter 323: EnoughText Chapter 324: The River Sun House of the Sweet Potato
Text Chapter 325: SiblingsText Chapter 326: Celebration PartyText Chapter 327 RogueText Chapter 328 Riding with the Eldest Princess
Text Chapter 329: AmbitionText Chapter 330 Heartfelt WordsText Chapter 331 RewardText Chapter 332: Lin Suo
Text Chapter 333 Space BallText Chapter 334 Daojin and DuobaochiText Chapter 335: The Secret Art of PreservationText Chapter 336: Phase Bubble Technique
Text Chapter 337 EnterText Chapter 338: Golden Dragon DojoText Chapter 339: Such a SituationText Chapter 340: The most vicious beating
Text Chapter 341: The Ji Falcon with Complicated EmotionsText Chapter 342: SiegeText Chapter 343: Golden Dragon QiText Chapter 344: Luck
Text Chapter 345: InterceptedText Chapter 346: A Pack of WolvesText Chapter 347: NegotiationText Chapter 348: Pack of Wolves Fighting
Text Chapter 349: Change of RoleText Chapter 350 Meeting AgainText Chapter 351 Good ShowText Chapter 352: Chaotic Night
Text Chapter 353 Pulling awayText Chapter 354: The Secret Lin SuoText Chapter 355 Lin Suo escapesText Chapter 356: Chopped and fed to the dog
Text Chapter 357: PlanText Chapter 358 Initial ContactText Chapter 359: Treasure PondText Chapter 360: Treasure Selection
Text Chapter 361 Hidden WelfareText Chapter 362: Changing ShotgunsText Chapter 363 MountaineeringText Chapter 364: Golden Eagle Bee Belt
Text Chapter 365: Fighting Linsuo AgainText Chapter 366: Tacit CooperationText Chapter 367: Octagonal Gold ShieldText Chapter 368: The Style of That Arrow
Text Chapter 369 Distribution of spoilsText Chapter 370: Dojo endsText Chapter 371: The fifth patternText Chapter 372 Inside Story
Text Chapter 373 LeisureText Chapter 374: The Story of the Previous GenerationText Chapter 375: A Gift for Bai MengmengText Chapter 376 Ticket Competition
Text Chapter 377: Holy Wood Boundary CaveMain Text Chapter 378: The Beaten Yu LangText Chapter 379 Qingling EnergyText Chapter 380 Special Training Begins
Text Chapter 381 Difficulty of the twentieth floorText Chapter 382: Thousand Flowing Water Knife TechniqueText Chapter 383 Li Luo's BottleneckText Chapter 384 Cooperation
Text Chapter 385: Wang Hejiu's ChoiceText Chapter 386: The Last Special TrainingText Chapter 387: The Fortieth Floor ControversyText Chapter 388 Fierce Battle
Text Chapter 389: Long faceText Chapter 390 Wood and Earth EvolutionText Chapter 391: End of Special TrainingText Chapter 392 Intelligence
Text Chapter 393: Lu Cang and Lu ZangText Chapter 394: Zhao HuiyinText Chapter 395: SchemingText Chapter 396 Rewards
Text Chapter 397: Gathering of Big BossesMain Text Chapter 398 Ticket Competition OpensText Chapter 399: The Eldest Princess VS ZhongnanText Chapter 400: Seven Star Dzi Bead
Text Chapter 401: Burning the Tortoise with Green FireText Chapter 402: Scene 2Text Chapter 403 Reggae SpearText Chapter 404: The Battle of the Samsung Academy
Text Chapter 405: Jiang Qing'e vs. Zhao HuiyinText Chapter 406 Light and GoldText Chapter 407 Golden RakshasaText Chapter 408: I Am Extremely Shame
Text Chapter 409: Invincible Sister JiangText Chapter 410 TransformationText Chapter 411: Decisive GameText Chapter 412 Treatment of the Protagonist
Text Chapter 413: Li Luo AppearsText Chapter 414 GraftingText Chapter 415: The Peak Battle of One Star AcademyText Chapter 416: Li Luo's Purpose
Text Chapter 417 Evolution of Water-Light PhaseText Chapter 419: The EndText Chapter 420: AftertasteText Chapter 421: Awards from the Academy
Text Chapter 422 SelectionText Chapter 423: Jinyu Xuanxiang KnifeText Chapter 424: The Sword ComesText Chapter 425: Here Comes the Knife
Text Chapter 426: Princely brandingText Chapter 427: Gong Shenjun's ConditionText Chapter 428: PalaceText Chapter 429: Yuan Qing
Text Chapter 430: The Real GoalText Chapter 431: Double PoisonText Chapter 432 Turn it into your own useText Chapter 433: Almost Playing Off
Text Chapter 434: Heartbroken Pei HaoText Chapter 435: RetrievalText Chapter 436: The Third Divine Forging TechniqueText Chapter 437: Wang Sui and the Black Card
Text Chapter 438 Finalize HelperText Chapter 439: The Three Most Popular Candidates for the ChampionshipText Chapter 440: Xu Jiu, Fenghoushu, BiphasicText Chapter 441 Penance in the Cauldron
Text Chapter 442: Li Luo's TroubleText Chapter 443: BottomText Chapter 444: Whoring a Dharma Protector for FreeText Chapter 445: Her Heart
Text Chapter 446: Yuhongxi's AspectText Chapter 447 Sudden ChangeText Chapter 448: BlackfishText Chapter 449: Fish Curse
Text Chapter 450: The King of Fish PitText Chapter 451 Before DepartureText Chapter 452: A heavy send-offText Chapter 453 Departure
Text Chapter 454: Small SpaceText Chapter 455: The Sternest WarningText Chapter 456: The Golden Emblem of the Divine TreeText Chapter 457: The Ambition of King Shengming¡¯s Academy
Text Chapter 458 LeafletText Chapter 459: The Violent Jing TaixuText Chapter 460: Liang ZiText Chapter 461 Officially Begins
Text Chapter 462: Gathering AltarText Chapter 463 Qin Zhulu vs Sun DashengText Chapter 464: ExplorationText Chapter 465: Two Sticks
Text Chapter 466: Ace SquadText Chapter 467 "Double Phase" Yu LangText Chapter 468 Who is the LiarText Chapter 469: Two biphasic
Text Chapter 470: Medium-sized Spirit Gathering AltarText Chapter 471 Guard BattleText Chapter 472 Battle DeploymentText Chapter 473: Melee Begins
Text Chapter 474: Two WaysText Chapter 475: Closing the door and releasing poisonText Chapter 476: One KnifeText Chapter 477 Domineering
Text Chapter 478 Night ChatText Chapter 479: Gathering Spirit Altar GroupText Chapter 480: LadderText Chapter 481 Goodwill?
Text Chapter 482: Li Luo's AmbitionText Chapter 483: Activating the Fourth SeatText Chapter 484: Li Luo's ExplosionText Chapter 485 Don't show signs
Text Chapter 486: Ringing the Juling BellText Chapter 487 Who is ScarierText Chapter 488: Jing Taixu's PlanText Chapter 489: Quota for Six
Text Chapter 490: Entering the Dragon Blood Fire DomainText Chapter 491: Phantom FormationText Chapter 493 Who is the Hunter?Text Chapter 494 Bloodline Physiognomy
Text Chapter 495 Change of TokenText Chapter 496 Dragon Blood PearlText Chapter 497: Straight into the FinalsText Chapter 498: Meeting Luming Again
Text Chapter 499: Battle Between Biphasic PersonsText Chapter 500: Luming's Illusionary FormationText Chapter 501: The Siege of Samsung AcademyText Chapter 502: Li Luo's Defense
Text Chapter 503: Li Luo's BreakthroughText Chapter 504: Elimination of LumingMain text Chapter 505: The hole cardsText Chapter 506 Ninth Rank Spirit Envoy
Main text Chapter 507: Battle methodMain text Chapter 508: The Envoy of LightText Chapter 509: The Overbearing Jiang Qing'eText Chapter 510: The Victory and Loss of the Samsung Academy
Text Chapter 511: Jing Taixu's Dragon General TechniqueText Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve: Embarrassed ExitText Chapter 513: The most beautiful boy in YixingyuanText Chapter 514 Forging a Legend
Text Chapter 515: Two Golden Emblems of the Divine TreeText Chapter 516: The Decisive Battle at Four Star AcademyText Chapter Five Hundred and Seventeen Three Blessings of King MingText Chapter 518: Gong Shenjun¡¯s Choice
Text Chapter 519 CelebrationText Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty: Gong Shenjun's InvitationMain text Chapter 521: Fragrant RewardsText Chapter 522: Testing the Eldest Princess
Text Chapter 523 Contents of Mixed Grade CompetitionText Chapter 525: Messing with the Eldest PrincessText Chapter 525: Messing with the Eldest PrincessText Chapter 526: Elder Lingyu
Main Text Chapter 527: The Mixed Level Match That Becomes SeriousText Chapter 528: Red Sand CountyText Chapter 529: Small townText Chapter 530 Strong Suppression
Text Chapter 531 Four Armed Demon SnakeText Chapter 532: Zhenjiang CityText Chapter 533 CaptivityText Chapter 536: So Strong
Text Chapter 535: The Heijia ManText Chapter 536: So StrongText Chapter 537: Two Women Join ForcesText Chapter 538: The Shuangjiao Kills the Demon
Text Chapter 542 Thunder FruitText Chapter 540 Temporary MissionText Chapter 541: Qin Yue, Zhao BeiliText Chapter 542 Thunder Fruit
Text Chapter 543: Thunder Tree AttackText Chapter 544 Special SignalText Chapter 545: Seducing Lu MingText Chapter 546: Silver Tree Heart
Text Chapter 551: Li Luo who broke the gameText Chapter 548: The Heijia Man ReappearsText Chapter 549 IdentityText Chapter 550: Yellow House
Text Chapter 551: Li Luo who broke the gameText Chapter 552: Thunder King PondText Chapter 553: Thunder FurnaceText Chapter 554: Completing the Mission
Text Chapter 555 RespectiveText Chapter 556: Red Armored GeneralText Chapter 557 Collision with LanlanText Chapter 558: Peak Confrontation
Text Chapter 559: The Second Fight with Jing TaixuText Chapter 560 Faster than anyone elseText Chapter 561: Forced to withdraw the Lan Lan teamText Chapter 562: Empty City
Text Chapter 568: The real bodyText Chapter 564: IllusionText Chapter 565: Dangerous StreetText Chapter 566 Candied haws
Text Chapter 567: Weird Confused AliensText Chapter 568: The real bodyText Chapter 569: BeheadingText Chapter 570: The First Purifying Spirit Bead
Text Chapter 571: Natural DisasterText Chapter 572: The Final Battle of the Mixed Grade CompetitionText Chapter 573: Transfer of Discourse PowerText Chapter 574: Misfortune
Text Chapter 575: Four Heroes Battle AobaiText Chapter 576: FlawsText Chapter 577: Improved PhysiognomyText Chapter 578 Jointly Defeating the Enemy
Text Chapter 579: Counterattack MomentText Chapter 580 Captain OffensiveText Chapter 581: Teaming up to Slay DemonsText Chapter 582: Red Armor
Text Chapter 583: Jiang Qing'e's AttackText Chapter 584: Gong Shenjun's IntentionsText Chapter 585: The Red Armored General¡¯s PlanText Chapter 586: Demon-like Red Armored General
Text Chapter 587 Communication with the Three-tailed SiriusText Chapter 588: One KnifeText Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty NineText Chapter 590: The Final Points
Text Chapter 591: Mixed-level competition endsText Chapter 592: ChampionText Chapter 593: The Purple Emblem of the Divine TreeText Chapter 594 Exit
Text Chapter 595: Holy Tree Spirit CrystalText Chapter 596 SecretMain TextText Chapter 604: The Eldest Princess' Investment
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-NineText Chapter 600 PrestigeText Chapter 607 The third phase: Dragon and Thunder Phase!Text Chapter 602: Treasure Bai Mengmeng
Text Chapter 603: The Sensitive Eldest PrincessText Chapter 604: The Eldest Princess' InvestmentText Chapter 605: Niu Biaobiao ExitsText Chapter 606: Jiang Qing'e's Narrow-mindedness
Text Chapter 607 The third phase: Dragon and Thunder Phase!Text Chapter 614: Mysterious PowerText Chapter 609: Angry Fish HongxiText Chapter 610 Yun Ling Pill
Text Chapter 611 Biphasic AdvancementText Chapter 612: Shocking the Earth Demon CommanderText Chapter 613 Earth Sha EnergyText Chapter 614: Mysterious Power
Main text Chapter 615: Sha Palace Realm!Main Text Chapter 616 Three-Phase ConsummationText Chapter 617 Imbuing SpiritsText Chapter 618: Alchemy
Text Chapter 619 Goodbye Pei HaoText Chapter 620: Pei Hao's IntentionText Chapter 621: Xu TianlingMain text Chapter 622 Deterrence
Text Chapter 623: Lightning Lightning TechniqueText Chapter 624: Records Are Made to Be BreakedText Chapter 625: Jiang Qing'e's ChallengeText Chapter 626 Challenge Zhong Taiqiu
Text Chapter 627: Void OrbText Chapter 628: Peak ShowdownText Chapter 629: A new seven-star pillar, a legend is bornText Chapter 630 Application
Text Chapter 631: Two LegendsText Chapter 632: Black Dragon Underworld BannerText Chapter 633: Instructor, shock me.Text Chapter 634: Daigo Golden Lotus
Text Chapter 635: Black HandText Chapter 636 CompletionText Chapter 643: Underestimated ParentsText Chapter 638: Lanling Mansion
Text Chapter 639: Li Luo's ThoughtsText Chapter 646: An Unexpected ConfrontationText Chapter 641: Tempting Three TailsText Chapter 642: The Eve of the Mansion Festival
Text Chapter 643: Underestimated ParentsText Chapter 644: House Sacrifice ArrivalText Chapter 645: Hands-on by all partiesText Chapter 646: An Unexpected Confrontation
Text Chapter 647: Opening up directlyText Chapter 648: Cloud MovementText Chapter 649: Battle of the Golden PalaceText Chapter 650: Pei Hao's Backhand
Text Chapter 651: Li Luo vs. Pei HaoText Chapter 652: Heavenly Sword FormationText Chapter 653: The Power of the Black Dragon Underwater BannerText Chapter 654: Violence
Text Chapter 655: Zhu Qinghuo's MeansText Chapter 656: The Big Show BeginsText Chapter 657: Marquis BattleText Chapter 658 Mutation
Text Chapter 659: The Returning "Pei Hao"Text Chapter 660: Heavenly Sting Transformation Sacred ArtText Chapter 661 Marquis MarquisText Chapter 662 Husband and wife doubles
Text Chapter 663: The Death of Pei HaoText Chapter 664: Another waveText Chapter 665: The Black Hand Behind the ScenesText Chapter 666: Tantai Lan's Attack
Text Chapter 667: The Palace Festival EndsText Chapter 668 Family GatheringText Chapter 669: Great Formless God Forging TechniqueText Chapter 670: The Great War Ends
Text Chapter 671: The Frustrated RegentText Chapter 672 Different ChoicesText Chapter 673: Favors EverywhereText Chapter 674: Guests come
Text Chapter 682: UpheavalText Chapter 676: Five Elements Dragon Elephant FormationText Chapter 677: MisfortuneText Chapter 678: The Eve of the Grand Ceremony
Text Chapter 679: Grand CeremonyText Chapter 680: The Prologue BeginsText Chapter 681: The Ceremony of Protecting the CountryText Chapter 682: Upheaval
Text Chapter 683: Gong Yuan¡¯s AmbitionText Chapter 684: Qin Zhenjiang's ShotText Chapter 685: A Piece of Purple FragranceText Chapter 686: Dean Pang's Backhand
Text Chapter 687: Cut YouText Chapter 688: King Level Experience CardText Chapter 689 In-depth experienceText Chapter 690: Exposure of the Three Phases
Text Chapter 691: The Change of the AcademyText Chapter 692: The Source of Pollution in the UniversityText Chapter 693 Suppressing the Fish CurseText Chapter 694: The Power of Gathering
Text Chapter 695: Difficulty at the AcademyText Chapter 696: Fenghou RealmText Chapter 697: Changes in the Deep of the Dark CaveText Chapter 698: Corpse King
Text Chapter 699: The Burning Sagittarius TreeText Chapter 700: SealText Chapter 701: Black TokenText Chapter 702 Great Xia Upheaval
Text Chapter 703 Giving upText Chapter 704: Xuan ChenText Chapter 705: The split of the royal courtText Chapter 706: All parties stand in line
Text Chapter 707 An AnswerText Chapter 708 ConditionsText Chapter 709 Returning SouthText Chapter 710: The Heart Taker
Main Text Chapter 711: Demonic AppearanceText Chapter 712: The Battle to the SouthText Chapter 713: Shen Jinxiao's StrengthText Chapter 714: The Battle of the Four Marquis
Text Chapter Seven hundred and fifteenText Chapter 716 Last resortText Chapter 717: Slaying Your Three Marquis TowersText Chapter 718 Sacrificial Burning Bright Heart
Text Chapter 719: The Mysterious ManText Chapter 720: Li RouyunText Chapter 721 Sea Mind OrbText Chapter 722 Task
Text Chapter 723: Events of the YearText Chapter 724: That Fascinating MoonlightText Chapter 725: Holy Light Ancient AcademyText Chapter 734: The Terrible Heavenly King Pulse
Text Chapter 727 RetirementText Chapter 728: SeparationText Chapter 729 Returning to the South WindText Chapter 730: Farewell to the Eldest Princess
Text Chapter 731: Before PartingText Chapter 732: Leaving DaxiaText Chapter 733: Heavenly Dragon Five MeridiansText Chapter 734: The Terrible Heavenly King Pulse
Text Chapter 735 Past Events of ParentsText Chapter 736: Li Luo's GoalText Chapter 737: Dragon Tooth DomainText Chapter 738: Dragon Tooth Mountain Range
Text Chapter 739: Big Brother and Second SisterText Chapter 740: Li JingzheText Chapter 741: Zhao XuanmingText Chapter 742: Dragon Bell
Text Chapter 743: Five Guards and Twenty BannersText Chapter 744 Entering the FlagText Chapter 745 MeritText Chapter 746: Protecting the throne for the father
Text Chapter 747: The Grandfather¡¯s TalkText Chapter 748 Monthly SalaryText Chapter 749: Part FiveText Chapter 750: Qingming School Field
Text Chapter 751: The Head of the Fifth BannerText Chapter 752: Black Dragon Shocks the School FieldText Chapter 753: SurrenderText Chapter 754 Returning to the Dragon
Text Chapter 755: Zhao Yanzhi's AmbitionText Chapter 756: Seventy-two layers of demon caveText Chapter 757: Dragon MonumentText Chapter 758 Thunder Dragon Breath
Text Chapter 759: Nine Dragon BreathsText Chapter 760 Nine-turn Dragon's Breath AlchemyText Chapter 761: The Flags VibrateText Chapter 762: All the Banners Return
Text Chapter 763 GoalText Chapter 764 AikiText Chapter 765: Shamo PeakText Chapter 766: Status Quo
Text Chapter 767: The First Experience of the Demon CaveText Chapter 768: The FlagText Chapter 769: Sha Demon LeaderText Chapter 770 Experience the Power of Aiki
Text Chapter 771: The First Pass of Part FiveText Chapter 772: PriceText Chapter 773: The Banner ControversyText Chapter 774 Li Qingfeng, Li Hongli
Text Chapter 775: MatchText Chapter 776: Fighting Li TongText Chapter 777 RevealingText Chapter 778 Surprise the flags
Text Chapter 779 Tianyuan Record, Fenghua ListText Chapter 780 Dragon Tooth ThunderText Chapter 781: Five Thousand ConsummationText Chapter 782 Resource Allocation
Text Chapter 783: Niu Biaobiao's CampaignText Chapter 784: Third DeanText Chapter 785: Li Luo's PlanText Chapter 786: Lu Qingmei
Text Chapter 787: The Nine-Turn Technique, Splitting the Sea XuanguangText Chapter 788: The Third RealmText Chapter 789: DrawText Chapter 790 Spirit Mark
Text Chapter 791: The Battle of the Head of the BannerText Chapter 793: Sha GangText Chapter 793: Sha GangText Chapter 794: One Slash
Text Chapter 795: AftermathText Chapter 796: Li Jingzhe's ReminderText Chapter 797: Xuanhuang Dragon Qi PoolText Chapter Seven hundred and ninety-eight new officials take office
Text Chapter 799: Li Luo's CounterattackText Chapter 800 Zhong Ling AppearsText Chapter 801 Eight Thousand "Aiki"Text Chapter 802: The Power of the Heavenly Dragon Dharma Aspect
Text Chapter 803: Loss of Energy ControlText Chapter 804: The Accountability of the Headmaster¡¯s PavilionText Chapter 805 Dragon Tooth Marquis Marquis TechniqueText Chapter 806: The News Comes Out
Text Chapter Eight Hundred and SevenText Chapter 808 Five TailsText Chapter 809: Fortieth FloorText Chapter 810: Dragon Tooth Cave
Text Chapter 811: Puppet PythonText Chapter 812 CheatingText Chapter 813 Dragon Tooth EssenceText Chapter 814: A Glitter of Sword Intent
Text Chapter 815 BanquetText Chapter 816: Gathering of Twenty FlagsText Chapter 817: Default SeatsText Chapter 818 Banquet Protagonist
Text Chapter 819: Qin YiText Chapter 820: Dou LianText Chapter 821 RejectionText Chapter 822: Beginning and Ending
Text Chapter 823 EndingText Chapter 824: Qin LianText Chapter 825: The Head of the Five MeridiansText Chapter 826: Qin Zhiming
Text Chapter 827 Fighting for the FrontText Chapter 828: Opening Dragon PondText Chapter 829: Shadow DragonText Chapter 830: Isolation zone
Text Chapter 831: Spirit Mirror Water HallText Chapter 832 Re-enactmentText Chapter 833: Fighting Qin YiText Chapter 834: Shuiyu Flawless
Text Chapter 835: Twelve Composite BubblesText Chapter 836: Wind and Thunder Plantain FanText Chapter 837 Narrow VictoryText Chapter 838: The Most Fragrant Golden Dragon Pillar
Text Chapter 839: Seize the Golden Dragon PillarText Chapter 840 Different ChoicesText Chapter 841: Strongest DefenseText Chapter 842: The Dragon Pillar Has a Lord
Text Chapter 843: The Biggest WinnerText Chapter 844: Xuanhuang Dragon QiText Chapter 845: Li Luo's BaitMain text Chapter 846: Each means
Text Chapter 847: Great HarvestText Chapter 848: The Undefeated VenerableText Chapter 849: Unhappy Li FengyiText Chapter 850: Sanguang Liuli
Text Chapter 851: Fighting for the Dragon HeadText Chapter 852: Dark FieldText Chapter 853 Leapfrog BreakthroughText Chapter 855: Four Flags Gathering
Text Chapter 855: Four Flags GatheringText Chapter 856: Xiling RealmText Chapter 858: Li LingjingText Chapter 859: Gathering of Black Clouds
Text Chapter 860: Zhao JingyuText Chapter 860: Zhao JingyuText Chapter 862: First confrontationText Chapter 863 Who is unlucky
Text Chapter 864: The Kind Brothers of the Zhao FamilyText Chapter 865: The Purpose of the True DevilText Chapter 866 CollegialText Chapter 867 Clearing Plan
Text Chapter 868: Red Flame Mountain RangeText Chapter 869: Golden Armored SwordText Chapter 870 Odd InterferenceText Chapter 871: A Kick
Text Chapter 872: True Devil ReappearsText Chapter 873 Successive ChangesText Chapter 874: True Devil Li LingjingText Chapter 875: Black Insect Smoke
Text Chapter 876: Desperate CounterattackText Chapter 877: Li Lingjing's Desperate SurvivalText Chapter 878: Water and Fire Strange PoolText Chapter 879: The Chance of Compensation
Text Chapter 879: The Chance of CompensationText Chapter 881 Mission CompleteText Chapter 881 Mission CompleteText
Text Chapter 883 AlienText Chapter 884 ReturnText Chapter 885: Refining Secret TechniqueText Chapter 886 Talking with Uncle Biao
Text Chapter 887: Jiang Qing'e's Promotion BattleText Chapter 888: Ultimate Purifying PowerText Chapter 889: Everything is worthlessText Chapter 890: Tianlong Jingmu
Text Chapter 891: The Terrible Reunification SessionText Chapter 892: Li Lingjing's PotentialText Chapter 893: Two swords fighting for the frontText Chapter 894: The Essence in Hand
Text Chapter 895 Tianbao Lotus ThroneText Chapter 896: The Heart of DaigoText Chapter 897: Water Dragon Tooth SwordText Chapter 898: Choice of Two Laws
Text Chapter 899: Head of the Four Banners of Longya VeinText Chapter 900: XiaofenghoushuText Chapter 901: Black Jade Tree DragonText Chapter 902: Li Luo takes the top position
Text Chapter 903 Tianlong Battle BodyText Chapter 904: The Opening of the Great ContestText Chapter 905 Stone Dragon Three Thousand ZhangText Chapter 906: Burning Dragon Flames
Text Chapter 907: The Unexpected Li JingtaoText Chapter Nine Hundred and Eight: Two thousand nine hundred and seventy feetText Chapter Nine Hundred and NineText Chapter 910: Li Luo's Sprint
Text Chapter 911: Slaying the DragonText Chapter 912: Another RecordText Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirteen Nine Scales Heavenly Dragon Fighting FormText Chapter 914: Fighting Lu Qingmei
Text Chapter 915: Finally Met Qingfeng LiText Chapter 916 Dragon Blood BalanceText Chapter 917 Bloodline RatioText Chapter 918: The Dragon Head Is Here
Text: Chapter 919: Scene 9Text Chapter 920: Father and Son BureauText Chapter 921 Dacheng RealmText Chapter 924: Reward
Text Chapter 925: Tianlong Sunchaser BowText Chapter 926: Spiritual Aspect CaveText Chapter 927: Marquis of the First ClassText Chapter 928 High-Level Deliberations
Text Chapter 929: The new headmaster, Niu BiaobiaoText Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirty: EverywhereText Chapter 929: The new headmaster, Niu BiaobiaoText Chapter 932: Li Fuling
Text Chapter 933: Sixty-third FloorText Chapter 934 BeatingText Chapter 935: Qingming Banner Ranked No. 1Text Chapter 936: Li Wuyuan
Text Chapter 937 TargetingText Chapter 938: The Embroidered Sword ShadowText Chapter 939 DepartureText Chapter 940
Text Chapter 941 Convergence of Five MeridiansText Chapter 942: LeaderText Chapter 943: Cousin Lingjing¡¯s BehaviorText Chapter 944: Tower
Text Chapter 945: Six Apertures AlchemyText Chapter 946: Nine AperturesText Chapter 947 Great Blood PoisonText Chapter 948: Golden Terrace
Text Chapter 949: MisfortuneText Chapter 950: Cultivation BaseText Chapter 951: The Son of Destiny in the Spiritual CaveText Chapter 952: Birth of Jinlu
Text Chapter 953: The Effect of the Small Formless FireText Chapter 954: Buried PitText Chapter 955: Luring Thieves into the ValleyText Chapter 956: All the way, teammates surrender
Text Chapter 957 Forced to retreatText Chapter 958: Full of HatredText Chapter 959: Li Luo's Prestige GainsText Chapter 960: Duo
Text Chapter 961 Purification of "Spiritual Golden Dew"Text Chapter 962: Meeting Qin Yi  
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