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When youthful fantasies come to life Latest chapter update list

author£ºKissing Pigs at the Corner

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Oh! Absurd youthVOLUME 2 Chapter 2 Boys must protect themselvesvol. Chapter 3 Girl, You're Going Wrong!VOLUME ONE Chapter 4 Girls Always Have a Lot of Crap
VOLUME 1 Chapter 5 After ClassVOLUME ONE Chapter 6 I Kissed Him Todayvol. Chapter 7 Who Can Reject a Handsome and Gentle Boy?VOLUME 8 Chapter 8 Youth Past
VOLUME VOLUME 9 Chapter 9 No Sister This Time, but a SisterVOLUME 1 Chapter 10: Yu Zhile Finally DecidedVOLUME 1 Chapter 11 The Promised Tomorrow Has ArrivedVOLUME 1 Chapter 12 Don't Scare the Children
Volume 13 Chapter 13 Take the initiative!vol.2 Chapter 14 The Child Is StupidVOLUME 1 Chapter 15 A Boy Like a PoetVolume 16 Chapter 16 You are so gentle, I am afraid.
VOLUME 1 Chapter 17 Now We Can ChatVOLUME 18 Chapter 18 Is it okay to just chat?VOLUME 10 Chapter 19 Friends Are Like This?VOLUME 2 Chapter 20 Let's Exchange Secrets
Volume 21 Chapter 21 Miracles Will HappenVolume 2 Chapter 22 Dear Me, Hello.vol.2 Chapter 23 Underground FriendshipVOLUME 2 Chapter 24 You Eat My Loin
vol.2 Chapter 25 Too CuteVOLUME 2 Chapter 26 Xiaoyue FishingVOLUME 2 Chapter 27 The End of the World Won't Happen in Summervol.2 Chapter 28 Everyone Praises Me for Being Hardworking
vol.2 Chapter 29 I Bring My Own VegetablesVOLUME 2 Chapter 30 Fish Arch CabbageVolume 31 Chapter 31 Want to make a promise with your body (thanks to classmate Chen Shishi for the reward!)vol.2 Chapter 32 The Smell of Wind
vol.2 Chapter 33 This Kid Is Really NiceVOLUME VOLUME 34 Chapter 34 Picking up Girls by OrderVOLUME 35 Chapter 35 Heartbeat AlbumVOLUME 2 Chapter 36 Do You Have to Do Quests to Make Friends?
VOLUME 2 Chapter 37 You Are Facing an Entire Think TankVOLUME 38 Eating Buns Togethervol.2 Chapter 39 Only Fools Confessvol.2 Chapter 40 The Great Tree
vol.2 Chapter 41 Really Excitingvol.2 Chapter 42 Big Liarvol.2 Chapter 43 Trying to Get AngryVOLUME 2 Chapter 44 Just Step by Step!
vol.2 Chapter 45 What a Coincident, I Didn't Bring an Umbrellavol.2 Chapter 46 This Posture I LikeVOLUME 2 Chapter 47 The Sound of a HeartbeatVOLUME 2 Chapter 48 Sister is a Creature
vol. Chapter 49 Master, I have enlightened!vol.2 Chapter 50 Miraculous DreamMain Text Chapter 51 Food AddictionMain Text Chapter 52 Whose Home to Review?
Main Text Chapter 53 Being at the same table onceMain Text Chapter 54 Together is the BestMain Text Chapter 55 Like a CoupleMain Text Chapter 56 Sure enough, I still go to my house
Text Chapter 57 A House with a StoryMain Text Chapter 58 Losers have to bark like a dogMain Text Chapter 59 Summer's LovelinessMain Text Chapter 60 You must quit this time!
Text Chapter 61 I'm ScaredText Chapter 62 Have You Forgot Something ImportantText Chapter 63 You Are Braver Than Lu BuMain Text Chapter 64 May's Tail
The text is on the shelf~Main Text Chapter 66 I like it more than you thinkMain Text Chapter 67 What a FateMain Text Chapter 68 You Can Date in the Examination Room
Text Chapter 69 Let's Take a Nap TogetherMain Text Chapter 69 Can't I Give It For Free?Main Text Chapter 70 Leaving School (Chen Shishi's Addition 1)Main Text Chapter 71 This is a brand new dating place (plus 2)
Main Text Chapter 72 My Wife Satsuki is Pregnant with a Third ChildText Chapter 73 Who is knocking on my windowMain Text Chapter 74 One Hour of WillfulnessMain Text Chapter 75 The college entrance examination is coming!
Text Chapter 76 Auntie Likes You (Da Zhang, Ask for a Monthly Ticket)Main Text Chapter 77 I Want to Hug You!Main Text Chapter 78 Can I be eighteen years oldMain Text Chapter 79 Time Stop Failed! ! (+2 more!)
Text Chapter 80 I Like Your BookMain Text Chapter 81 The Stupid and Cute Bear Just Wants to Hug You (Two in One!)Main Text Chapter 82 Xiaoyue's Gift!Main Text Chapter 83 There is no love that a small eDonkey can't solve
Main Text Chapter 84 Maybe I'm Older? (Two in one! Ask for a monthly pass!)Main Text Chapter 85 A New Beginning (Ask for Double Monthly Tickets!)Main Text Chapter 86 Dear sisters, please take care of me (please double the monthly ticket!)Text A single chapter asks for double monthly tickets!
Main Text Chapter 88 Yu Zhile is my husband! (Two in one! Ask for a monthly pass)Main Text Chapter 88 It's normal between friends (ask for double monthly tickets!)Main Text Chapter 89 Formal appointment (thanks to the leader of the krypton gold sow!)Text Chapter 90 Soft (Super Large ¡¤ 2-in-1) (plus more)
Main Text Chapter 92 Let's Pull GougouMain Text Chapter 92 Simple Boys Just Want to Interlock Their Fingers (Please Guaranteed Monthly Pass!)Text Chapter 93 This is our little sheepText Chapter 94 Sleeping in Your Bed First
Main Text Chapter 95 Are You Talking About Me (Da Zhang Jia Geng)Text Chapter 96 Who Says This Is Not Possible?Main Text Chapter 97 How can observations be called hooligans?Main Text Chapter 98 She Probably Is About to Lose (Big Chapter)
Text Chapter 99 I like you, I like you!Main Text Chapter 100 I'm Not Innocent AnywayText Chapter 101 It's okay to just post itMain Text Chapter 102 Rejuvenation! Sister becomes younger sister? !
Main Text Chapter 103 Temporary Guardian (Two in One)Text Chapter 104 Are You My Brother's Wife (Two in One)Text Chapter 105 She's Just My SisterMain Text Chapter 106 Always Feels Weird
Main Text Chapter 107 Xiaoyue's Time-Stopping StoryText Chapter 108 I Have a Way to Make You BiggerMain Text Chapter 109 Gentleman Zhile, Lady Satsuki (big chapter)Main Text Chapter 110 Manual Control Is Normal (Two in One)
Text Chapter 111 Me and You Back thenMain Text Chapter 112 Actually, I Still Control My LegsText Chapter 113 Woohoo, Xiaoyue is ScaredMain Text Chapter 114 A Girl's Lips Are Sweet!
Main Text Chapter 115 Grabbing My HeartMain Text Chapter 116 Bubble Hand Bath (Thanks to the lord of the passing time!)Text Chapter 117 Sleeping with my sister tonight (two in one)Main Text Chapter 118 Children Will Grow Up (End of This Volume)
Main Text Chapter 119 College Entrance Examination Results ReleasedText Chapter 120 Hugging also lostMain Text Chapter 121 Going to Sleep at Your HouseMain Text Chapter 122 Beautiful Girl Writer
Text Chapter 123 Sure enough, something bad will happen if you abduct her homeText Chapter 124 Just You Be Responsible For MeText Chapter 125 Find a place to eat youMain Text Chapter 126 The Secret of Success Is Simple
Text Chapter 127 Let's Sleep Together TodayText Chapter 128 The Punishment of LoveText Chapter 129 SweetText Chapter 130 Dating
Text Chapter 131 I only look for you when I stopText Chapter 132 The key is to bring youText Chapter 133 Benefits of Wearing a SkirtMain Text Chapter 134 Let's see who can't help it first (Thanks to Sister Luo for being the leader)
Text Chapter 135 It will break if you hold it for a long timeMain Text Chapter 136 Betting that there are no losers (big chapter)Main Text Chapter 137 Xiaoyue's AppearanceText Chapter 138 The Gift of Qixi Festival (Three in One)
Text Chapter 139 First KissMain Text Chapter 140 Acting like a baby (two in one)Main Text Chapter 141 School Starts!Text Chapter 142 College Life
Main Text Chapter 143 Human and Dog Different Ways (Two in One)Text Chapter 144 Lover SlopeText Chapter 145 How to Make Others Remember YouChapter 146 Covering You with Sunscreen
Text Chapter 147 No one can escape the food that should be eatenText Chapter 148 The Importance of Having a CraftMain Text Chapter 149 The Baby Really Can't Refuse (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 150 Space-Time Phone (Two in One)
Text Chapter 151 The Confluence of Past and Future (Two in One)Text Chapter 152 Let's Discuss Each Other (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 153 Honest Liar and Y2K (Two in One)Text Chapter 154 Mom, I'll Tell Your Fortune (Two in One)
Text Chapter 155 Mom, I'm Your Doraemon (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 156 I Taught My Mom to Chase My Dad (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 157 I'll Wait For You In The Future (End Of This Volume)Main Text Chapter 158 Secrets to Talk to Your Mouth (Two in One)
Text Chapter 159 Let's Live Together (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 160 My Snail Girl (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 161 Pig and Cabbage Run Away (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 162 The Transforming Cat Can Always Find a Way (2 in 1)
Main Text Chapter 163 Boys in the Morning Are Dangerous (2 in 1)Main Text Chapter 164 Attacking Rabbit (Two in One)Main Text Chapter 165 The Literary Girl Will Break Sooner or Later (Two in One)Text Chapter 166 I'm Almost Like a Kitten (Two in One)
Text Chapter 167 Tomorrow is your birthday! (two in one)Chapter 168 My Favorite Girl, Happy Birthday~Chapter 169 Isn¡¯t Punishment a Kind of Reward?Text Extra Story - Meier's Cat Diary
Main Text Chapter 170 The Hope of Healing the Legs!Main Text Chapter 171: The Day of the Miracle!Text Chapter 172 What to do if you suddenly get richChapter 173 The Girl's Safety is Guaranteed
Text Chapter 174 Today is a Spicy SatsukiText Chapter 175 The Snail Girl Wants to Marry YouChapter 176 Buying a Car Must Be BiggerText Chapter 177 The Moon is the Moon Above the Sky
Main Text Chapter 178 People are sweetheartsMain Text Chapter 179 Accidentally Pregnant?Text Chapter 180 You Are Like a Poettext leave note
Text Chapter 181 Take you back to your hometownMain Text Chapter 182Text Chapter 184 Can You Let Me Take a Walk?Chapter 184 I can't sleep in your room
Text Chapter 185 You can come to my roomChapter 186 Catch the turtle in the urn and bring disaster to the fish in the pondText Chapter 187 I will use it with you if you are not goodText Chapter 188 You Are My Romance
Text Chapter 189 The children have all chosen their namesChapter 190 Autumn is suitable for sleeping in bedText Chapter 191 Picking out ears and soaking in hot springsText Chapter 192 There Are Many Things Single People Don¡¯t Know
Text Chapter 193 Winter is ComingChapter 194 The Strongest Man on the SurfaceText Chapter 195 CleverText Chapter 196 The Wet Room
Text Chapter 197 Long NightText Chapter 198 Find a Time to Get Engaged!Text Chapter 199 It is better to have a daughterText Chapter 200 Shopkeeper Cat Sends You a Red Envelope
Text Chapter 201 I want to marry Satsuki!Text Chapter 202 Taking You to a PlaceText Chapter 203 Marry Me, My Favorite GirlText Chapter 204 At Eighteen
Text Chapter 205 Only HimMain Text Chapter 206 Encounter (Final Chapter)The end of the text, chatting time~Text The new book has been released! "The Thing About Falling in Love with Ome"
Text The new book "The Neighbor Is Very Cute Today" has been released   
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