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author:Grove Street Brothers

Restless Youth 001: Don't ask, it's cheap to askRestless Youth 002: Two NBA playersRestless Youth 003: This is a real werewolfRestless Youth 004: More poses to be unlocked
Restless Youth 005: The unserious No. 2Restless Youth 006: Genius ScumbagRestless Youth 007: That Shadow in the MorningRestless Youth 008: The No. 2 Boy of That Year
Restless Youth 009Restless Youth 010: The bad boy is actually me?Restless Youth 011: Finally in forward gearRestless Youth 012: Kecun Little Emperor
Restless Youth 013: Brother Li 1vs 4, the youth team dominates the ballRestless Youth 014: What It Was Like to Be a Hot Search in the 1990sRestless Youth 015: Study together at night?Restless Youth 016: He doesn't seem very smart
Restless Youth 017: The First Person in Reverse ChargeRestless Youth 018: This system is not very seriousRestless Youth 019: Playing basketball, just be able to rushRestless Youth 020: The ship I'm waiting for hasn't come yet, and the person I'm waiting for still doesn't understand
Restless Youth 021: Let me show you something goodRestless Youth 022: The fairy ball you thought was just his routine operationRestless Youth 023: God-level performance, blocking the way of othersRestless Youth 024: Two Rewards and Two Flowers
Restless Youth 025: There are many girls in this school, come quickly!Restless Youth 026: Let's discuss who we are with whomRestless Youth 027: The Tradition of Brothers BasketballRestless Youth 028: A New Idea for Torturing Two Apprentices
Restless Youth 029: A Mysterious Guest VisitsRestless Youth 030: Look back, it's very simple, let me teach you!Body 031: Dispelling his evil thoughts of continuing to playBody 032: What went wrong?
Text 033: Brother, bring a wrench when you play!Text 034: Is this the left-handed magician?Text 035: As we all know, Li Ang is a skilled playerMain body 036: The former king who is very rare
Body 037: This is all for art!Text 038: Don't panic, let the poor monk handle the No. 1Text 039: Hurry up, he's in a hurry!Body 040: The national live broadcast is famous!
Body 041: Believe me, he can beat a lot of superstars!Text 042: Li Ang, nicknamed Yunlong?Body 043: Once again the only hope for the whole villageBody 044: Attack of the Giant Beast
Text 045: Children drive big carsText 046: Brother Li, tap lightlyText 047: The Wicked Man Oban's Cultivation PlanBody 048: Shocked! Li Ang's draft template is actually...
Text 049: Brother Li is here to settle the ledgerText 050: Let’s shoot from the side first!Text 051: Brother Li, there is no need!Body 052: Shine Madison
Text 053: I don’t have shaking hands, but this bottle has a mind of its ownBody 054: Lao Tzu is so proud nowText 055: Dominate the whole country!Text 056: Crazy Three's match was really "difficult"
Body 057: Bloody Top 16Text 058: The Five Little Patriarchs of DeathText 059: Taige takes off his pants to defend, and Taige celebrates in advanceText 060: Three-point core Li Ang!
Body 061: This is March MadnessBody 062: Lottery RookiesBody 063: Li Ang and others did not comeText 064: A man with a worrying sense of existence
Text 065: Sewer hunk mode activatedText 066: Tell a joke, Li Ang can’t kill the gameBody 067: Random Entry of NBA StarsText 068: He actually likes to take the initiative!
Text 069: Immortal OpponentBody 070: Hot-blooded youthBody 071: End, BeginningText Must-see testimonials!
Text 072: The draft lottery has changed again! (Please subscribe!)Body 073: Your highlight is not in playing (please subscribe!)Text 074: Danzi: No, at least not! (Ask for a subscription, ask for a monthly pass!)Body 075: Summer League? It's enough to get seven or eight points. (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)
Text Report the results, thank you everyone~Text 076: This son is so terrifying! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Text 077: Notorious Li TianwangText 078: 1999, the summer of four young people
Body 079: He really beat Jordan! (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Body 080: The Magical Use of Rebound Badges (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 081: I didn’t expect you to be so obstinate (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Body 082: Big Brother’s ambition, Li Ang’s status in the locker room (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 083: What is your relationship with Li Ang?Text 084: Two Kings of Torment (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 085: The autistic trio, the cauliflower snake shakes people (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 086: The strongest No. 8 in the 1996 session?
Text 087: On-site Teaching of Humans Taming Fat Toutuo (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 088: One Person Deters Double Stars (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 089: Major Foul Li Ang (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 090: You are too imaginary, eat some sea dog pills (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 091: The show is over, bastards! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Text 092: The Earliest Person to Break the Historical Record in the Class of 1999 (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)Text 093: Li Ang's strength is 0 out of 5 (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 094: Uncle Butch’s strength cheats his father (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass)
Text 095: A rookie who is not afraid of MVP (please subscribe and ask for tickets)Text 096: Crisis in Salt Lake City (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Text 097: Whether it is superior or inferior, it is also a matter of life and deathText 098: Ma Long Falls from the Altar (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)
Before the third watch, let's talk about the day of fifty centsText 099: Shocked, Li Ang was squeezed dry?Text 100: Pandora's Box, opened (seeking subscription for monthly pass)Text 101: The relationship between Ewing and Ewing in turn (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)
Body 102: Maddie: I just think of happy things (seeking subscription for monthly ticket)Text 103: No more, Boss Si no more! (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Body 104: Let me try their salted eggs for you first (please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 105: AI Can’t Fight the Three-Headed Dragon (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 106: Mixed Doubles (seeking subscription please monthly ticket)Body 107: Injuries unprecedented in the league (seeking subscription for monthly pass)Body 107: Injuries unprecedented in the league (seeking subscription for monthly pass)Body 108: Sorry, I have no choice
Body 109: Very Hard Jiu-Jitsu Training (seeking subscription for monthly pass)Body 110: The Birth of the Famous Scene of the Great Windmill (seeking subscription for monthly ticket)Text 111: I really can't calm down! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Text 112: Up to 99.9%, stuck
正文 113:结束了?还没结束!(求订阅求月票!)Body 114: The head will be deformed for you (please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)Body 115: Next time, next time we will fight again! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Body 116: Countering the Cauliflower Snake (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 117: Li Ang said: Don’t make mistakes (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Text 118: Tonight, there is only one God! (For 4D updates, ask for a monthly pass!)Body 119: Appearing in rumorsBody 120: Little Wolf Runs Fast (seeking subscription for monthly pass)
Text 121: Lao Li: We will never be reversed! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Body 122: A bloody upgrade (please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)Body 123: A title that should not be accepted at this age (thanks to Xue Lebi for the 110,000 reward!)Body 124: Don’t send a fool to guard against me (please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)
Body 125: The crow flies on the plane! (seeking subscription and monthly ticket)Body 126: The two major shooting guards show their strengths for the first time (please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)Body 127: A Man Who Has Thousands of Expectations (Thanks to Macolurs for the Reward)Body 128: Left a deep imprint on them (seeking subscription for monthly ticket)
Text 129: Do I want to lose face as a tough guy? (Kneeling for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Text 130: Teeth are pulled out from the mouth of a tiger, and shoes fall from the sky (ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Body 131: According to Li Ang, the Lakers are the champions (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 132: Li Ang's Elbow, Opening the World (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 99-00 season plot summaryBody 133: That year, when I was a shooter in the national team (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 134: This shooter is not serious (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 135: Breaking out a way out (thanks to JackyGI for the reward!)
Body 136: Score guardBody 137: Who can do such a thing?Body 138: Operate two balls with one hand (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 139: Li Ang still did it (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 139: Li Ang still did it (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 140: Men’s Choice Between Two Dilemmas (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 141: Xiaoyao missed his studies, the reward pool is open! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 142: Some people finally think of their main business (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 143: Participating in two events in one Olympic Games (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 144: The hot man is coming back (thanks to Yi Xiang's leader!)Body 145: Met a friend (thanks to the leader of JackyGI!)Body 146: Just about to go to court, but the tiger’s body shook (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 147: If we have such sentiments, we are in the same realm!Body 148: I have said that I can walk (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 149: What strange things are mixed in by the four major shooting guards (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 150: My grandma can really win the championship with Shaq (ask for a monthly ticket)
Text 151: Demigods can do things that humans cannot do (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 152: The dog is still your dog (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 153: Little villain cultivation plan? (seeking a monthly ticket)Body 154: The man who was defeated by Li Ang's trousers (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 155: A 2.13-meter shooting guard (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 156: Harm, it’s really a boxing match (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 157: Reverse Human Movie Essence (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 158: Can’t stop this time (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 159: Suppressor of Evil, Pioneer of Eliminating Evil (Ask for a monthly ticket)Text 160: Can this also be rewarded? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 161: The Great Sage Still Can’t Control It (Ask for a Monthly Ticket)Body 162: Gangsters in the East (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 163: He is so short (seeking a monthly ticket)Body 164: Ambiguous Snakes and Dogs (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 165: Lubricant for dry wood and strong fire (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 166: The four major shooting guards are dispatched together (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 167: An achievement harder than winning FMVP in a rookie yearBody 168: Carter is on the roadBody 169: The strength of the top five shooting guards (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 170: Don’t call anymore, you don’t call again (ask for a monthly ticket)
Body 171: wow, you almost stopped me (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 172: Reward arrives in the account, outrageous task (seeking monthly ticket)Body 173: If there is Joe, choose Joe, if there is no Joe, choose Kua (please ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 174: Three rounds, three top shooting guards (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 175: Tracy, King of the Last Festival (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Please take half a day off to explain tomorrow's update.Text 176: Don't touch my Meimei! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 177: Weapons of Mental Pollution (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)
Body 178: All beaten to numbness (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 179: One time, two teams, one time, three teams (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 180: I really don’t want to ask G7 (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 181: Grinding Little Fairy (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 182: Grunwald’s Difficulty, Xiao Yao’s Abusing Food Again (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Suspend update for one day, resume tomorrowText 183: How the No. 1 Scholar was abused (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 184: Li Ang, a street slicker in Toronto (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 185: Return of the Great Sage! (seeking a monthly ticket)Body 186: When Toronto is no longer cold (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 187: The Past in the Northern Territory (ask for a monthly ticket!)Summary of the end of the past in the North
Text 188: Li Banxian’s new home (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 189: Legion of New Bad Boys (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 190: Gathered many masters together (thanks to the 20,000 rewards from Mr. Xianjiancai!)Body 191: The Dream Team is just inferior (please ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 192: The Beginning of the Revenge of the Demigods (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 193: The world champion is a fart in front of the origin of the universe (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 194: Empire Destruction Dragon (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 195: If there is no reward, the reward must be played (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 196: The Avengers Assemble (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 197: Live like a cauliflower snake (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 198: Bullshit (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 199: Score 70 points on the Piston Head to win (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 200: 18-year-old MVP (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 201: We are not rotten fish and rotten shrimps (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 202: It’s useless to ask Tim to guard against me (ask for a monthly ticket)Text 203: I really just didn’t live up to it (thanks X_Mo Xiaobai for the reward of 21,000!)
Body 204: In the NBA, all you need is a handText 205: Both humans and ghosts are on show, only Ma Long is being beaten (ask for a monthly ticket)Body 206: I know what you know (seeking a monthly ticket)Text 207: 5X5 (seeking monthly pass)
Body 208: None of the four forwards is serious (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 209: Only fencing can solve the problemText 210: The Mavericks are abused in turn for the first time (ask for a monthly ticket)Body 211: The real No.1 (seeking a monthly pass)
Text 212: A forward who can't shoot often calls himself a point guardText 213: Demigod VS God (Ask for a Monthly Pass!)Body 214: Go away, you guy who can’t even beat Kobe in high schoolText 215: Double-standard Danzi
Body 216: The strongest three-threat shooting guard in historyBody 217: Brother Ben died after his comebackText 218: It is impossible for him to block me directly, right? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 219: Shaq is actually myself (seeking a monthly ticket)
Text 220: What name are you going to change?Body 221: Li Ang and I scored 40 points together (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 222: I guarantee that no one will be killed in the Christmas War (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 223: How dare you direct traffic by scribbling (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 224: Bad Children (ask for a monthly pass)Text 225: Manager, do you see that I meet the conditions for the suspension?Text 226: Having Li Ang and not having Li Ang are completely different things (ask for a monthly ticket)Body 227: One must spit out (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 228: The first person to run and vomit on the spot (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 229: I’m backBody 230: The most un-idol-like all-star ticket king (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 231: The Big Butt Falls from the Sky (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 232: A malicious plan in the makingBody 233: There must be a time for someone, right? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 234: Li Ang, the Ankle Terminator (ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Body 235: At the critical moment, you have to fight hard and other coughs (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 236: Stop it, there are people carrying gold belts outside (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 237: You are all greedy for Li Ang's body (Please guarantee the monthly pass!)Body 238: I will never kill you (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 239: The Prison Team and the Bad Boys (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 240: It’s normal for individuals to lie down in a basketball game, so keep playing (ask for a monthly ticket)Text 241: Crushing from the Prison King (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 242: When Larry's revenge is in progress (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 243: The most gorgeous team in history
Text 244: Li Ang's Revenge Never Overnight (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 245: What I’m afraid of, I get what I get (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 246: Phoenix’s Big Plan (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 247: Lao Li’s wave is stable (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 248: You don’t know how bad you can be unless you force yourself (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 249: The first round of running water, the iron-clad McGrady (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 250: Whoever scores first is the dog (ask for a monthly ticket)Body 251: Opponents who support each other (ask for a monthly ticket)
Text 252: Sealing the Throat with a Sword, Air Pickup in the Century (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 253: Staying up late for the Eastern Conference Finals (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 254: Bibuzhong and Jibugong (seeking a monthly ticket)Text 255: The day I don’t want to pretend to be beeping (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 256: The big fish in the free market is about to moveText 257: The Complete Five Tigers (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 258: Reverse tiebreaker (seeking a monthly ticket!)Text 259: The Lakers Pistons go climbing (ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 260: The Essence of Team Basketball (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 261: If you give up, the competition will end early (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 262: Why are there only three bottles? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 263: Start with me and end with me (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 264: There will be, there will be (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 265: League status after the first championship?Body 266: Larry Brown's Ultimate RevengeText 267: Next stop, the three of us will go together! (Thanks to the 5000 rewards from Cheats0)
Text 268: see you again (thanks to the big guy Cheats0 for the reward)Text 269: Coaches and role playersText 270: Listen, the heart of the champion is beating (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 271: Banana Boat Brothers (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 207: First Experience of the Purple Badge (Begging for a Monthly Pass!)Text 273: The joy of being a soloText 274: Triple Threat Master Li Ang is online (ask for a monthly ticket!)Please take a sick day
Text 275: None of the three bosses is normal (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 276: Treating guests, beheading? Behead! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 277: Xiao Ao, Word Sand Sculpture (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 278: Just beating chicken blood doesn’t work anymore (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 279: Li Ang Domain, open! (Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Main body 280: What a superstar should do (thanks to the 6,500 rewards from Ice and Snow)Body 281: Hunting list: Four shooting guards (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 282: Lakers legend Falk Leon (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 283: I have all watched the Great Wall of China (seeking a monthly ticket)Body 284: No, stop! do not stop! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 285: Who is chasing whom? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 286: I just want to rush over to apologize to Li Ang (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 287: The race for MVP has begun (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 288: Depending on the timing and being tough (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 289: I will kill the game there (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 290: It’s not that I can’t vote, it’s that I can’t vote (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 291: Did Li Ang do it? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 292: Son of the Wind, see above! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 293: Chrysanthemum Remnants, Injuries All over the Ground (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Body 294: As scary as a 40-year-old aunt (ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 295: As soon as I came in, I saw them racing (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 296: Sorry, the stage is mine (thanks to the boss for the promise or the reward of lies!)Body 297: The number one this time is... (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 298: Don’t roll anymore, please don’t roll anymore (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 299: You two go together (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 300: Really. Kneeling (seeking a monthly ticket)Body 301: Forced Rashid to find his father (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 302: Brown of the wronged species, Shi Fulai also (please ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 303: I’m really not a bigwig in women’s clothing (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 304: The stone Buddha is not indestructible (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 305: The Demon Sword is a Double-Edged Sword (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 306: This ticket king is all supported by peers (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 307 They Give Too Much Ask for a Monthly TicketText 308 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Asking for a Monthly PassText 309: Hot Pot Can Be Enough (ask for a monthly pass)Text 310: The Green Light on the Shark’s Head (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 311: Dream linkage, high fives of the century (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 312: Western Shuangsha (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 313: There are too many rewards (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 314: There is no end to the ladder of becoming stronger (ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 315: Is this melon ripe? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 316: It’s nothing more than double-teaming a big vacant seat (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 317: The third worst tragedy in the history of the playoffs (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 318: Export Famous Anthony (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 319: The wolf is coming (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 320: V for Vendetta (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 321: Archer-type buckle general (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 322: Big ass with three points, boundless mana (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 323: Larry Brown told Leon to do it himself (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 324: The Wolf Buried in the Desert (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 325: How many battles and how many defenses? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 326: An Improper Thought (Ask for a Monthly Pass!)
Body 327: Well, I am just despising you (ask for a monthly ticket)Text 328: One operation is as fierce as a tiger, and the score is 2 bars and 0 at a glance (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 329: Kobe + Stern, the strongest duo in history (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 330: Staples Miracle Night (14,000 words!)
Text 331: Li Ang: Please punish me quickly (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 332: Focusing on the big chrysanthemum (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 333: Eyes opened to Malone, Infinity War begins! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 334: Mountain climbing again (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 335: Why is it not worth relying on stars? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 336: Only MVP is irreplaceable (1.2W ask for a monthly pass!)Body 337: The first person after the big logo (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 338: The Magical Use of Drift Shooting (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 339: Ascending to the top with glory, the piston slapped my jaw (thanks to Mr. Haohan for the 30,000 reward, thank you on your knees)Text 340: Brown's Last Chance to Stand Up (Ask for Monthly Pass)Body 341: Are all the cousins ??out for sale? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 342: Follow Brown, get nine meals in three days (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 343: See you next time, see you in the finals (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 344: Two old men who look like dogsText 345: 3.5 vs. 5, the advantage is mine! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 346: FIBA’s No. 1 cheat, Li Ang’s second-hand teammate is here again (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 347: Larry Brown, Total Death (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 348: Now, you are worthy of Olympic championsBody 349: The version is really updated (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 350: Unless you step over my dead body (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 351: The only MVP in history (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 352: The big one is at the end, a talented high school studentText 353: Nice to meet you, Rousi (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 354: The most difficult dungeon in history (begging for a monthly pass!)
Text 355: Seven Seconds Attack Daily Snake Abuse (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 356: Troubles of wanting to keep a low profile but not being able to do so (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 357: Rising European Genius (Thanks to Mr. Xue Lebi for the reward!)Text 358: New fans +1 (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 359: Li Ang can always trust Taizi (ask for a monthly ticket!)Main body 360: A new gadget has been triggered (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 361: Rhythm Master Dog Vitch (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 362: The No. 1 center in the Western Conference? Who recognized it? (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 363: Scoring champion is a fart (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 364: 48 points...still low!Text 365: Countdown to the Death of the Old Thief (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text Please take a day off
Text 366: No need to keep a low profile, right? It's not that I don't have this strength (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 367: Gentleman Lei’s Resentment, Nervous Old Thief (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Body 368: Interrupt me and try if you have the ability (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 369: Stern: Did I win again? (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 370: I originally wanted to vote for the buzzer (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 371: The first player who was stunned twice in a match (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 372: Asking for help from the cauliflower snake (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 373: Pretend to be a beep...A duel between performance artists (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 374: Isn’t it just twice in a row (Happy New Year everyone!)Body 375: The final meeting of the top five shooting guards (Happy New Year to everyone!)Body 376: Add until one of the parties falls (Happy New Year!)Body 377: Goodbye, Gentleman Boy (Happy New Year!)
Text 378: Challenge God's Miracle (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 379: A big business of 3 million yuan (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 380: The tricks of the old thief have begun (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 381: Ning’s shooting is really tall and hard (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 382: A person crazier than a madmanBody 383: I really just jumped aroundBody 384: Scoring champion, get! (Ask for a monthly ticket~)Text 385: If you have a high-end one, you must go to a high-end one (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 386: The most powerful duo in the playoffs (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 387: Leading in scoring and rebounding (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 388: Background board of 2 meters 29 (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 389: Human Stepping Essence
Text 390: Dallas double soft, this is love! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 391: You don’t even want to call me Brother Li (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 392: Shameless people can deal with shameless peopleText 393: That’s right, it’s salty (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 394: You are useless if I give you a chance! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 395: I say, Brother Li, congratulations! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 396: Who is the real MVP? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 397: How did Li. break the record again? Ang (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 398: Digging a pit is always faster than filling it (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 399: Two Chinese players, two lore! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 400: Li Ang and Yao Ming are everywhere (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 401: A group of secretly powerful guys (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 402: This time, we should not attack! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 403: It is impossible for Li Ang to score 30...40...50 points on me!Body 404: The Ultimate Battle (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 405: This is my horse! (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 406: The Miracle of the DesertBody 407: Genuine McGrady BadgeBody 408: The wonderful combination has been addedBody 409: Bowen who can no longer return (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 410: Punch back hardText 411: If you are robbed of the championship, you have to follow along (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 412: Only One Emperor in ClevelandText 413: If I don’t give it to you, you are not allowed to grab it (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 414: Everyone is here, let’s get a championship by the way (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 415: The Conspiracy of the 03rd ClassText 416: The Best Chance, Sometimes the Last Chance (Ask for a Monthly Pass!)Body 417: A dungeon full of beeps (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 418: The girl on the sidelines has a crisp voice, but the uncle on the field is holding back Ben (please ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 419: Why only 3 points? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 420: Restless juniorsBody 421: Asylum from the Kobe Terminator (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 422: Comparing with me is difficult, right?Text 423: Extreme Double Kill (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 424: The Three Honest Men of the Alliance (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 425: Paoer is indeed a bit rampant (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 426: Tell Josh, 50 minutes tonight (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 427: Why is this only 50%? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 428: You have to ride a monster, ride another coughBody 429: Don’t Thank Me, This Lesson is Free
Body 430: Defending Li Ang? Good luck (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 431: Troubles of the Active Bee King (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 432: Veterans don’t die, they just roll over slowly (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 433: You can escape the first day of junior high school, but you cannot escape the humiliation (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 434: Riley's big plan, the general is coming!Text 435: Arenas Edition 50 Minutes TonightText 436: Hey Gilbert, let me show you what a real superstar is (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 437: Go to the fucking basketball dream! (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Body 438: A program in which only Kobe is injured but the whole world is happy (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 439: Master, it doesn’t hurt anymore (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 440: True. The man who hit the auditorium from No. 1 seat (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 441: Rondo-Haslem Conjecture (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 442: The big one is coming! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 443: Dad, what about the three-point contest? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 444: Losing Duncan, Losing Everything (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Body 445: Life is not like playing basketball, you can’t wait until everything is ready before playing (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 446: Paoquan warning, the warning is invalid! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 447: I will make up the head! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 448: A wolf-snake friend (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 449: Welcome to Li Ang Wugaqiu (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 450: Full marks? Why not! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 451: The protagonist's script was robbed? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 452: What can I do to feel so good?Text 453: The Road to Advancement in Hell Difficulty (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 454: Can you stand up and risk the ball (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 455: One Hundred Ways of Playing Cannons (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 456: The Birth of the Perfect NumberText 457: Dad, lightly
Body 458: Who is the real MVP?Text 459: Killing four people in one game (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 461: The crushing of another superstar (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 462: A master who is responsible for the blame is basically a duck egg, an old driver who is unwilling to be lonely (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 463: Ah Tang, you are serious! ?Text 464: Brother Li, one of my own! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 465: Your legs are my life!Text 466: Urine is like a god
Text 467: Defense? Defensive ass!Text 468: Unsealed Great Demon KingText 469: Li Ang Abuses SanyingText 470: I accept Zhan's first blood?
Text 471: Continue to live in my shadow! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 472: Gun in hand, follow me!Body 473: He is here, he is really here!Text 474: True. You can’t get in just by loitering (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 475: Just a little bit of effort (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 476: The first person to laugh at Li Ang at the critical momentText 477: Step by Step, Be Small and Be Weak (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 478: Come on, the future is yours
Text 479: Beginning with the Heart of a Champion and Ending with the Heart of a Champion (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 480: Some people are born secondText 481: Martian animal counterattackText 482: Destroy, hurry up
Text 483: Hi, this is Tim DuncanText 484: The blood vessel that just happened to burst againBody 485: The most high-profile game in basketball history (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 486: You are not educating me, I am educating you
Body 487: What a Loud Victory Song (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 488: Los Angeles Gossip KingBody 489: I want it, you buy it for me!Text 490: Something is wrong with this team!
Text 491: Difficulty dungeon of hell, open (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 492: The team is so talented that they can do whatever they wantText 493: Spurs defenseText 494: The Back Wave with Extraordinary Temperament
Text 495: Adu almost collapsed in the first quarter (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 496: Before you became the scoring champions, I was already the scoring championText 497: There is something wrong with the sportsman rewardsText 498: When the City of Los Angeles is changing
Text 499: A pseudo-strong team with ten consecutive victories?Text 500: The Clippers Triangle is showing its edge (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 501: A Level Stronger (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 502: Scheming Snake
Text 503: The King of Double Scrolls in Los AngelesText 504: This is a must-haveText 505: I don’t even need to enter the three-second zone to win youText 506: It is not certain which of the two of us will go down first
Text 507: If you want to win the Los Angeles team, you must supplement technical talentsText 508: It's impossible to go 20-0 in the first quarter, right?Text 509: Mercy and Mercy, Shame on BloodText 510: A big step towards bells and whistles
Text 511: Inexplicably becoming a hero in Los AngelesText 512: A team without Leon is like a novel without picturesText 513: Tough Guys, Buckles, Push-ups (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 514: The referee worked so hard that he could do nothing, but Li Ang was impeccably miraculous
Text 515: Staples changes handsText 516: Fateful Mandarin Ducks and LiText 517: The task has become difficult to hellBody 518: The First Experience of the Temperament Dance King
Body 519: Perfect Player, Perfect Night (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 520: Paul, Li Ang Queen’s Background Board (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 521: Your goddess took the initiative (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 522: The value of being a second child
Text 523: Love Twist!Text 524: Actually in the elevator...Body 525: Elevator rumors are only half true (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 526: Attacking Bull, Angry Dumb (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 527: The first player in the league to catch the ball with his faceText 528: The emperor has his own nameText 529: An alliance in which only Li Ang wins is bornBody 530: The old thief got a dog
Text 531: Peak Soul SaviorText 532: Lu Zi’s Strongest TacticText 533: You can only touch the bench legs for the throne of scoring champion (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 534: They are all over 30 years old (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 535: Ye Qing was halfway back but was beaten away by Li Ang (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 536: No one can stop Kobe and Li Ang from being reunited (ball ticket!)Text 537: Soaring mutual love (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 538: In the future, my flag will also be hung there (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 539: Rollovers are not allowed before the Western Conference finals (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 540: The first person to be expelled from the NBA laughing (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 541: The king will only conquer Salt Lake City (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 542: You’d better listen to the coach obediently (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 543: Playoffs, the more inappropriate the better (ask for a monthly ticket)Text 544: Reaper falls in half, 0 for 10 at halftime (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 545: He was in a hurry and let the dog go (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 546: Is it possible to not ban the game and beat the dog? (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 547: The first person to detain someone with a broken bone (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 548: Old Karl’s reverse trump card, Jordan has become younger (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 549: One shot woke Karl up (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 550: Now, you can kneel down (ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 551: Sleeping God Luzi, Boss Coach (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 552: Mr. Ke, all encounters in the world are reunions after a long absence (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 553: Super Giant Hunting Plan (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 554: The Miracle of Replication? (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 555: Pull it out, it’s over (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 556: Kill all of you (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 557: The Strongest Battle of My Career (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 558: Change of Ownership of the Los Angeles Emperor
Body 559: Prelude to Becoming a GodText 560: The first victory, and possibly the only one (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 561: Give Li Ang the most difficult person to defend and the most difficult ball to hit! (ball monthly pass!)Text 562: This difference makes Paul excited (seeking a monthly ticket!)
Body 563: Taking off is taking off, but it’s uselessText 564: Only after I retire will others have the opportunity to dominate the gameText 565: Be mentally prepared (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 566: Father, how many years will my son be the prince? (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 567: Trouble with being too powerfulText 568: Some kind of Li Ang is coming to bite me (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 569: Important Decisions (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 570: Li Ang? paper tiger
Text 571: Leading the team with a single core?Body 572: The Last Madness (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 573: You are right, 40 minutes tonight (ask for a monthly pass!)Body 574: The special schedule of the shortened season (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 575: Attributes added to 100 for the second time (ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 577 Chapter 576: Then no one can enter (ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 578 Chapter 577: Blowing Li Ang will never roll over (ask for a monthly pass!)Text Chapter 579 Chapter 578: The strongest defense against offense, the most ruthless defense (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 579: Playing basketball depends entirely on peer support (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 580: The average score per game is gradually abnormalText 581: NBA's No. 1 Animal Trainer (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 582: So what if we take away everyone one by one? (seeking a monthly ticket)
Text 583: One fights three, and the advantage still lies with me!Text 584: Don’t be too scared, I’m not very good at beatingText 585: The Last Dance Adds Another Brilliance (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 586: Wanjun can advance and retreat freely from it (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 587: Sorry, I forgot to cut the trumpet! (Ask for a monthly pass!)Body 588: Crazy revengeText 589: He really dares to bake your cakes (please ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 590: Almost a Losing Situation (Ask for a Monthly Pass!)
Body 591: Good night, Staples (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 592: No. 1 in Bearing Grudges (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 593: 1V5 He Really Doesn’t Pass (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 594: Adu wants to surrender (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 595: Can the first person in history be far behind? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 596: The strongest regular season in history ends, and the most difficult playoffs begin (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 597: Ghost tactics come to mind again? (Ask for a monthly pass!)Text 598: A Mountain in Puerto Rico (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Text 599: Explosive power and explosive powerText 600: There is a wave of unrest and another wave (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 601: Super God Deke Arrives Although Late (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Text 602: It’s better to pass on the ancestral one star (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Body 603: Paul. A little yellow. Pierce (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 604: A little yellow traffic star, I have the final say on the series (ask for a monthly pass!)Text 605: Before you became a god, I already became a god (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 606: This is how it feels to use modifiers to fill up the attributes (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 607: The duel between the ultimate personal ability and the ultimate luxury lineup (ask for a monthly ticket!)Text 608: Impossible to be terminated by others (ask for a monthly ticket!)Body 609: There is no other wayBody 610: The New God of Basketball (ask for a monthly ticket!)
Text 611: When another era will start depends on Li Ang's faceText 612: Yes, yes, we are a 12-core teamBody 613: The thrill of triggering two solo badges in one sectionText 614: Three hits with one button, three hits with one elbow
Text End of this speechText 615 Where did the three away games come back after two games?Body 616 The last beepMain text Final chapter: How much do you remember about their stories in those years?
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