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Ive returned from the starry sea Latest chapter update list

author£ºSink into the Pacific

Volume 1 Chapter 1 ReturnVolume 2 Chapter 2 I just want to be happy in this lifeVolume 3 Chapter 3 A Brand New BeginningVolume 4 Chapter 4 Qualifications are required for lying flat
Volume 5 Chapter 5 Once upon a DreamVolume 6 Chapter 6 Calling DadVolume Chapter Seven Liang KunVolume 8 Chapter 8 Be Brave
Volume 9 Chapter 9 All the way to the southVolume 10 Chapter 10: The EveVolume 11 Chapter 11: The Day of StarfallVolume 12 Chapter Twelve Super Power Awakening
Volume 13: A Sudden EncounterVolume 14 Chapter Fourteen: The Big Boss Who Died in Novice VillageVolume 15 Chapter 15 The Long NightVolume 16 Chapter 16 The Line of Destiny
Volume 17 Chapter 17: Zhou GuangVolume 18 Chapter Eighteen Benefits of the RebornVolume 19 Chapter 19 Accumulating Virtue and Doing GoodVolume 20 Chapter 20 First Sight
Volume 2 Chapter 21: A Sparrow Turns into a PhoenixVolume 22 Chapter 22 FarceVolume 23 Chapter 23: Tough AttitudeVolume 2 Chapter 24 Let Professionals Do Professional Matters
Volume 25 Chapter 25 Happy HolidaysVolume 26 Chapter 26 Soaring to the SkyVolume 27 Chapter 27 Self-HumiliationVolume 28 Chapter 28: Looking Back, Full of Regrets
Volume 29 Chapter 29 Ghost MarketVolume 30 Chapter 30 Strange ObjectsVolume 31 Chapter 31 Antique Game Middle Game (Part 1)Volume 32 Chapter 32 Antique Game Middle Game (2)
Volume 33 Chapter 33 Antique Game Middle Game (Part 2)Volume 34: The Solutionvol.35 Chapter 35 Super Power Out of Control (Part 1)Volume II
Volume 37 Chapter Thirty-SevenVolume 38 Chapter 38 Expedient MeasuresVolume 39 Chapter 39 This is FateVolume 40 Chapter 40 Peace Agreement
Main Text Volume Chapter 41 The road of life, daddy starts!Main Text Volume Chapter 42: New Life and New SkillsVolume 43 Chapter 43 Finding a NannyVolume 44 Chapter 44: Destiny
Volume 45 Chapter 45 Let me teach youMain Text Volume Chapter 46 Quality Tool ManVolume 47 Chapter 47: The Billionaire WomanVolume 48 Chapter 48 Mechanical Power
Text Volume Chapter Forty-ninth Move of the HeartVolume 5 Chapter 50: Yue Heng from Class 15, Senior 1Volume 51: AlienationVolume 52 Chapter 52 Base Shadow Incident (Part 1)
Volume 53 Chapter 53 Base Shadow Incident (Part 2)Volume 54 Chapter Fifty-FourText Volume Chapter Fifty-fifth: You must first sharpen your weaponVolume 56: Dad
Main Text Volume Chapter 57: The Different Hunter Yue Heng (Part 1)Volume 58 Chapter 58: The Different Hunter Yue Heng (Part 2)Volume 59 Chapter 59 Alien SpeciesVOLUME 60 Chapter 60 Full Harvest
vol.61 Chapter 61 Distraction and Multiple UsesVolume 62 Chapter 62 SupplementsVolume 63 Chapter 63 Changing DestinyVolume 64 Chapter 64: Passing on Arts
vol.65 Chapter 65 Mechanical BeetleVolume 6: Chapter 66 Encounter at the AuctionMain Text Volume Chapter 67: Sapphire Child PillowVolume 68 Chapter 68: I Owe You A Favor
Volume 69 Chapter 69 Talking Too MuchVolume 70 Chapter 70 Soul CritVolume 71 Chapter 71: The man is so determined!VOLUME 2 Chapter 72: A Stick in One Hand and a Carrot in the other
Volume 73 Chapter 73 The Holy TrinityVolume 74: The Desire to Become StrongerVolume 75 Chapter 75 Campus LifeVolume 76 Chapter 76 Is there such a good thing?
Volume 77: Quite InterestingVolume 78 Chapter Seventy-Eight: Fireworks in the WorldText Volume Chapter 79 You Think Too MuchVOLUME 80 Chapter 80: Foam
Volume 81 Chapter 81: Hunting LicenseVolume 82: The Times Have ChangedVOLUME 83 Chapter 83 Cool FeelingVolume 84 Chapter 84 Freedom of Pork
Volume 85: BarbecueVolume 86 Chapter 86 Mental Force WarfareVolume 87 Chapter 87: Very FunVolume 88: Barbarism and Ambition
Text Chapter 89: September PhotoMain text Chapter 90 This is goodText Chapter 91 Dark HorseText Chapter 92: The Villain
Text Chapter 93: Beating from RealityText Chapter 94: The New WorldText Chapter 95 Father and DaughterText Chapter 96: Soul Shield
Text Chapter 97 New CooperationText Chapter 98: Do You Remember Love?Text Chapter 99: AUO and aboveText Chapter 100: The Little Girl's New Toy
Text Chapter 101 Who is laughing when the curtain rises?Text Chapter 102: What Do I Ask?Text Chapter 103: Showdown (first order required)Main text Chapter 104 Arrangements are clear and clear (seeking first order)
Main Text Chapter 105 Waiting for You for a Long Time (First order requested)Main Text Chapter 106: The Orderer (first order requested)Text Chapter 107 Cultivation chat group (fifth change)Text Chapter 108: Flashing Inspiration (Sixth)
Text Chapter 109 Energy WeavingText Chapter 111 Remembering You!Text Chapter 112 Side Effects of Praise of LifeText Chapter 113 Stealing a Half-Day Leisure in Floating Life¡¤Sweet
Text Chapter 114 Who Throws the FlashbangText Chapter 115: Aura of DestinyText Chapter 116 Different WorldsText Chapter 117: I Have Superpowers Like You
Text Chapter 118: What?Text Chapter 119 Tell you good newsText Chapter 120 Have you been too busy recently?Text Chapter 121 Time is running out
Text Chapter 122 CheetahText Chapter 123: Something Is Not RightText Chapter 124: Beast Cage DeathmatchText Chapter 125: Core Combat Skills (Part 1)
Text Chapter 126: Core Combat Skills (Part 2)Text Chapter 127: Buying a KnifeText Chapter 128 Xuanjie HengdaoText Chapter 129: Just Seek Peace of Mind
Text Chapter 130: Fate (Part 1)Text Chapter 131: Fate (Part 2)Text Chapter 132: Thunder Rescue (Part 1)Text Chapter 133: Thunder Rescue (Part 2)
Text Chapter 134: Thunder Rescue (Part 2)Text Chapter 135Main text Chapter 136: A man should do the sameText Chapter 137: The Road Ahead Is Difficult
Text Chapter 138 Come and never go indecent!Text Chapter 139: Both EndsText Chapter 140 Ruthless CrushingText Chapter 141: Unexpected Surprise!
Text Chapter 142 WindfallText Chapter 143 Can only be handed over to the stateText Chapter 144: Hurry UpText Chapter 145: Meet the Parents?
Main Text Chapter 146: Out of luckText Chapter 147: The Time Is QuietText Chapter 148 Voting CertificateText Chapter 149: A Little Fierce
Text Chapter 150: Family and Country FeelingsMain text Chapter 151 Just because this kid is not pleasing to the eye!Text Chapter 152 Revisiting the Old LandMain text Chapter 153: Explosion
Text Chapter 154 Spike FangText Chapter 155: The Eternal Star RealmText Chapter 156: People will die!Text Chapter 157 National Treasure
Text Chapter 158: NothingText Chapter 159: War Riding BeastText Chapter 160: The Lion Opens His MouthText Chapter 161: Holy Weapon: Fist of the Nuclear
Text Chapter 162: Growing OvernightText Chapter 163: A Man's RomanceText Chapter 164: Looking for the Tiger in the NortheastText Chapter 165: Tiger Hunting (Part 1)
Text Chapter 166: Tiger Hunting (Part 2)Text Chapter 167: Cocooning Twins (Part 1)Text Chapter 168: Cocooning Twins (Part 2)Text Chapter 169: Going Home
Text Chapter 170: Biological ParabrainText Chapter 171 ImplantationText Chapter 172: The Tree Wants to Be Quiet, But the Wind Doesn't StopText Chapter 173 Responsibility
Text Chapter 174 Super CoinText Chapter 175: Home of SuperpowersText Chapter 176: Class SixText Chapter 177 Picking up Leaks
Text Chapter 178: Be My GirlfriendText Chapter 179: Give Jing Jing to MeText Chapter 180: One Punch ManText Chapter 181 Change to a Big House
Text Chapter 182: Buying a HouseText Chapter 183: Special Treatment in Special CircumstancesText Chapter 184 Big EventText Chapter 185: Sleepless Night (Part 1)
Text Chapter 186: Sleepless Night (Part 2)Text Chapter 187: Sleepless Night (Part 2)Text Chapter 188 Star CrystalText Chapter 189: The Long-lost Warmth
Text Chapter 190: Time, Karma, and Destiny!Text Chapter 191 SelectionText Chapter 193: Not ashamedText Chapter 194 Value
Text Chapter 195: DawnText Chapter 196 Your luck is very goodText Chapter 197: Willing to abdicateText Chapter 198 Pure
Text Chapter 199: Superpower Research ConsultantText Chapter 200 New HomeText Chapter 201 DelusionText Chapter 202: The King Sees the King
Text Chapter 203 GiftsText Chapter 204 SnipingText Chapter 205 TreatmentText Chapter 206: Chasing the Murder by Numbers (Part 1)
Text Chapter 207: Chasing the Murder by Numbers (Part 2)Text Chapter 208: Hell HunterText Chapter 209: You want to kill someoneMain text Chapter 210 Every family has a hard-to-read scripture
Text Chapter 211: Jianghu EnmityText Chapter 212 Get lost!Text Chapter 213 Explosion!Text Chapter 214 Preparation
Text Chapter 215 Questions About CreditText Chapter 216: The Sky Is Cool and Xie Breaks (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 217: Cool Sky and Xie Po (Part 2)Text Chapter 218: The Sky Is Cool and Xie Breaks (Part 2)
Text Chapter 219 ReallyText Chapter 220 Happy CooperationText Chapter 221 Storage SpaceText Chapter 222: A Chance
Text Chapter 223 Pretty GoodText Chapter 224: The hero and the heroineText Chapter 225 Birthday PartyText Chapter 226: Not a loss
Text Chapter 227: Insidious TricksText Chapter 228 Are you ready to admit defeat?Text Chapter 228: The Prologue of CounterattackText Chapter 230: The Death Scene of a Large Society
Text Chapter 231: Small Punishment and Big CommandmentText Chapter 232: Wrath of the QueenText Chapter 233 Bloody case againMain text Chapter 234
Text Chapter 235 EscortText Chapter 236: Auspicious Snow Heralds a Prosperous YearText Chapter 237: What the hellText Chapter 238 Hot Search
Text Chapter 239 ExperimentMain text Chapter 240 Blood test for cancerText Chapter 241: The Future Can Be ExpectedText Chapter 242 In Mai Country (1)
Text Chapter 243 In Mai Country (2)Text Chapter 244 In Mai Country (3)Text Chapter 245 In Mai Country (4)Text Chapter 246 In Mai Country (5)
Text Chapter 247 In Mai Country (6)Text Chapter 248 In Mai Country (7)Text Chapter 249 In Mai Country (8)Text Chapter 250 In Mai Country (9)
Text Chapter 251 In Mai Country (10)Text Chapter 253 In Mai Country (12)Text Chapter 254: The Ring of OathText Chapter 255 You are the most precious
Text Chapter 256: Li YaoyangText Chapter 257: Super AcademyText Chapter 258: Xiao Tianquan's SuggestionText Chapter 259: Taijiang Tiger Yueheng
Text Chapter 260 Punching Jinling Kindergarten (Part 1)Text Chapter 261: Punching Jinling Kindergarten (Part 2)Text Chapter 262 Stars and SeasText Chapter 263: Birthday Promotion
Text Chapter 264: Rush to the Rescue (Part 1)Text Chapter 265: Rush to the Rescue (Part 2)Text Chapter 266 Rat Control Operation (Part 1)Text Chapter 267 Rat Control Operation (Part 2)
Text Chapter 268 Rat Control Operation (Part 2)Text Chapter 269: Battle of the Nest (Part 1)Text Chapter 270: Battle of the Nest (Part 2)Text Chapter 271: The Battle of the Nest (Part 2)
Text Chapter 272: The Prologue of the Great EraText Chapter 273: A Trace of EnvyText Chapter 274: Add BuffText Chapter 275: Crowd mocking
Main Text Chapter 276: Public Opinion FrenzyText Chapter 277: Sales FrenzyMain Text Chapter 278: Making Money Every DayText Chapter 279 Non-Chief Physique
Text Chapter 280 You can get outText Chapter 281 The feeling of being spied onText Chapter 282 TrackingText Chapter 283: Siege
Text Chapter 284: SummationText Chapter 285 Super PokerText Chapter 286 Combination FistText about updates.
Text Chapter 287: Hongmen Banquet (Part 1)Text Chapter 288: Hongmen Banquet (Part 2)Text Chapter 289 CounterattackText Chapter 290 Appointment
Text Chapter 291 PersuasionText Chapter 292 Super FirewallText Chapter 293: Things I Willing To DoText Chapter 294: The Richest Yue
Text Chapter 295 Can't Stay AnymoreText Chapter 296 Familiar FeelingText Chapter 297: Travel at the Beginning of Summer (Part 1)Text Chapter 298: Travel at the Beginning of Summer (Part 2)
Text Chapter 299: Travel at the Beginning of Summer (Part 2)Text Chapter 300 Goodbye PoText Chapter 301: The end of the tripText Chapter 302: Shangjing (Part 1)
Text Chapter 303: Shangjing (Part 2)Text Chapter 304: The Tiger Enters the Imperial Capital (Part 1)Text Chapter 305: The Tiger Enters the Imperial Capital (Part 2)Text Chapter 306: The Tiger Enters the Imperial Capital (Part 2)
Text Chapter 307 Seeing the WorldText Chapter 308: PlayText Chapter 309: You are cheating!Text Chapter 310: The Phoenix Doesn¡¯t Flock With the Crows
Text Chapter 312: ScramblingText Chapter 313: Calling for HelpText Chapter 314: RollingText Chapter 315 Impressed
Text Chapter 316: Testing the KnifeText Chapter 317: Friendship FirstText Chapter 318: A Home That Can¡¯t Go BackText Chapter 319 Thousands of Miles to the Military Plane (Part 1)
Text Chapter 320 Thousands of Miles to the Military Plane (Part 2)Text Chapter 321 Thousands of Miles to the Military Plane (Part 2)Text Chapter 322 Thousands of Miles to the Military Plane (Continued)Main Text Chapter 323 Arm Break (Part 1)
Main Text Chapter 324: Wrestling Arms (Part 2)Text Chapter 325 Wind and Rain Journey (Part 1)Text Chapter 326 Wind and Rain Journey (Part 2)Text Chapter 327 Wind and Rain Journey (Part 2)
Text Chapter 328 DisagreementText Chapter 331: A New TaskText Chapter 332: The Hidden EnemyText Chapter 333 Search and Rescue
Text Chapter 334: AloneText Chapter 335 Encountering the EnemyText Chapter 336: Talk WellText Chapter 337 Di Gamma
Text Chapter 338: NegotiationText Chapter 339: Hole CardText Chapter 340 DeterrenceText Chapter 341 God-given
Text Chapter 342 A Blessing in MisfortuneText Chapter 343 ReturnText Chapter 344: Receiving the wind and washing the dustText Chapter 345: Chu Feihong
Text Chapter 346 CooperationText Chapter 347 PrecipitationText Chapter 348 Deep SleepText Chapter 349: College Entrance Examination
Text Chapter 350: Understanding the MindText Chapter 351 Meet and GreetText Chapter 352: The most beautiful appearance of youthText Chapter 353 Happy Tonight
Text Chapter 354 ArrangementsText Chapter 355: Gu FeiyanText Chapter 356: Let me help you solve itText Chapter 357 Support
Text Chapter 358: SolutionText Chapter 359: I Can Only Swallow This BreathText Chapter 360 Haunted HouseText Chapter 361 No need
Text Chapter 362: Spiritual StormText Chapter 363: Just the BeginningText Chapter 364 LeavingText Chapter 365: Cultivation Group Fellowship
Text Chapter 366: Nine-Tailed FoxText Chapter 367: Dragon ThreeText Chapter 368 RejectionText Chapter 369: Reward Task
Text Chapter 370 Cheetah (Part 1)Text Chapter 371: Cheetah (Part 2)Text Chapter 372: Cheetah (Part 2)Text Chapter 373: Entering Again
Text Chapter 374: Sand Dunes (Part 1)Text Chapter 375: Sand Dunes (Part 2)Text Chapter 376: Sand Dunes (Part 2)Text Chapter 377: Going Together (Part 1)
Text Chapter 378: Going Together (Part 2)Text Chapter 379: Asada's GratitudeText Chapter 380 Strange Objects of the Star WorldText Chapter 381: When there is always a difference
Text Chapter 382 Preliminary Exploration of the WorldText leaveText Chapter 383: Astral LawText Resuming the update notice
Text Chapter 384: Returning Battle (Part 1)Text Chapter 385: Returning Battle (Part 2)Text Chapter 386 ReturnText Chapter 387 Acquisition
Text Chapter 388: SmileText Chapter 389: RivalText Chapter 390: Time to Test YouText Chapter 391 Missed
Text Chapter 392: VisitText Chapter 393 No more obstaclesText Chapter 394: HealthText Chapter 395: Metaverse
Text Chapter 396 Powered ExoskeletonText Chapter 397: Let¡¯s Change the World TogetherText Chapter 398: The BeginningText Chapter 399 Discovery
Text Chapter 400 Don't WorryText Chapter 401: Well-IntentionedText Chapter 402 Energy StoneText Chapter 403 Confession
Text Chapter 404: The Strong LeadsText Chapter 405: The StrongestText Chapter 406: Sweet DatesText Chapter 407 Get used to it
Text Chapter 408 OutpostText Chapter 409: What to SayText Chapter 410 DepartureText Chapter 411: Exploring the Tai Chi Star (Part 1)
Text Chapter 412: Exploring the Tai Chi Star (Part 2)Text Chapter 413: Great DiscoveryMain Text Chapter 414 Battle BehemothText Chapter 415 Not in vain
Text Chapter 416: Exploring AloneText Chapter 417 In-depthText Chapter 418 Spiritual DialogueText Chapter 419 I Want It All
Text Chapter 420 AgreementText Chapter 421: SanajaText Chapter 422 PromotionText Chapter 423: Big News
Text Chapter 424 EndorsementText Chapter 425 BrightnessText Chapter 426 Propaganda and ControversyText Chapter 427 Standing in front of the stage
Text Chapter 428 ReleaseText Chapter 429 Special ListText Chapter 430: Being HackedText Chapter 431 Chip Problem
Text Chapter 432: Come to the doorText Chapter 433 Black TechnologyText Chapter 434: ModificationText Chapter 435: Live Broadcast
Text Chapter 436: SensationText Chapter 437 Interests Touching HeartsText Chapter 438: Eat Alone, Not FatText Chapter 439: Zhou Guang's Ability
Text Chapter 440: Conquest (Part 1)Text Chapter 441 Conquest (Part 2)Text Chapter 442: Conquest (Part 2)Text Chapter 443: Conquest (Continued)
Text Chapter 444: Conquest (End)Text Chapter 445 Star MushroomText Chapter 446: Cohesion and separationText Chapter 447: Conquering the World
Text Chapter 448: Face SlapText Chapter 449 Save itText Chapter 450: Turn of Public OpinionText Chapter 451: The Transformed Queen
Text Chapter 452: Going AwayText Chapter 453: Team XText Chapter 454: Dimensionality Reduction StrikeText Chapter 455: The Truth Without Accidents
Text Chapter 456: Ni LinText Chapter 457: PartingText Chapter 458: Going WildText Chapter 459: Not Fun
Text Chapter 460 RescuedText Chapter 461: SlaughterText Chapter 462: Body of an AngelText Chapter 463: Arrival
Text Chapter 464: IntrusionText Chapter 465: The future will be indefiniteText Chapter 466 CarbineText Chapter 467 Advancement again
Text Chapter 468 InvincibleText Chapter 469 Avatar (Part 1)Text Chapter 470 Avatar (Part 2)Text Chapter 471 Avatar (Part 2)
Text Chapter 472: Talking about businessText Chapter 473: Black Titanium Pole SteelText Chapter 474: Changed PlanText Chapter 475: Support
Main text Chapter 476Text Chapter 477 In-laws meetingMain text Chapter 478 You know nothing about powerText Chapter 480: Tiger Mech (Part 1)
Text Chapter 481: Killing the SonText Chapter 482: Tiger Mech (Part 2)Text Chapter 483: The End and the Beginning (1)Text Chapter 484: The End and the Beginning (2)
Text Chapter 485: The End and the Beginning (3)Main text Chapter 486: EpilogueGood luck with the text, the new book "Gou in the Immortal World Becomes a Big Brother" is released!Text Chapter 252 In Mai Country (11)
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