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Ive Become a Faded Legend in the Martial World Latest chapter update list

author£ºTraveling Across the Five Dire

Works Related Boundary DivisionVolume 1: Pursue Your Own Matters with Concentration, Raise Mysterious Embryo with True Qi Chapter 1: The Man Who Once Had EverythingVolume 1: Pursue Your Own Matters with Concentration, Raise Mysterious Embryos with True QiVolume 1 Meditate on your own affairs, nourish the womb with true qi
Volume 1 Meditate on your own affairs, cultivate your true qi to nourish your mysterious fetus Chapter 4 Add oil and light the lamp to reflect the worldVolume 1: Pursue your own affairs with your heart, and cultivate the mysterious fetus with true energy. Chapter 5 Whose hacker?Volume 1 Seek Yourself with Concentration, Raise Mysterious Embryo with True Qi Chapter 6 Red Butterfly on Land, Strange Tiger in MountainsVolume 1 Meditate on your own business, nourish the mysterious fetus with true energy Chapter 7 Seven Heroes Club
Volume 1 Meditate on your own affairs, nourish the mysterious fetus with true energy Chapter 8 TianxionghuiVolume 1 Meditate on your own affairs, nourish your womb with true energy Chapter 9 Discussions in the palace, hidden treasures on the shadow wallVolume 1 Meditate on your own affairs, nourish your womb with true energy Chapter 10 Troubled TimesVolume 1: Pursue Your Own Matters with Concentration, Cultivate Mysterious Embryo with True Qi Chapter 11 Seems Like an Old Man
Volume 1: Seek Yourself with Concentration, Cultivate Mysterious Embryo with True Qi Chapter 12: The Man Who Repays GratitudeVolume 1 Meditate on your own business, nourish the womb with true energy Chapter 13: Start ActionText Chapter Fourteen Second WearText Chapter 15 Caishikou
Text Chapter Sixteen: Baiyang SectText Chapter 17 Please God Send GodMain Text Chapter EighteenText Chapter Nineteen: Killing
Text Chapter 20 A SweepText Chapter 21: Dao GuanghanMain Text Chapter 22 Pressing the Head into the Chest CageText Chapter 23: Capture Qing Yunzi
Text Chapter 24: Daohui and Yinshan TianshuMain Text Chapter 25 Dual Dharma PractitionersText Chapter 26: God Fist Gate, King YamaText Chapter 27: Boxing Manual
Text Chapter 28 One Man Fights One City (Part 1)Text Chapter 29 One Man Fights One City (Part 2)Main Text Chapter Thirty Three Gangs GatherText Chapter Thirty-one Suppression
Text Chapter 32 RidiculousMain Text Chapter 33 Tracking and SpellsText Chapter Thirty-Four: Battle Second RankText Chapter Thirty-fifth Hunting
Text Chapter Thirty-Six: Legend of Once FamousText Chapter 37 Above the CanalText Chapter 38 Gossip in the HallText Chapter Thirty-Nine
Text Chapter 40: Nine Heavens Xuannv Descends to the Mortal WorldMain text Chapter 41: Saintess of Lotus HeartText Chapter 42 FightingMain text Chapter 43 One monk and one monk
Text Chapter 44 Huaian TempleText Chapter 45 See alsoText Chapter 46: InspirationMain text Chapter 47: First-Class Prestige
Text Chapter 48: A Month of PrecipitationText Chapter Forty-ninth Blackwater Demon LordText Chapter 50: Xiao ShunziMain text Chapter 51: Arrival by surprise
Text Chapter Fifty-second ShotText Chapter 53: Paper DollsText Chapter 54: IText Chapter Fifty-fifth Bombardment
Text Chapter Fifty-Six: Ending the BattleText Chapter 57: Fang DatongText Chapter 58: MeetingText Chapter Fifty-ninth Invitation to Battle
Main text Chapter 60: First Class ContestText Chapter 61 FightingText Chapter 62: The World ShakesMain Text Chapter 63: The Court's Response, Baiyang Sect's Invitation
Text Chapter 64 Underworld Lord, Yang ZunText Chapter 65: Call Before TalkingText Chapter 66: Thorn KangMain Text Chapter 67: Plan to Exterminate the Gods
Text Chapter 68: The End of the WorldText Chapter 69: Hai Lan Sword MasterText Chapter 70: Mist locks the worldMain text Chapter 71 Martial arts event
Text Chapter 72 Congratulations on LongevityText Chapter 73 ForeplayText Chapter Seventy-FourText Chapter 75: Confronting the Juggernaut
Text Chapter 76 Shocked! A young man was beaten in the street...Main text Chapter 77: Famous all over the worldText Chapter 78: Entering Beijing in JulyText Chapter 79: Killing with a snap of the fingers
Main Text Chapter 80: Situation in the CapitalText Chapter 81 Gathering of ExpertsText Chapter 82 MissingText Chapter Eighty-Three: Scarlet Monk
Text Chapter 84 ChaosText Chapter 85: Before the StormMain Text Chapter 86 Destroy the Temple, the Ghost Festival arrivesText Chapter 87: Entering the Imperial City
Text Chapter 88 Seeing GodText TestimonialsText Chapter 89: Battle of Gods and Man (1/4) Beg for the first order!Text Chapter 90 Mysterious Embryo Trains Me to Be Me (2/4)
Text Chapter 91: Monk and Daoist God! Holy! (3/4, 4/4)Text Chapter 92: The Death of Emperor Yuan DingText Chapter 93: The Great War Breaks OutMain Text Chapter 94: Killing Monks and Taoist Gods, Dominating the World
Text Chapter 95 Controlling the Capital City and Collecting Martial Arts and TaoismText Chapter 96: Paper God CurseText Chapter Ninety-seven The System, Eight Symbols EnlightenmentText Chapter 98: Shattering the Void (End of this Volume)
Text Chapter Ninety-Nine: Playing the TrumpetText Chapter 100 Paper Puppets, Iron Winged GuardsText Chapter 101: HegemonyText Chapter 102 Night Battle! Seven Heroes Club and Lu Yuanlong
Text Chapter 103: In DesperationText Chapter 104: Yuanlong is dead, the tyrant is standingMain text Chapter 105 Shock and subdue! Upgrade the Paper God Charm!Text Chapter 106: Ding Xie's Plan
Text Chapter 107 Shaping Consciousness, Three Realms of Mysterious EmbryoText Chapter 108: The Uninvited DuoText Chapter 109Text Chapter 110: The Seven Styles of Thunder, Jiang Lin Returns
Text Chapter 111 Gold ListText Chapter 112: The Tyrannical Jiang LinMain text Chapter 113 One-body captureText Chapter 114: Ding Xie Enters the Iron Wing Guard
Main text Chapter 115: Re-emerging from the rivers and lakesText Chapter 116 Fujiao Mountain, Centipede Tide, Break Mysterious Embryo Again!Text Chapter 117 Senior HelpText Chapter 118: The Power of the Mysterious Embryo
Text Chapter 119 Famous Biography Wenqiu, Casting Sword VillaText Chapter 120: The Book of Great Yi QiText Chapter 121 Chatting in the Rain, Trouble at Forging Sword VillaText Chapter 122: Abnormal Art and the Arrival of Iron Wing Guards
Text Chapter 123: Demons and ghosts in a deserted village, suppressing and killing banditsText Chapter 124: Lord of Hundred Soldiers PalaceText Chapter 125: ThunderboltText Chapter 126 Enlightenment of Martial Arts, Jintang Yang
Text Chapter 127 Invitation to fight Xiao ShishilangMain Text Chapter 128: Old Events, Unusual Art Refining Artifacts, Remnant Pages ChangeText Chapter 129: A Scimitar, the Battle of Mysterious Embryos (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)Text Chapter 130 One Palm Destroys the Foundation (Fill!)
Main text Chapter 131: The light of the sword rises, the silver moon falls, and Mohe is captured (Supplement 2)Text Chapter 132: Famous Wenqiu, Responses from All SidesText Chapter 133: Jintang Yang, the Master of ResurrectionText Chapter 134: Venting Wrath
Text Chapter 135 Acacia Knife and Three PowersText Chapter 136: You Hit Yours, I Hit MineText Chapter 137: Entering the Yang MansionMain Text Chapter 138: Sword Defeat and Three Wears
Main Text Chapter 139 Breaking the Void at the Opening?Text Chapter 140 Immortals do exist, and immortals can learn from themText Chapter 141 Kneeling and TalkingText Chapter 142 Flying Immortal Descending to Earth
Main Text Chapter 143 The Brothers and Sisters of the Pei FamilyText Chapter 144 Golden Summit Breaks the SunText Chapter 145 Sending someone to become a fairy and entering the upper realmText Chapter 146: The World Changed by the Ascended One
Text please take a leaveText Chapter 147 Pig Killing (Supplement 1)Main Text Chapter 148 The Eight Symbols System, Refinement to Become an Immortal (Supplement 2)Main Text Chapter 149 The Miserable Ascendant, Xi Liren Offers Dharma
Main Text Chapter 150 Disciples of the Three Sects, Together with the Image of the VoidMain Text Chapter 151 Taking the initiative to attackText Chapter 152 Entering the Jade Cloud SectText Chapter 153 Lovesickness in Hand, Greed and Murderous Intent
Main Text Chapter 154 Suppressing the Heads of Two FactionsText leaveMain Text Chapter 155 Searching for Cheats, News SpreadsMain Text Chapter 156 Qianyuan Bajin Method, Promoted to Chengxiang
Text Chapter 157: The Coming of SpringMain Text Chapter 158 Suppressing Mingchun, want to die?Main Text Chapter 159 Dao Unites the Universe, Everything Returns to the ClanMain Text Chapter 160 Conquering the Ming City
Main Text Chapter 161 Jun Tian Thunder Hand VS Daming Wang FistMain Text Chapter 162 Spreading FameChapter 163 Empress Wu LinglongChapter 164 Prince Shenshui, the siege arrives
Main Text Chapter 165 Go First and RespectMain Text Chapter 166 Inspector's MansionMain Text Chapter 167 Feng Nanguo, meeting ceremonyText Chapter 168 Annexation of Fengnan Country (Thanks to Nuanyang 1314 Baiyin League for the reward!)
Text Chapter 169 Harvest! The complete Eight SymbolsMain Text Chapter 170 Quickly become the six phenomena, the Xuanling suzerainText Chapter 171 Refinement to become a fairy, the master of the Bliss CaveText Chapter 172 Immortal Court
Main text Chapter 173 Conquering everyone, the three realms of the true wayText Chapter 174 WarningText Chapter 175: Li Daitao froze and gave ordersText Chapter 176 The second layer of "Paper Dark Book", the power of the Black Wind Great Sage
Chapter 177 Lord of the Demon Prison, Sect of the Blood RiverText Allow me to adjust for another dayMain Text Chapter 178: The Divine Sovereign's Great RitualMain Text Chapter 179 The Power of the True Way
Main Text Chapter 180 Refining Fiction into Reality, the Battle of the True WayChapter 181 Taking advantage of your illness...Text Chapter 182 Fighting the True WayMain Text Chapter 183
Text Chapter 184 Cultivation and ChallengeText Chapter 185 Seven Nights of FameChapter 186 Aurora Sword MasterText Chapter 187 Sword Lord Seven Nights
Text Chapter 188 Soul Locking BellMain Text Chapter 189 Invitation to Discuss SwordsText Continuation strip...Text Chapter 190 Restless Night
Text Chapter 191 Mysterious OrganizationText Chapter 192: Battle of QushuiMain Text Chapter 194 Sword Intent Soars to the Sky, Fierce Fight That Shreds Heaven and Earth (Second Update!)Main Text Chapter 195 Footsteps on the True Way (third update!)
Main Text Chapter 197 The Name of the Sword Lord Spreads to the Ten RealmsText Talk at the end of the monthMain Text Chapter 198 All ForcesMain Text Chapter 199: Punishment Alliance
Text Please leave...Text Chapter 200 UndercurrentText Chapter 201 Great HarvestText One continuation of life
Main Text Chapter 202 Little Spirit ArtText Chapter 204 Devil and SaintMain Text Chapter 205 Phantom Altar, Holy and HolyMain Text Chapter 206 The Battle of the Two Saints Shocked the World
Main Text Chapter 207 Yinyue Dynasty!Text Chapter 208 DescendantsText Chapter 209 The Gate of StarsText Chapter 210 Nine Heavens Reappearance
Text Chapter 211 Nine Heavens PlanText Chapter 212 FenglinText Chapter 213 Join if you can't beat itMain Text Chapter 214 All Beings Tribulation
Main text Chapter 215: Tribulation of living beings (2)Text Boom boom boom! anyone here?Main text Chapter 215: Tribulation of living beings (2)Text Boom boom boom! anyone here?
Main Text Chapter 216Text Chapter 217: Transformation into a Dragon Can Be Expected, Seven Nights of Fighting the Sword  
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