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This forward comes from China Latest chapter update list

author£ºXiao Liu's Drawn Sword

Struggle in Bundesliga 001 CrossingStruggling in Bundesliga 2 002 Late Blooming Auxiliary System (1)Struggling in Bundesliga 2 003 'Late Blooming' Assist System (2)Struggle in Bundesliga 2 004 'breeding' team
Struggling in Bundesliga Second Chapter 005 Transfer Matters (1)Struggling in Bundesliga 2 006 five-star star OliverStruggle in Bundesliga 2 007 Let's go to HamburgStruggling in the Bundesliga 2 008 Signing the contract (a chapter of more than 5,000 words)
Struggle in Bundesliga 2 009 Physical ExaminationText 010 Press ConferenceText, post a single chapter and talk about itText 011 Teammates
Body 012 L¨¹beckText 013 2:0 in the first halfText 014 Coming off the benchText 015 A goal to save face
Text 012 System IntegralText 013 Pre-competition training match (second update)Body 014 German CupText 015 Warm-up match
Text 016 Home starting (sorry, late update 4000+)Text 017 Home goalsBody 018 Big FourText 019 Ruth (4000+ chapters)
Text 020 Double matches a weekText 021 Reversal (5000+ chapters)Body 022 Long shot trainingText 023 "Black feet" (4000+ chapters)
Text 024 Fan meeting (4000+ words)Text 025 Two-game losing streakBody 026 ComebackText 027 Against Mannheim
Text 028 "Predator¡±Body 029 Mannheim's CounterattackText 030 Best in the gameBody 031 Interview
Text CR7 returns to Manchester UnitedText 032 Trouble with happinessBody 033 Another InjuryText 034 The Unlucky Traveler
Text 035 2 draws and 1 lossBody 036 "Chinese Derby" (1)Text Suspended for a weekText I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Body 037 Werder BremenThe text resumes updating after September 29Body 038 Stop the second roundBody 039 "Chinese Derby" (2)
Body 040 To F¨¹rthText 041 Huicheng Ju (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!!)Body 042 "Chinese Derby" (3)Body 043 "Chinese Derby" (4)
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