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The Mysterious Revival Starting from Hong Kong Var Latest chapter update list

author£ºFeiTong XiaoKe

VOLUME 1 Chapter 001 I'm Liangkun, I Want to Be a Police OfficerVOLUME 2 Chapter 002 I'm Liangkun, People Don't Talk Ruthlesslyvol.3 Chapter 003 These Years, My Signed TreasureVOLUME 2 Chapter 004 Undercover or Pond, Sir, I Choose Pond
VOLUME 2 Chapter 005 I Really Want to Be a Police OfficerVOLUME 2 Chapter 006 A Small TrialVOLUME 2 Chapter 007 I Cultivate, I Am HappyVOLUME 8 Chapter 008 The Little Mother's System Surprisingly Crashes the Screen
VOLUME 2 Chapter 009 System, You Are Really Raised by a Little Mother010 Continuous Check-inVOLUME 2 Chapter 011 Tiger... Zombies Emerge from the Cage012 Money Can't Buy A Sound
VOLUME 2 Chapter 013 Exorcism Dragon Clan Horse Ding DongText Volume Too much wine, say a few wordsMain Volume Chapter 014: Razor, Bloodline, and the Spiritual WorldVOLUME 2 Chapter 015 Hello Teacher, Goodbye Teacher (Second Update)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 016 Special Charging Treasure (Part 3)017 The Big Scene on the First Day of Registrationvol.018 Isn't it popular this time? (Second more)VOLUME 2 Chapter 019 A Small Thing (Part 3)
020 A Little Business021 Exorcist BloodlineChapter 022 Sudden Tribulation (Part 3)Volume 2 Chapter 023 Assumption
Volume 2 Chapter 024 Salted Fish Group (Second Change)Volume 2 Chapter 025 Need Stimulation (3rd)026 Unexpected CluesVOLUME 2 Chapter 027 Fishing (Second Change)
028 Fighting (3rd)029 Captured030 The Alternative Benefits of Weird Dreams (Second Change)Volume 31 Chapter 031 A Change Appears (Part 3)
032 The Ma Family033 The Insulted and Hurt (Second More)034 I'm Not Generous, But I'm Cowardly (Part 3)035 Longsheng Electronics Factory
VOLUME 2 Chapter 036 Dongfan Island Triple Gang (Second Update)037 Gambling Event (Part 3)VOLUME 2 Chapter 038: On the Professional Ethics of Fraud039 The Path of Scumbags Gets Wider and Wider (Part 2)
040 I Like You So Much (Part 3)VOLUME 2 Chapter 041 Interactionvol.042 Same Ending? (Second more)043 You Are Out (Third)
044 Tit for Tat045 I Came to Smash Signboards (Second Update)046 Rolling All the Way (Part 3)047 Ghost King Zheng Kun
048 Wooden Door, Big Umbrella, People049 The Frozen HandVOLUME 2 Chapter 050 A Weird Dream? reality? !051 Big News Made
052 Return to Reality053 Exorcism Start054 Uncle Feng (Second Change)055 Arrest (Part 3)
056 Fighting Skills? cut!057 Sign In and Black Dream (Second Update)058 Black Dream Bloodline (Part 3)059 Training
060 Urban Legend (Second Change)VOLUME 2 Chapter 061 Myths of Strange Talks Embodying (Part 3)062 Unexpected EventThe text volume has been explained before, explain it again
063 Coping With EaseVOLUME 2 Chapter 064 Backstab Hidden in the Dark065 Torture (Part 1)066 Torture (Part 2)
vol.Chapter 067 Zheng? Freddie? Kun068 Say Hi in Advance069 The Road I ChoseVOLUME 2 Chapter 070 Return Your Sword (Part 3)
071 Time for War072 Killing All (Second Change)073 Uprooting (Third Change)074 The Death of a Prefix
075 The Light of Justice (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 076 Zheng Nightmare Kun077 Traveling in the Dreamland078 Faith, Newcomer, Distant Cousin (Second Update)
VOLUME 2 Chapter 079 The Old Liar (Part 3)080 Sea King's Four-Character Truth081 Dingye Securities (Second Update)082 Thousand Gates Means (3rd)
083 The Price of Carrying ForwardChapter 084: The Set of Ghost Abilities (Second Change)vol.Chapter 084 Is This Molesting?084 Guazi Guy
Chapter 086: The Embarrassment After Reaching an Agreement (Second More)Main Text Chapter 087Chapter 088 Brother Huanxi, remember to reportChapter 089 Infernal Affairs (Second)
Text Chapter 090 Capture (3rd)Text Chapter 091 This is not the number of water words, this is the lighthouse of this bookMain Text Chapter 092: Immortal Fight (Second)Chapter 093: A Big Gun (Chapter 3)
Chapter 094: The Skinning House (Part 1)Chapter 095: Bad Premonition (Second)Chapter 096: An Increasingly Chaotic Situation (Third)The text explains a few situations
Main Text Chapter 097Main Text Chapter 098: Underworld Ghost RealmMain Text Chapter 099Main Text Chapter 100 Worst Result
Main Text Chapter 101 New Martial Arts (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 102 The Great Trend (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 103: Eight Township Murder Case (3rd update)Main Text Chapter 104 The Joy of a Scumbag (Fourth Change)
Main text Chapter 105 Learning martial arts scientifically and strengthening the body (fifth change)Text Chapter 106: Approaching Science or Approaching Pollution (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 107 Horror Metamorphosis (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 108 Self-inflicted Evil (3rd update)
Main Text Chapter 109 Offense Instead of DefenseText Chapter 110 Cut, little bastard (second update)Main Text Chapter 111 Discussion Disturbance (Third Change)Main Text Chapter 112: The Real Boss
Main Text Chapter 113 Big News (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 114 Big Throwing Pot (Third)Text Chapter 115 Come to an endMain Text Chapter 116 Leave Professional Matters to Professionals (Second Update)
Main Text Chapter 117 Borrowing a Bridge (Third Change)Text Chapter 118 Very SuddenMain Text Chapter 119: The ghost is on the move (second update)Main Text Chapter 120 Taking Over Again (Third Change)
Text Chapter 121 RaidText Chapter 122 Your mother lied to youMain Text Chapter 122 The Origin Controversy, Spiritual Offense and DefenseText Chapter 124 Leap (Second)
Main Text Chapter 125 Inspiring Teachers and Mobilizing Crowds (Third Change)Text Chapter 126 Mina HarkerText Chapter 127 Full Cooperation (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 128 Special Gentlemen's League (3rd update)
Main Text Chapter 129 Attack and Kill (Part 1)Chapter 130 Even a ghost won't let you go (second update)Main Text Chapter 131 Handsome guy, do you take the order (third update)Main Text Chapter 132 You Are the Ones Who Stimulate
Main Text Chapter 133 Strange Talk Rhapsody (Second Update)Main text Chapter 134 Possibility of becoming a strange story (third update)Main Text Chapter 135 Two TrialsText Chapter 136 Selection (Second Change)
Text Chapter 137 Hands-On (Third Change)Main Text Chapter 138 The Ma Family's Means (Part 1)Text Chapter 139 Killing (2nd more 3000 words)Main Text Chapter 140 Bloodline Fusion!
Text No. 141 The signal sent (make up for the second update yesterday)Main Text Chapter 142 Establishment (was updated 2nd yesterday)Chapter 143 You Actually Have No Choice (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 144 The Mystery of Winning and Losing (Second Change)
Main Text Chapter 145 Thousand Doors Illusion (3rd update)Main Text Chapter 146 Deciphering the Illusion (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 147 Lighting Incense for Him (Second Change)Text Chapter 148 I am a professional in spamming
Text Chapter 149 Miscellaneous Department (first change)Main Text Chapter 150 The Seabed Is Covered (Second Update)Text Chapter 151 Will I be polite to you? (third change)Main Text Chapter 152 Red Dragon Appearance (First Change)
Main Text Chapter 153 Tried Darkness and Lightness (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 154 What I Said (To make up for yesterday's third update)Text Chapter 155 Sinister intentionsText Chapter 156 Hang him (second update)
Main Text Chapter 157: The Truth Behind the Truth (3rd update)Main Text Chapter 158 Arrangement (first update)Main Text Chapter 159: Opening to the Netherworld and the Underworld (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 160: The Unusual Change of the Dream (Part 1)
Text Chapter 161 Great War (Second Change)Text Chapter 162 Stop being a human being (was changed by the third update yesterday)Main Text Chapter 163 Ghost Hand Appears (Part 1)Chapter 164 Two Cases (Second Change)
Text Chapter 165 PersuasionMain Text Chapter 166: Cao Yige Charlie (first update)Main Text Chapter 167: Ghost (Second Update)Text Chapter 168 Reaching a Small Goal (Chapter Three)
Main Text Chapter 169 Shen Jin enters the urn (first change)Main Text Chapter 171 Entry Point (Third Change)Text Chapter 172 Crushing BureauChapter 172 Young People Don't Practice Martial Arts (Second)
Main Text Chapter 173 The Protagonist and the Dead SeedsChapter 174 Attack in the Fog (Part 1)Text Chapter 175 Too Weak (Second Update)Text Chapter 176 Alien Society
Main text Chapter 177 Self-assessment (first change)Chapter 178: Zhakang (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 179: Rich people eat what they eatMain Text Chapter 180 Raising a Little Ghost (Part 1)
Text Chapter 182 You Really Didn¡¯t Have One (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 183 Principles of Case Handling (Third Change)Main Text Chapter 184 Taking Over (First Change)Chapter 185 Methods of Handling Cases (Second Change)
Chapter 186: Huangtu Village (3rd update)Chapter 187 Father-in-law, please drink tea (first update)Chapter 188 Unorthodox father-in-law (second update)Main Text Chapter 189 Rich Family Dog Blood (3rd)
Main Text Chapter 190 The Grumpy Old Lady (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 191 Sure enough, there is a conspiracy (second update)Main Text Chapter 192 Either I Killed You or You Killed MeChapter 193 I Killed You, Twice (Part 1)
Chapter 194 Advice from the old father-in-law (second update)Main Text Chapter 195: Past Life DebtMain Text Chapter 196 Establishing Rules (Part 1)Chapter 197: An increasingly confusing world (second update)
Main Text Chapter 198: The Kang Corporation¡¯s Final ArrivalChapter 199 The Passion of Hong Kong Islanders (Part 1)Main Text Chapter 200: The Other Shore Is Coming (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 201 Old and New Martial Arts Another System
Text Chapter 202 Recycling startsText Chapter 203 Fish HookMain Text Chapter 204 Zhakang's Mission (Part 1)Chapter 205 Zha Kang's Mission (Part 2)
Chapter 206 Zha Kang's Mission (Part 2)Text Chapter 207 Lorna's First TimeText Chapter 208 Long time no seeMain Text Chapter 209 Shen Jie Can't Come Out, Nazha Kanghe
Chapter 210 Zheng Kun's FearText Chapter 211 Judgment DayText Chapter 212 Flying a KiteMain Text Chapter 213 Tune the tiger away from the mountain God of Gamblers Contest
Text Chapter 214 Sudden AttackMain Text Chapter 215Text Chapter 216 Heh, Gambler (two chapters in one)Main Text Chapter 217 Outbreak, Beginning, Prologue
Text Chapter 218 Greetings to Father-in-LawMain Text Chapter 219: Zhakang, Revival, The Duo Who Finally AppearedText Chapter 220 Thorough PollutionText Chapter 221 The Holy Light Extinct
Text Chapter 212 Without suchMain Text Chapter 213Main Text Chapter 214Text Chapter 215 Withstood the test
Text Chapter 216 God's BlessingText Chapter 217 No Trouble in BusinessText Chapter 218 CarelessMain Text Chapter 219 Ghost Dao System
Text Chapter 220 Kazuo YamamotoText Chapter 221 DiscussionText Chapter 222 Combat Strength TestText Chapter 223 Qigong Practice
Chapter 224 Ghost Ship AppearsText Chapter 225 VulnerableMain Text Chapter 226 Reappearance of Damus' ProphecyText Chapter 227 Ghost Ship
Text Chapter 228 Ending Roots (three in one chapter)Main Text Chapter 229: Dimension, Plane, Encounter (still a 6,000-word chapter)Chapter 230 Crisis of the soulText Chapter 231 Divine Transformation
Text Chapter 232 King WallChapter 233 Do You Know Fate?Chapter 234 Power AwakeningText Chapter 235 Desperate
Text Chapter 236 ScumText Chapter 237 IdentityText Chapter 238 Ghost HairText Chapter 239 Doomsday?
Chapter 240 Not the end, but the day of black spotsText Chapter 241 The Essence of Ghost HairMain text The beginning of the 242nd major eventChapter 243 The Coming Dimensional War
Main text Chapter 243 Blood disasterChapter 245 The beginning of the collapse of a worldMain text Chapter 246 What to do with the girlfriendChapter 247 I Will Be Back
Text Chapter 248 Tianhu's startChapter 249 Conflict in front of the Budokan (first update)Chapter 250 Mutant Counterattack Script (Second Change)Main Text Chapter 251 Pig sudden, pig sudden!
Text Chapter 252 Recruitment (first update)Text Chapter 253 Status Quo (Second Update)Text Chapter 254 Inventory Inspection (first update)Text Chapter 255 Weapons
Text Chapter 256 Martial artsText Chapter 257 TeammatesText Chapter 258 CompatibilityText Chapter 259 Immediate Combat Power
Text Chapter 260 BalloonChapter 262 Look at my reverse thinking (first update)Chapter 263 Affecting Fermentation (Second Change)Chapter 264 Discovery of the target (third update)
Chapter 265 Aura of commotionText Chapter 266 A wordText Chapter 268 Choked ThroatText Chapter 269 Not them
Chapter 270 Your Sister, She...Text Chapter 271 RejectionText Chapter 272 The Price of RejectionText No. 273 Exposure
Text Chapter 274 ReasonText Chapter 275 EvilText Chapter 276 New caseText Chapter 277 Attack
Text Chapter 278 Returning to ancestorsText Chapter 279 DevourText Chapter 280 Underworld LolitaText Chapter 281 Crisis
Text Chapter 282 Exploitation is EverywhereText Chapter 283 Shirk responsibilityChapter 284: The Manor for Trading SoulsText Chapter 284: Underworld giant
Text Chapter 286 Analysis and TimesChapter 287 Compromise with the world after allText Chapter 288 She is Coming 
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